~~TASHAN-E-ISHQ! ~~ *A SWASAN FF* – @@ PART 3 @@

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Previously: She picked up on the second bell, a little engrossed in the conversation. When she picked up he said,” Bahut busy ho kya? Meri phone bhi ab utta nahi sakhthi?” And as soon as she heard his voice her face changed, she excused herself and unknowingly came to the same corner where he was standing to talk privately on phone. But as soon as she reached the corner, he pulled her towards him, crushing her to him, he held her fore arm tightly and asked,” Kya hua, mujhe yahan dekh kar ‘shock’ ho gayi ho kya? Tumne kya socha tum mujhse chupthi rahogi aur apni saza se bhach jaogi?!” She could only utter his name in shock on hearing the venom in his words, when he continued spewing a few more venous words… He said,” Swara just be clear, maine tumhe saza diya hai aur tumhe woh meri saamne bhughatna hoga, yahan chupke kisi awara logon ke saath kushi nahi manana! Samjhi!”

Her eyes were tearing and as usual instinctively he loosened his grip thinking he had hurt her, but he didn’t realize that the pain he was giving her was not physical but was on a much much deeper level. But undeterred he instructed her that she should shift back to the bride’s side and Ragini or someone else could handle the groom’s side. And with one last look he left her standing alone in that cold dark corner…


Swara had obeyed her husband’s orders, after all she had accepted her punishment willingly and it was only fair like he said to bear it. Running away was cowardly and Swara Sanskar Maheshwari was anything but a coward! And yes her mind happily reminded her that no matter how long her husband restricted her from using that name, he can’t ban her from using it inside her head! After all that was her name now, her true identity… She would wait till the day he forgives her and acknowledges her by that name, but till then she had a wedding to plan and a punishment to suffer. She sighed…

The guests were having fun and after a day or two the divide between the sides had almost blurred as both the bride and groom’s side relatives could be seen hanging out together everywhere, especially the younger lot who felt such divides were silly.

So one such afternoon when Swara was busy correcting few flower arrangements for the Haldi function, she found somebody playfully closing her eyes. For a moment she almost thought it was Sanskar before her heart revolted saying how could she ever mistake his touch with someone else which was the case now.

Then she heard the voice and she realized it was Gautham. She smiled and said,” Oh I dunno, who this old khadoos is! Govind kaka?” She immediately heard a huff followed by an accented,” What the hell Shona! Do I look like some rando Govind kaka or what ever to you? Huff!” Swara laughed mirthfully and said, ” Govind kaka is not whatever’ dumbo he is whoever’! At least London se wapas aate waqt teek se grammar seek ke aate! School se leke ab tak tumhara grammar toh hopeless hi hai! Sirf accent marthe rehthe ho! Tumhe aapna bachpan ka dost bolne mein bhi mujhe sharam aa rahi hai abb tho!” He started hitting her playfully with a long stemmed flower from the arrangement she was doing and she started running away from the playful attack becoming the carefree kid she once was with her childhood best friend who had shifted to London 15 years ago!

There was somebody who was watching this whole exchange from balcony furiously. Sanskar did not know what exactly was the name of the emotion which was coursing through him, all he knew was he wanted to pull Swara away from that flirt! His pride and anger did not allow him to name the emotion as the green eyed monster it really was and instead he just willfully interpreted it as anger on Swara having fun when she was supposed to be miserable and suffering from her punishment.

But what he did acknowledge was what he wanted to do with that guy once he separated Swara from there… His mind was in fact happily suggesting away the various interesting ways to kill that rando fake accented Gautham guy for daring to touch his Swara!

Swara, on the other hand who had for a momentarily forgotten her miserable life, was back to her senses when she felt his gaze upon her from somewhere above. She then correctly turned to spot from where he was glaring at her. Her smile disappeared in an instant and was replaced by sadness which in turn brought a satisfactory glint in his eyes, seeing which she became even more depressed as she realized that seeing her sad was causing him joy. She hated herself for that because she knew that for her Sanskar to feel happy on seeing her hurt, he must have been hurt to such a great extent and it was all because of her, only and only her… Her guilt was slowly eating away her soul…



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