tashan e ishq ( siyappa ishq ka ) epi 3


Frnds so so so sorrie for such a late update but wat can I do due to dis kambhakht ,idiot, internet problem in my lovely tablet I was not able to post my episode.
First of all before I start my episode I want to ask u all whether u r liking my ff or not and want me to continue it or not,so pls comment and answer my question frankly I won’t mind at all.
So here is my third epi hope u all love it <3
Before beginning my epi I would like to introduce 2 new characters 🙂

Atit raheja :- he is best frnd of our Punjabi sherni , twinkle.he is a solitary guy who doesn't have many frnds.he is helpful,kind but often people mistake him to b arrogant because of his silent nature.he is son of raghuveer and ankita raheja,owners of life line group of hospitals all over india.

Ahana kapoor:- she is best frnd and cousin of Kunj.she is a fun loving, adventurous girl who loves challenges wants to be independent from her family business.ishe is an intern in lifeline hospital in amristar.she is daughter of sanket and kirti kapoor who r d owners of kapoor chain of hotels all over india.kirti is younger sister of usha.
So let's begin ….
Recap:- Kunj and twinkle's first meeting,full of tashan.

Scene 1
(Kunj and jahanvi leave from there uv comes back dis first aid box )
UV:- ye le first aid box.vaise vo dono kahan gaye.(take dis first aid box but where have they both gone)
Tw:-(angrily) kya vo dono mere rishtedar the jo mujhe bata k jaienge Ki kahan Jaa rahe hain?( were they my relatives dat they will tell me where they r going?
UV:- bhadak kyun rahi hai mujhe laga ( y r u getting angry ) I thought dey might have told u.
Tw:- accha u want to know na where they have gone,toh ek kaam kr jaa us taraf vo jyada dur nahi gaye honge jaa k unse unka pura schedule puch le.mai apna first aid khud hi kr lungi( so do one thing go in dat direction (pointing)they must not have gone very far.go to them and ask their full schedule)
UV:- accha taunt mat mar la tera first aid Karun.(OK stop taunting.give I will do ur first aid.
(UV takes twinkle's hand and carefully does her first aid And she was smiling seeing his concern fr her)
UV sees her smiling
UV:- smile karna band kr tere yellowish black teeth dekh k darr lag raha hai.
Tw:- hawww UV and starts beating him.
UV :- bas kr dard ho raha hai(stop it its paining)chal race ka time ho raha hai.(its time fr ur race)
Tw:- toh chal na maine kab manager kya(let's go when did I stop u.
And they both leave,twinkle on her bike and UV in his car.While uvi was driving he gets a call of a person .he stops d car speaks to d person in a tensed manner.after talking he cuts d call and suddenly twinkle comes from behind and knocks on d window of his car.he opens d window.
Tw:- kya hua ? Car kyun rok di .(wat happened? Y did u stop d car)
U:- actually my frnd met wid n accident and he is admitted in hospital. He is in critical condition nd his parents r out fr some work so the nurse called me to inform about him
Tw:- toh tu yahan khada hoke mera chehra kyun dekh raha hai jaa uske pas.(den y r u standing here and looking at my face go to him)
UV :- par twinkle teri race.( but twinkle ur race)
Tw:- yeh bas ek race hai (its just a race).u go to ur frnd and take care of him
UV:-r u sure.
Tw:- yes I m damn sure.
UV:- pakka (sure)?
Tw:- han bhai pakka.(yes bro sure)
UV:- OK I am going but take care of urself and call me if u have any problem.
Tw:- ya bhai sure.now go btw wats ur frnds name?
UV:- m m m m rishabh.ya rishabh
Tw:- tu itna soch k kyun bol raha hai (y r u thinking so much before speaking)
UV:- vo tension mein uska naam bhool gaya Tha.(I forgot his name in tension)
Tw:- OK now go fast.
UV:- ya.bye.
Tw:- bye.take care.
And UV goes in his car.twinkle also goes on her bike.

Scene 2
A big white coloured house is shown with a name plate on which 'the rahejas'is written.
Inside d house a lady is shown who is seen cooking in kitchen and is singing 'sheela ki jawani 'and is dancing happily.:-P
Suddenly a girl enters who starts calling Ankita mam…Anita mam..
She is priya p.a.of raghuveer raheja.
P:- Ankita mam..Ankita mam..kahan ho aap.(where r u)
When d lady hears priya's voice she stops singing and dancing and resumes cooking.
She is Ankita raheja.
A:- priya come here I m in kitchen.
Priya enters d kitchen.
P:-so mam u r here and I was searching u in hall
A:- but fr wat u were searching me.r u getting married? (Teasingly)
P:-mam aap har bat mere shaadi se kyun jod deti hain.mai abhi 3-4saal talk shaadi k bare mein soochungi bhi nahi.
A:- mai toh mazak krri thi.chal chod bata kya batane aai thi tu.
P:- mam two important things.
A:-bata apne two important things.
P:- mam first ye hai ki aaj twinkle mam ki race hai.aapne mujhe last week yaad dilane ko kana Tha.
A:- (faking anger) twinkle ki race thi aur tu ab bata rahi hai.pehle batana tha name.ab mai kya karungi.mai use all the best bhi nahi keh paid.teri wajah se.ab bata mai kya Karun.
P:- mam sorry mai bhool gai thi.
A:- wat sorry .ab mai raghuveer se teri complain karungi.
Priya was about to cry when Anita interrupts her.
A:- arre arre ab rona mat.tera makeup kharab ho jaiga.(starts laughing)
P:- mam aap has kyun rahi hain.
A:- actually mujhe yaad Tha Ki aaj twinkle Ki race hai.isliye maine pehle hi use all d best card aur flowers Rahul ke haathon bhijwa diye.
P:- (heaving a sigh of relief) toh aap acting kar rahi thi.
A:- haan aur nahi toh kya.ab second thing bata.
P:- haan aur second thing ye hai ki aaj new intern hospital join karne wali hai.
A:- kya naam hai uska?
P:- ahana kapoor.
A:- bada pyara naam hai.kahan Ki hai aur uski family kahan hai.
P:- mam,vo 6 months pehle hi Canada se aai hai.nd uski family k baare mein abhi kuch nahi pata.
A:- ok .jab pata chale toh sabse pehle mujhe batana.
P:- off course mam.mam ek baat puchun.
A:- haan puch.
P:- kya aap meri complain sir se karengi.
A:- yes.:-P
P:-(sadly)mam par kisliye.
A:-because u call me mam.Maine kitne bar kaha hai ki call me aunty but tu sunti hi nahi hai.
P:- OK mam.I mean aunty.
A:- dats good.
Priya gets a call.she attends it and after finishing it she speaks to ankita.
P:- aunty I have to go.d new intern has arrived and even Rahul is not at hospital so I need to go.
A:- OK sure.no problem.bye.
P:- bye aunty.suddenly (she smells something)
Aunty were u cooking something.
A:- yaa. Teri naak to Badi teez hai.she also smells something. (she remembers something)hayo rabba mai toh bhool gai and she runs towards kitchen.
P:- starts laughing 🙂 🙂 🙂 .she shouts aunty I m going ?
A:- haan puttar jaa.
And priya leaves from there.

Scene 3
Twinkle has reached her racing venue.she removes her helmet and is walking towards race track when suddenly somebody places hand on her shoulder..
She shouts kaun hai ye badtameez Jo twinkle taneja me kandhe par hath rakhne ka gunaah kar sakta hai.
She turns and finds a guy standing wid flowers and an all d best card.
T:- Rahul tum? Aur yahan.
Rahul is ankita's pa
R:- sorry mam aapke shoulder pe hath rakhne k liye .I was calling u but u were not responding.so I had to do it.
T:- koi gal nahi.soory mat bol.I was not in my senses.
Btw these flowers and card.wait a minute.ankita aunty right.
R:- yes mam.ankita mam ko aapki race yaad thi so aapke liye ye sab bhej di.
T:- pehle tu mujhe mam mat bol .call me twinkle.kitna pyara sa chota sa naam hai mera vo bol kya mam mam bol raha hai .and aunty ko thank u bol dena.wait mai khud hi bol deti hun.
R:- as u wish.'twinkle'.now I should leave ankita mam has called me asap.
T:- OK bye And thanx fr d flowers.
R:- any time.BTW all d best.jeet kar hi aana.
T:- thanx .bye.
R:- bye.
Rahul goes from there.

Scene 4 raheja house.
Ankita is cooking suddenly she recieves a call.it flashes twinkle.she quickly picks it up.
A:- hello beta.
T:- hi auntie..thank u so so so so much fr beautiful flowers and dat lovely card.
A:- thank u mat bol.tu meri beti jaisi hai.auntie bhi bol rahi hai air thank u bhi.not fair.faking anger.
T:- sorry auntie…
A:- vaise all d best.jeet k aana.varna..
T:- thank u .sure auntie aapne bol diya hai to zaroor jeetungi.
A:- good girl.ye hui na meri twinkle wali baat.btw atit be wish kiya.
T:- angrily aapko lagta hai usne kiya hoga.
A:- matlab nahi kiya.pata nahi kya hoga us ladke ka.
T:- aaj toh uski khair nahi.
A:- sahi keh rahi hai puttar use chodna nahi.
T:- zaroor.
Suddenly a vase falls at ankita's houseand she listens it. and twinkle's race annoncement takes place.
T:- auntie mujhe phone rakhna padega.race kya announcement ho raha hai.
A:- tensed OK twinkle bye and all d best.
T:- OK auntie bye love u.and she cuts d call.
Scene 5 raheja house.
After listening to the sound,ankita becomes scared.
A:-(self talk)wat was d sound and how did it happen.Robert and maria(servants)
r on leave.raghuveer is in office ,priya has gone long before,Rahul must be on d way then who is in hall.so it must be that theif who has burgled d malhotra's house yesterday night.now wat should I do.should I called police.o babaji pls help me.
Ankita u r Punjabi sherni u can't get scared of that theif .tujhe kuch karna padega..saying all dis she came out of the kitchen .
After she came out of d kitchen she saw a person wearing blue shirt and jeans and white hood jacket entering her room.
A:-(self talk) is chor ki itni himmat ki vo Anita raheja k ghar se chori kari.is chor ki toh….
Suddenly she sees a stick and she takes it and goes towards hall.
she goes in hall and sees dat coming from her room and he sits on sofa.she sees him sitting on house and shouts how dare u sit on my sofa.wait I will show u what is d result of entering somebody's house widout permission.
She starts hitting d person .and the person sitting on sofa starts running here and there.Ankita also starts running behind him.after some time they both get tired and sit on sofa and d person says something to ankita.
P:- mom aap bhi na.
A:-mom??mai sirf mere bete Ki mom hun.kisi chor Ki nahi.
P:-mai aapka hi beta gun.and he removes his hood.
A:- atit
P:- han mom mai aapka atit hun koi chor nahi.
A:- atit mera beta and she hugs him.btw tu yahan tu toh next week yahan aane wala tha.
At:- haan aane wala toh tha next week par aapko surprise dena chahta par mai toh khud hi surprise ho gaya.
A:-sorry tujhe dara diya.vo actually kal malhotra's ke ghar chori hui and tu bina bell bajaye aa gaya to mujhe laga..
At:- toh aapko laga Ki mai chor hun.(laughing)
A:- haan.vaise tune twinkle ko wish kyun nahi kya.
At:- wish kyun? Aaj uska b'day toh nahi hai?
An:- bday nahi uski race hai.
At:- kaunsi race (after sometime) o shit bike race…
A:- ya right.aaj uski race hai aur aaj teri khair nahi.
At:- haan mom(in a low voice)aaj aapke bete ki khair nahi.ab mai kya Karun..
A:- call kar use aur kya.
At:- aaj sher k mu mein haath toh dalna hi hoga.koi aur option bhi nahi bacha hai.
He calls twinkle (shivering).in twinkle's mobile it flashes atit and seeing it twinkle's anger reaches its final peak…
(Imagine twinkle's face):-P 😛

To be contd…..

Hope u liked it:-) 🙂
Soory for long update….
🙂 🙂

Credit to: forever fan of twinj

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