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recap of shot one-This is story of Indian cricket team’s captain Kunj sarna.He loves Mahi alot but his babee pleads him to marry their neighbour Dr Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj marries her for babee’s sake
Twinkle loves Kunj from childhood
Kunj’s family considers twinkle as a perfect daughter in law but Kunj keeps himself away from her
Yuvraj lutra is Kunj’s bestfriend n team mate
on coach’s advice Kunj drops yuvi from team due to his poor performance
Disheartend yuvi swears to ruin Kunj’s career n life
twinkle gets envelope having intimate pics of mahi n Kunj

Kunj is getting ready
Twinkle sadly sees him
Kunj says any prob
is babee fine is twinkle having any prob in his house
she says she has a question
she asks him did he marry her by choice or somebody forced him
does he love somebody else
Kunj is stunned
he tells twinkle y is she annoying him he tells her he isn’t a kid nobody can force him
he says he is a celebrity and media spreads rumours twinkle should not believe it
he tells her that it is just that he wasnt ready to get married so soon n he is occupied as some imp matches are lined up so he is just tensed and he needs time
twinkle smiles n apologizes to Kunj
she says she understands n she will give him his space n time
she leaves
kunj looks at her

Twinkle says she trusts Kunj
may be pics were
his past n she doesn’t care if now he is with her with his choice she tears the pics

Kunj is driving
he remembers twinkle’s smile
he remembers twinkle taking care of his family
he remembers kissing mahi
while kunj is lost in his thoughts a speeding car approaches him
he panics he is unable to apply brake n


Sarna family comes rushing to hospital

Kunj is in OT
Docs say his condition is critical
babee cries
twinkle hugs her

Twinkle keeps praying to ganesh idol all are sad

yuvi gives money to somebody n thanks him for finishing kunj’s chp

Doc say there are several injuries on knee n Kunj needs
minimum two months bed rest

Kunj is brought home on wheel chair he is very sad
Kunj is watching tv
He sees news of team india leaving for Australia for series
He is getting upset
Twinkle sits besides him
He says this series was so crucial
why did all this happen to him
twinkle tells him being upset is not solution
this accident is like a inning n he should hit century
she asks him doesn’t he wish to be man of match
she tells him for this innings his goal should be to recover fast
Kunj nods

Kunj msgs mahi she doesn’t respond he calls her she doesn’t ans
he is worried
twinkle tells him they should watch match
Kunj enjoys it n keeps giving tips batsman twinkle smiles

twinkle makes kara for Kunj
he refuses to drink
he says its better
twinkle plays video of his match he gets engrossed she makes him drink it
she massages Kunj’s knees he looks on
she makes him eat food
agar tum saath ho plays
twinkle is shown taking care of Kunj

Babee tells Kunj that he is so lucky to have wife like twinkle
she has taken two months leave from hospital
she kept fast for his speedy recovery n since so many nights she stays awake to take care of him

Kunj is upset twinkle brings him some magazines which has articles about his innings he reads with interest
twinj play cricket on video kunj defeats her n gets happy
twinkle smiles seeing him happy

twinkle holds Kunj’s hand n helps him walk
he eyes her
he falls she holds him
she urges him to keep trying
Kunj starts walking all get glad
they jog together
they play cricket together

Kunj thanks twinkle n request her to come to stadium to see his match
as today because of her he is recovered
n he will feel good as he is playing cricket after 6 long months
twinkle agrees
she feeds him dahi sakar

Kunj feels nervous onfield
he is unable to hit
he gets out on zero

several matches are shown Kunj keeps getting out
yuvi tells him being captain he has no choice but to drop him
mahi comes there
she hugs yuvi Kunj stunned
he asks her how can she do this to him
she says everything is fair in love n war n now Kunj sarna is failure

N she doesn’t wish to be part of unsuccessful person’s life

kunj sees his criticism on news n gets upset twinkle comes there n says best cricketers dnt give up easily they practice n get back their position

Kunj is shown practicing
twinkle cheers him

coach tells him this is last chance if he fails he should retire he agrees

twinkle wishes him good luck
he plays hits sixes n fours
Kunj wins man of match he gets emotional n says he will dedicate this award to his beautiful wife twinkle who always supported him when everybody else left him
he says I love u twinkle
they hug each other

n they lived happily everafter

Kaisa laga friendss??

Credit to: Rushi

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