Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 Episode 5

Hello everyone I’m back again to irritate u all how r u all doing ummmm I mean after reading my episodes u will feel sick I know haha soooo thanq guys who all commented u all know how I’ll be after reading ur comments on cloud infinity soooo plssss don’t drop me down from there okkkk so shall we start I mean u know my bak bak is regular so what say shall we ??? N one more thing from now on wards maximum episode is gonna be in POV hope I’ll go good and u all will like it……
Chaloo get set gooo

Episode 5

Twinkle POV
I really don’t know why that sudden doubt came in kunjs mind I mean I really don’t know all of a sudden and after that he did not utter even a single word I know he must be sad n depressed but he is my kunj I know him very well how much ever depressed he may be or how many problems he may face he will never leave me alone because I’m his life …….
Saying that she went into deep thoughts …..
#flashback (before few minutes)

Kunj was distraught by words of the caller he went to their room to talk to twinkle
K: twinkle

T: yes kunj
K: may I ask u smthng
T: yes kunj u don’t need permission for that
K: twinkle how did our kid die?
This question peirced into twinkles heart n soon her eyes turned glassy
T: why did u ask this question suddenly kunj?

K: I want to know twinkle I don’t have this much of right also kunj ?
T: no kunj u have full rights to know I’ll tell u
Actually what happened is when the our kid was born actually a boy kunj I thought to name him as rishi I was so excited to see him but when he was in childrens ward when usually they keep the children before giving them to their parents I was waiting to see him I was so desperate excited a mixed feelings I wanted to see u in him kunj he was the only reason for which I was alive so I wanted to see my life MY LIFE IN HIM KUNJ …. Then twinkle started crying bitterly ……

K: then twinkle
T: UV came there n told me that he was missing and the cradle in which he was kept was marked with blood stains n doctors told me that he was dead actually murdered who would have grudge on us kunj I mean who would do this to us I didn’t believed this n searched for him but I couldn’t find him I’m sorry kunj I’m so sorry saying this she completely broke down

Kunj went to her n tried to calm her down but she was not able manage her self nor kunj both of them hugged each other n cried their heart out after a while they parted them selves
T: u know kunj he must be 5 yrs by now I didn’t even see him once
Kunj didn’t utter even a single word n just went out of the room
He called the caller
C: so what happen what I told is true na…

K: what do u want ??
C: I have to see twinkle in pain n ur gonna do that
K: what how can u do this I mean she is …But the caller cuts off kunj
C: ohhhh cut the crap what was that I went through when she gave me the same pain and see I’m gonna enjoy

K: listen to me but what enemity do u have with rishi pls leave him
C: oh really !!! U think I’m a fool u have to do what I say u don’t have any other choice …..
K: plsss listen to me u know the conditions before 5 yrs it was not twinkles mistake plssss try n understand

C: after that who the hell told u all to do that I would have left rishi if u both have not done that stupid thing how can u forget me
K: listen u can’t get him back now he is someone eles’s now
C:(shouts) no u all made him n now enough keep quiet n do what ever I say
K: I want rishis photo send me
C: u start off first we will see that later byeeeeee
Kunj sits down and cries miserably
Kunj is walking towards room like a lifeless body and twinkle was sitting in the room like a lifeless body

Soooooo lovely frnds n sisso’s how was the twist so what do u all think should kunj do n who was the caller I guess u all must have guessed it !!!
So guys from now onwards what ever I’m writing is gonna be different really I don’t know how it will be I’m totally new so guys I need ur support so plsss tell me if u all need some changes or any suggestions

Soooo chalooo byee
1st ff thoda aur din ke baad upload karungi

Love u all ??
Drop ur comments ??????????

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  1. Anam_sidhant

    Amazing twist?

  2. Jiya_Ani

    Awesome dude?

  3. Hey thanmy luving it i guess its mahi n m baby only cmnting widout login i thnk so nt sure i read previous 1 also luvvd it

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow……awesome twist…..lovely episode…..

  5. R.S.H.H.P

    Awesome twist

  6. Sara28

    Wow what an unexpected twist! Never would have thought of this to happen! Now it’s getting really interesting. And u used Rishi ? Please post soon! Love you ❤️

  7. Awesome…

  8. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Interesting Twist Twinj’s son !!!!
    Post soon I can’t guess who the caller is ?
    Love you 🙂

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome…cant wait fr next…plz post asap..

    love u..


  10. Sayeeda

    Thanmy darling sabse pehle sorry last episode pe comment na krne ke liye…..I know u don’t like when I say sorry to u but kabhi kabhi sab chalta hai na????….

    Amazing episode yrrrr…. awesome one…..too good…..
    Twist to superb hai yrr….I feel like doing let me twist….let me twist????…….
    But yrrrr I loved it the episode a lot…. excited for next one….

    Love you???

  11. Kruti

    Amazing thanmy…..kya twist laya hai…..waiting for d mysteries to unfold soon

  12. Loved it

  13. Superb epi… Loved it…

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking suspense full epi…..eagerly waiting for next part….

  15. Ramya

    Hey thanmy Awesome episode dear
    Amazing twist
    I hope it is mahi
    Plss asap

  16. Romaisha

    wrong! ??? i have no clue whatsoever of the caller ?? why yaar? At least drop hints! But then that would just ruin my surprise???
    Please post next one ASAP! Srsly can’t wait!

  17. navyu…its filled wid mysteries…
    .I guess its mahi bt nt so sure….
    n plz give strength 2 twinj…
    love u…???

  18. Kritika14

    Damn, this was such a great twist. Full on excitement is filled in me to read more of this. Write soon x Honestly, i really cant guess the caller -.- drop more hints or maybe just tell his/her name in the next episode! Love you ?

  19. Amazing twist.. loved it.. well I’m not able to guess who the caller is.. do cont soon ?

  20. Baby

    Yr thanmy luvd d episode 2 core n I thnk its mahi bechara kunj

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