Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friendss
I hope u remember me??
Rushi here writer of Milan do diloka
I missed u all alot

Am missing sidhant in tei

Guys am back
This time with two shots
I hope u all will like this
so here we gooooo

A cricket stadium is shown
crowd is cheering kunj Kunj kunj
A batsman is shown getting ready for shot
commentators say India needs four runs from one ball to win this match and also jubliiee cup can Indian team captain play the winning shot
baller balls batsman lifts his bat in style n ball goes up n up
its a six
an excited batsman takes off his helmet
(our cutiee pie sid)
team comes rushing n hugs him
Chakde India plays in bg

A Punjabi family is shown watching match on tv
babee gets excited n starts dancing
on victory
she says Kunj putaar ne kamaal kar dina
usha n manohar ask her to calm down but she doesn’t listen
she keeps dancing
a simple girl dressed in Punjabi suit comes there n lovingly request babee to sit she tells her that her health will spoil
babee hugs her n sits
usha tells Manohar that twinkle is more than a daughter to babee though she is our neighbor but she is just like family member
manohar nods n says she is a very sweet girl

Twinkle gets excited she sees Kunj receiving man of match award n eyes the tv adoringly
pehla nasha plays
babee observes her

Kunj is shown celebrating victory with team mates in dressing room

Twinkle watches news n blushes hearing Kunj’s praise

Kunj’s team mate n best friend yuvraj luthra hugs him n congratulates him on victory
kunj says his success is because of his lady love n he should meet her

A stylish girl is shown waiting near kunj hugs her n says mahi thanks a lot u r my lucky charm
mahi says where is my gift mr captain
Kunj sits on his knees n proposes her he makes her wear ring she gets excited n sees the ring
she says only gold ring not diamond Kunj says I will make u wear that on our engagement she hugs him

Babee has difficulty in breathing
everybody get worried
twinkle suggests they should take babee immediately to hospital

Babee is in ICU
Doc says she got saved as a
she was brought on time in hospital
usha n manohar thank twinkle
Kunj comes rushing to hospital

Kunj is sitting next babee’s bed he holds her hand
Kunj has tears in his eyes babee tells him she is fine
she tells him she has seen him win so many matches now she has just one desire left
to see him get married
babee tells him she has found a perfect match for him
Dr Twinkle Taneja
Kunj is shocked
Babee asks him will he fulfill her desire
he says he needs time to think
babee gets sad

Kunj is sitting in lounge in hospital twinkle comes n sits besides him she tells him not to worry babee will be perfectly fine
nurse comes there n tells twinkle that babee again has breathing problem

Docs tell sarnas to keep babee happy n away from all tensions

Kunj tells babee he is ready to marry twinkle babee gets glad

Twinkle n Kunj get engaged
media is giving lot of coverage to Kunj’s marriage

yuvi calls Kunj n tells him what is he doing how can he marry somebody else
what about mahi doesn’t he love her
Kunj says he loves her alot but is helpless

Twinkle is excitedly watching tv
leela asks her what is she waiting for she says Kunj is giving interview n he will definately be asked about his fiance I want to see how he ans
Kunj keeps avoiding ques on his marriage
twinkle is puzzled
he says she is doc n his neighbour
they ask him if it is love marriage
he says its arranged
leela says maybe he is shy

Twinj get married
Kunj says twinkle that they will have to pose for media
twinkle is nervous she says she has never faced media
Kunj thinks in his mind I knew this bhenjii will create issue in everything god knows babee ne kahan fhasha diya

he holds her hand n takes her out she eyes him lovingly
agar tum saath ho plays media clicks pics

Twinkle waits for Kunj in room
He is shown in Mahi’s place
Mahi is crying he hugs her apologizes mahi asks him to move out he makes her wear necklace n says sorry he was helpless n he loves her alot twinkle will never get her place in his life
she hugs him

Twinkle serves breakfast to family
she goes to gurudwara she prays ”Babajii thanks I got married to my childhood love I have got such loving family but is Kunj not happy with our marriage since one month we are married but he hasn’t spoken to me once properly”

Coach tells Kunj that they should drop yuvi from team as he is in bad form

yuvi is angry
Kunj apologizes n says friend ship is at its place but performance is most important

yuvi swears to ruin kunj’s life n career
twinkle gets envelope she is shocked to see Kunj n Mahi’s intimate photos
Tears fall from her eyes
mora piya mohse bolat naahiiii plays

To be continued***

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. A very big hai to u dear…?????. I missed u a lotttt…. Today seeing ur post I was super excited….????? Again u r back with a fresh and different story line….. Keep going ??????

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey Rushi
    Really missed u n ur ff
    N now was.ur exams..??
    N the slot was very different n interesting..
    Loved it…
    N plzzz write such sweet slots…
    Waiting for it????

  3. Rashiverma2199

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    Enjoyed reading a lot…?? keep it up ….good work….???

  4. Dreamer...arundhati

    Rushi love u dear……yipee u r back
    V missed u a lot
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  5. Dreamer...arundhati

    Rushi love u dear……yipee u r back
    Great stories back from u
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    awsome episode

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