tashan e ishq ( siyappa ishq ka ) episode 1


Hey frnds,
Hope u all r fine.
Really ur comments have encouraged me to continue wid d ff.
Special request for silent readers to comment on my ff,so that I can write more for
u all.

So here is d next part of d ff.hope u like it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .

Scene 1
A room is shown which is decorated with various pictures of twinj and between dem there is a cute girl .
The girl is praying to babaji. And u all guessed it right,she is ritvika. Let’s listen what she is saying.
Rit:-( self talk ) Babaji wats all dis.I prayed that I should get atleast good marks so that mom and dad will be happy but see my report card I just got 60 out of 100. Agar mom ne ye dekha toh pura ghar nahi nahi pura amritsar sar pe utha legi and dad kya lady Diana bhi kuch nahi kar paigi ( ritvika calls bebe as lady diana).
Wat to do now I have to sign of only mom or dad on my report card,as teacher knows that in my family no one except mom and dad scold me.
I m not going to show my report card to mom.so I can take dad’s sign on it.its easy to ask dad than mom.

So let’s start mission ‘signature lo’.
But d problem is from whom I will ask about dad.I can’t askmom about it. So from whom I can ask ( she starts thinking)
After some time
Rit :- Idea! Lady Diana. Thank u babaji.love u.
(Saying dis she goes out of her room towards kitchen)
Rit:- lady Diana vhr are u.?

Bebe:- puttar I m here . wat happened ?
Rit:- LD have u seen mom. I m searching her from a long time.where is she?
Bebe:- twinkle is not at home.she has went to Mrs. Arora’s house fr planning her daughter’s marriage.
Rit:- and dad ?
Bebe:- Kunj must be in his room.do u have some work with twinkle? Tell me I can help u.
Rit πŸ™ self talk) thank god mom is not at home.now I can take sign of dad on report card very easily.
Bebe :- where r u lost.
R:-nothing LD love u .
B:- I luv u 2.
Scene 2
(Ritvika goes to twinj’s room but Kunj is not in his room)
R:- dad ,where r u.are u in did room.

Kunj:- baccha , I m taking shower.do u have some work.
R:- yes ,dad. I have some work wid u . u take ur time.I m waiting here.
K :- ohk , wait . I m coming in two mins.
R:- OK dad.

( ritvika sees many pics on the walls of twinj with her and thinks how much mom- dad love me.suddenly she sees a diary kept in drawer and she goes near d drawer to see it. She picks up d diary and sees ‘do not read’ written on top along wid twinkle taneja sarna written in bottom .)
R:- (self talk) I think dis is mom’s personal diary.it would have lots of hidden secrets of mom and even how mom and dad met for the first time. I want to read it but reading mom’s diary is like calling bull to hit me ( a baail mujhe maar).

When ritvika was about to open twinkle’s diary she heard Kunj saying dat I m done and so she hides d diary in her jacket and as soon as she hides d diary Kunj comes out of washroom )
K:- so baccha tell me wat u want now from or dad.

R:- nothing dad,just signature.
K:- signature , but on what ?
R:- on my.. on my
K:- on ur ..on ur..
R:- report card.
K :- report card.so y were u not telling me directly. I know u must have scored good marks.OK now show me ur report card.I will sign it.
R:- here it is.
K:- ritvika wat is did 60 of of 100 did was not expected from u.:-( πŸ™
I thought u must have got 90 but wats dis 60. Dis was not expected from u.
I don’t know what twinkle will do wid me. O now I came to know y u r asking me 2
Sign but I won’t sign.

R:- pls dad pls sign it otherwise I will get scolding from my teacher.do u want me,
Ur baccha to get scolding.no name so pls sign it. I promise I won’t repeat it again.pls
Dad and she starts crying. (Fake).
K:- OK OK stop doing dis emotional drama . I will sign but dis should be the last time.
R:- (clears her face) OK dad promise. Pakka promise.love u dad . but pls don’t tell did to

K:- love u 2 and OK I will tell nothing to ur mom.
R:- bye dad.
K:- bye.
( Self talk)” ye pakka twinkle Ki beti hai. Uski tarah emotional drama karti.meri aur meri siyappa queen Ki beti “.saying dis he calls twinkle.
K:-o siyappa queen tune jo Jo kaha Maine ditto kya.
T:- good mr.sadu sarna. Btw tumne meri princess ko pareshan to nahi kiya.
K:- what do u mean.go meri bhi princess hai.btw tumhe kaise pata chala Ki vo mujhse sign lene aaigi.
T:- I know.I know she is ur princess too. And I knew it because I went to her room.
(Flashback shows)
Twinkle was going towards ritvika’s room to ask her about her report card when she listens everything wat ritvika was talking and she calls Kunj and asks him to sign d report card when ritvika comes to u.and she left d house
(Flashback ends)
K:- aaj kal Badi smart ho gai hai meri siyappa queen.
T:- what do u mean by aaj kal . I m smart from birth Mr.sadu sarna.
And the both smile .:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Precap:- ritvika reads twinkle’s diary and comes to know about twinj’s first meeting.

Hope u all like it…
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

And I want to tell u three things :-
1. My real name is Shruti and I m 16.
2.ritvika , d name u all like is m frenemy.
3.all d best.
I know u all must be thinking y I said all d best 2 u all and d reason is because many wishes r required so dat we can bear d next episode of tei .:-P πŸ˜›

Love u all. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Will update next epi asap.:-)

Credit to: forever fan of twinj

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