Tashan E Ishq – Being Spiced-up


Hiiii Guys…Aakanksha singh here….today being a sunday I decided to do something different.
Ummmm actually frankly speaking I didnt get time to write my ffs epi 46….
But the little time that i got…I decided to write this episodic analysis.

As we saw in yesterdays episode…Mahi has come back as Devika Khanna.
And all of us are super excited to see her in that avatar….
But there was a poll on twitter saying WHO DO U THINK IS HELPING MAHI BCOME DEVIKA.
And the options were 1) Kunj 2) Twinkle 3) Leela .
So by this we cud conclude that some1 is helping her for sure….but who os it was the QUESTION.
So I want ull to comment and share ur view about who it cud be and why do u feel so.
I feel its kunj….but maybe I am wrong…so u let me know ur views.

Coming to the next topic….I saw on instagram that it was shown on channel E24 that in mumbai
yuvi will see Devika(Mahi) in a party….Now thats something interesting….by interesting i mean
that it wud be amazing to see yuvi’s reaction on seeing her….and she looks really confident and
stylish in her new look….so will Yuvi now fall her Devika urf Mahi….maybe NO…but 1 thing is for sure
that this upcoming drama in TASHAN E ISHQ is going to be super entertaining and fun to watch.

The 3rd and last topic is….will there be any hot…sizzling romance between twinj in mumbai ????
Hope so there is….as it will be a treat for all of us…The TWINJ Fans….
I think this mumbai trip is more dedicated to Devika’s entry….Mahi’s revnge….and shock for yuvi
But TWINJ SCENES are something we are looking forward to and I am pretty sure ther wud be many !!
And I really hope this time this Yuvraj Luthra gets the payback of his sins and hope is doesn’t harm
kunj….as we saw that he is determined to kill kunj and thats why he has come to mumbai.

Ohkay so enough of my bukbuk…now its time for ull to share ur views….Plzz do share ur views via ur
comments and vote as to who u think is helping Mahi in this transformation and y do u feel so….
Luv u all….stay blessed….and I am really sry for not posting my FF today but i promise to post it
tomorrow…without fail.

Credit to: Aakanksha singh

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  1. I think its kunj who is helping mahi ?

  2. i think our hero kunj .

  3. HII AKKU….i also think kunj or leela is helping mahi….bt i m nt much sure abt it. In mumbai we will also get to see some romance between twinj….n nyc article…loved it??

  4. i realy want that yuvi would pay for his sns but after that plz he would love twinkle from core of his heart.even in mahi revenge kunj and mahi died but plz the end of this would be of twinraj

  5. Same yaar ……even I wanna see twinj romance……twinj twinj and twinj…..let’s see what they have planned for us…..hoping for the best….thanks for the news…..??????

  6. I guess it’s kunj coz he was trying to convince evry1 for Mumbai trip so I think so …..luv twinj


  8. I also think kunj because my hero kunj is best for mindblowing ideas…

  9. in these three options given it may be kunj but i feel like it is rt may be he is acting in front of yuvi and anitha and yuvi will definitely go behind devika atleast to confirm that it is not maahi and though yuvi not but maahi loved him truely may be he fall for her

  10. Hi di . di I too voted kunj in d pole but for some instance I feel tat JP is helping mahi coz he knows her n lived in London too for so many years . maybe m jus totally wrong . on Twitter I voted for kunj coz in those three names kunj only can do tat toh maybe tat also can be . mah opinion is for these two ppl .

  11. I am stuck btwn kunj and leela
    But my gut feeling says it’s leela and not kunj this time
    Cse if it was kunj then he could have bailed twinkle by revealing mahi to be alive
    And I feel its Leela Cse she wants mahi to take revenge from the Luthras for this nd she was sure that kunj will bail twinkle

  12. Umm i think it’s Twinkle who is helping mahi. Because if you all remember yesterday’s episode, when kunj asked twinkle where is wants to go, she replied mumbai and that look. Also, as far as i remember mumbai is the place where twinkle and yuvraj met and their love story began, despite of knowing all this twinkle chooses this place to go. So that’s why i think Twinkle. However, let’s see.

  13. Even I think it is Kunj…… And ya all of us r waiting badly for twinj ka romance walla scenes……. Let’s wait & watch……

  14. i thnk its kunj ……. i rly wanna see some twinj scenes …… and hope yuvi dnt hrm kunj ……

  15. i smwhere feel that its kunj bt along with bebe….i dnt knw why i feel so.. bt may b cz it was bebe’s idea to send them mumbai…anyways i want twinj scences badly…it has been long since we saw twinj romance..n now when they r alone they must show smthng spl for us….

  16. hi akku…
    i feels that it is kunj who is helping mahi to become devika and take the revenge…..
    waiting badly for twinj♥♥ scenes…….
    anyway let’s see what is going to happen….

  17. I think it’s rt also but somehow I feel it could also be Kunj any ways let us see what ftr hs in store for us

  18. I can’t decide whom to vote…hehe…but ya looking forward to it..& tnx akku for d news..

  19. Thank u soooo muchhhh guys for supporting and commenting….luv u all loads

  20. I think its either leela or twinkle

  21. Akku most of time your assumption are corret and I am also feeling same hope so it happens fingers cross love u dear

  22. this time mahi should teach yuvi a lesson..

  23. Hyy… i also vote 4 kunj as he has gon 4 sm proof at the incident site n also he was present their when mahi fake dead body was sawn so it must b our kunjjj ….

  24. It can b Kunj or rt..I think

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