~~TASHAN-E-ISHQ! ~~ *A SWASAN FF* – @@ PART 4 @@

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Swara, on the other hand who had for a momentarily forgotten her miserable life, was back to her senses when she felt his gaze upon her from somewhere above. She then correctly turned to spot from where he was glaring at her. Her smile disappeared in an instant and was replaced by sadness which in turn brought a satisfactory glint in his eyes, seeing which she became even more depressed as she realized that seeing her sad was causing him joy. She hated herself for that because she knew that for her Sanskar to feel happy on seeing her hurt, he must have been hurt to such a great extent and it was all because of her, only and only her… Her guilt was slowly eating away her soul…


Gautham had seen this entire exchange silently. He knew something was brewing between the two but thought it wise to let the matter go as of now.

Then the next meeting with Swara was on the same day evening when the Haldi function was going on. The function was celebrated on both sides of the palace but as usual the young blood decided to make the boring function fun and decided to make it a game of dog and the bone’ between the bride and the groom side with the so called bone being a pot full of haldi water! The prize being the chance of splashing the haldi water on the looser team!

No one was spared and everyone had to play! And that included a stubborn Sanskar who was blackmailed by Uttara herself saying if he doesn’t play her in laws might think her brother is too old to have fun! She had even asked Swara for support unwittingly calling her bhabi in the process which thankfully wasn’t heard by others in the commotion except the two concerned and it looked like even Uttara realized her blunder. But in the end it just resulted in Sanskar being coerced by her sister in to the stupid game, well atleast stupid according to him… But what no one realized was that Sanskar wanted to win the game the moment he saw Gautham (Chipku Moron Gautham, his brain supplied happily) convincing Swara to play the game. He couldn’t allow that stupid Gautham to touch his Swara again and for that he needed to be Gautham’s opponent!

The two groups stood in such a way that everyone would be tackling the person standing directly opposite to them on the other side for the Haldi pot and when it came that Swara would be standing opposite Gautham, Sanskar just barged in childishly in front of Swara saying he did not have place anywhere else. Swara gave him a bewildered look unable to understand his sudden enthusiasm after making a huge fuss of not wanting to play just minutes ago. She was actually happy when Sanskar had refused to join the game as unknown to anyone she was having a small Jealous party herself! She actually wanted to hide her husband from all those girls who thought Sanskar was the most eligible bachelor there and wanted to win him for themselves. They were ogling him endlessly as if he was a plate of rasogullas kept on a plate for easy grabs! Those shameless girls, thought Swara, they wouldn’t leave a chance to touch and grab him if he came to play, so she just wished he was miles away from their greedy eyes. Thus when she was busy tending to her own worries, she missed the open challenge Sanskar was conveying to Gautham wordlessly…

The game started and no one won till the Sanskar’s and Gautham’s turn came, which was being played like a war rather than a game, to his credit Gautham was playing peacefully until he saw the anger and aggressiveness emanating from Sanskar. Then suddenly it was a battle of braun and brain. One trying to up the other and just when Sanskar was going to make his move, Swara had slipped on the beads of her elaborately ornate yellow and peach duppata. He had instinctively caught hold of her and in that same moment Gautham had won the Haldi pot! He on the other hand didn’t wait a moment to throw it on his opponent without realizing the Swara was in his arms, thus drenching the two in a pot of yellow water laced with rose petals!

The shock of cold water had jolted the two from the accidental embrace and Sanskar left fuming from there with a look that yelled blo*dy murder at Gautham and furious you too Brutus’ look at Swara. Swara was completely at loss of his sudden burst of anger towards her. So she decided to follow him and ask the reason for his sudden change and tell him to come back to the function as it would not be sporting on his part and Uttara would be unhappy.

So when she saw him rushing towards his room she followed him there. Just before he was going to close the door she barged in and asked him to come back to the function. He then suddenly pulled her inside and pushed her backwards in anger, closing the door in the process. He then caged her with his arms on both sides and glared at her. On seeing her feigning an innocent look, at least his that is what his rage savaged mind made him to believe, he said,” Wah Wah Mrs Maheshwari tumhara bas chale toh tum yeh bhi bhologi ki tumhe yeh bhi nahi pata ki main gussa kyun hun, huh?” When she made a face which said she didn’t actually know, he again yelled at her,” Seriously tum mujhe kitna bewakoof samjhthi ho Swara? Tumhe kya lagtha hai ki mujhe nahi pata ki tumne jaan bhujke girne ki acting ki thaaki main har jaoon aur woh tumhara so called DOST jeet jaye??”

Swara unsuccessfully tried telling him that she had nothing to do with that and that she had slipped on the beads in her duppata. But he was blinded in anger and jealousy which he even now didn’t want to acknowledge.

But swara suddenly smiled. He dint understand the sudden reaction change and so he asked,” kya hua, achanak itni kush kyon ho rahi ho?”

Swara who had suddenly realized that he was still calling her by the very name her banned her from using realized that he must have also been using that name for her in his mind. So maybe that day was not far behind when he would acknowledge that in front of everyone else too. But fearing that the truth behind her smile will derail the progress, she simply shook her head and replied, “kuch nahi mujhe sirf yeh yaad aaye ki Gautham bachpan mein hamesha uss game mein jeeta tha, lagtha hai abb bhi uski jetne ki aadat nahi gayi…”

Swara didn’t realize the agony Sanskar felt on hearing those words she had simply uttered. He felt each of those words as arrows… He felt that she was reminding him that he was a looser in front of that stupid Gautham. He wanted to kill him then more than ever before because his Swara was uttering a praise for someone else other than him!

He wanted to kiss that smile of her face which was due to that fellow and replace it with only his name… his taste on her lips. But before he could do anything she had brought her hand to his hair and was combing through it. He gave her a bewildered look and she showed two rose petals which was stuck in his hair as an explanation. He then did the same to her and in the process loosened her hair style. He then coursed his fingers possessively in her wet hair pulling her closer to him in the process, their breath almost mixed due to the proximity and he decided enough was enough was pulled her in for a bruising punishing kiss.

They stood there lost in each other having found the joy of each other again. Their lips knew the usual battle for dominance… the duet sang by four lips, the duel of passionate tongues and the magic of putting your words directly into the other’s mouth without uttering a single word… in short just beautiful blissful fireworks…

But the knock on the door jolted the two out of their bliss. It was Gautham’s voice, ” Buddy chill yaar, it was just a game, come on out and play with us, now we all are wet as well, as were kind of playing Haldi holi! So just join in and have fun bro! Be a sport!”

His accented voice brought the anger back into Sanskar’s eyes as he was reminded of Swara praising him just moments ago and he angrily pushed her back behind him and opened the door a bit and said,” Bro, I’m always a sport, I may not be a pro dog like you in the game because what to do I’m just a human after all, but not worry, I will join you guys in a few.” Sanakar felt Swara hitting him from behind when he indirectly called her friend a ‘dog’ but looks like Gautham didn’t understand the insult and Sanskar didn’t care either way.

Sanskar then closed the door and went to the washroom without a second glance at Swara, who waited for the coast to clear and then slipped out herself. No one said a word about the desperate union of their lips after many many months of separation and yearning… But once away from each other and behind the closed doors, nothing but those moments of intense passion was occupying their thoughts…



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