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And today she understood the full extent of her punishment when he husband did not even bat an eyelid when he met her in the venue of the wedding. The wedding was thankfully arranged in a beautiful palace which was generally given on rent for such events instead of the fated Maheshwari house were her husband had banned her entry many months before. None of the house members were allowed to interact with her, as this was Sanskar’s condition on attending his own sister’s wedding. He had told everybody in his family that he would not attend the wedding if Swaragini were planning it but on Uttara’s insistence he agreed but made everyone promise that they would not behave with either of the two girls like family members. They would be wedding planners and that’s all, nothing more nothing less.



The Wedding preparations had started in full swing and Swara went on with her chores with a brave smile on her face. It was after all her favourite sister in law’s wedding, no matter anyone acknowledged that fact or not, she knew it and that was enough for her.

Sanskar on the other hand did not know how to go about the punishment he decided to mete out to his soulmate. Because every time he saw her smile fade off from her face when she saw his put on indifference towards her, he just simply wanted to hug her tight and tell her how could she ever think that she doesn’t affect him, that he could ever be indifferent to her! But then the hardened angry part of his soul wanted revenge…to see her suffer the way he had when she had left him bereft and alone, uncaring about his bleeding heart. Now he didn’t even care that the cost of that revenge would be just more pain to his own heart, that for ever tear her eyes shed, a hundred more will be shed by his…that for every time she spends a sleepless night, he will be the one who suffers… that for every time her face falls, his heart gets a few more cracks in them…

But for the last 2 days he hadn’t seen a glimpse of her and that was beyond bearable! The 6 months separation had been enough, now even when they are in the same house he wasn’t able to look her! And this was just beyond his bearing point!

And if truth be told even during those 6 months when she was on her self-imposed exile, when after few days he couldn’t bear not seeing her, he had made sure he caught a glimpse on her stealthily at least once a day, usually hiding somewhere in the temple or in a corner of street somewhere where he knew she would pass. He had even gone to baadi one day in disguise when she hadn’t come to temple for 3 consecutive days.

He had feared she was ill or something and had disguised as an old lady with gunghat and everything in tow and had visited baadi and even met her when she was sleeping as suspected due to high fever. He had told them that he, the old lady would pray for Swara and asked for a minute alone with her which Shekar and Shomi refused but daadi made them accept. He then had caressed his beloved’s forehead and a left a gentle kiss there. How he had wished that the circumstance were different and he didn’t have a time limit to be with her. He would have taken good care of her and even seen that she did not fall sick in the first place! Because he knew that nobody could take care of his Swara like he would.

So now he was again agitated thinking that she might be ill or something as there was no other reason for her absence.

But he was unaware that since Uttara’s in laws had landed in the venue few days before the marriage and the place was segregated into two sections for the functions for the girl’s side and boy’s side separately and Swara had decided that she would handle the groom side’s guests as that would minimize any chance meeting with Sanskar! She was afraid that her mask of ever-smiling wedding planner would shatter if she sees his indifference once more. So she was busy putting on her happy mask and treating all their guests like extended family which in truth they were.

Sanskar when he finally came to know about the reason for her disappearance was furious and decided to confront her! He walked into the grooms side area and what he saw there made his blood boil! There was his Swara (Mind you always his no matter how angry he is with her, she is and always would be his! His inner voice reminded him); she was smiling and chatting with a young fellow as if they had been best friends for years! And here he was sick imaging she had fallen ill again! How dare she! He then called her mobile, not wanting to make a scene in front of everybody.

She picked up on the second bell, a little engrossed in the conversation. When she picked up he said,” Bahut busy ho kya? Meri phone bhi ab utta nahi sakhthi?” And as soon as she heard his voice her face changed, she excused herself and unknowingly came to the same corner where he was standing to talk privately on phone. But as soon as she reached the corner, he pulled her towards him, crushing her to him, he held her fore arm tightly and asked,” Kya hua, mujhe yahan dekh kar ‘shock’ ho gayi ho kya? Tumne kya socha tum mujhse chupthi rahogi aur apni saza se bhach jaogi?!” She could only utter his name in shock on hearing the venom in his words, when he continued spewing a few more venous words… He said,” Swara just be clear, maine tumhe saza diya hai aur tumhe woh meri saamne bhughatna hoga, yahan chupke kisi awara logon ke saath kushi nahi manana! Samjhi!”

Her eyes were tearing and as usual instinctively he loosened his grip thinking he had hurt her, but he didn’t realize that the pain he was giving her was not physical but was on a much much deeper level. But undeterred he instructed her that she should shift back to the bride’s side and Ragini or someone else could handle the groom’s side. And with one last look he left her standing alone in that cold dark corner…



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