Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 Episode 4


Helloooooooo everyone so from today onwards my holidays r gonna start so I guess I’ll be frequently coming to irritate u all regularly if my mom gives me the phone???okkkkkk sooooo in my last episode I’ve less comments I’m I not going good??i was literally in tears yaaaa I’m late mujhe sambal jaane ke liye intna vaqt lagaa ?? sooooo guys with ur support I’m nothing I told almost hundred times itne articles mein ne post bhi nahi kiya??aacha I’ve got my timetable of my exams its from 25th October bohut gandhi time table haii yrrrrr soooooo I have to even prepare for my exams so don’t miffed with me
That I’m not updating even when I’m having holidays so I think its a routine for u all to bear my bak bak soooooo for today its enough chalooo let’s start…..

Episode 4
Twinj come back to Amritsar and outside sarna mansion
K: soooo understood the plan ??
T: yeh zaroori hai kya??(is this necessary)
K: yrrrr kuch toh maza liya karo zindagi kaa (at least have fun for a little time twinkle in ur life)
T: accha baba thik haii jaoo I’ll follow u okkk(OK go I’ll follow u )
K: superb toh chaloo mei jaa raha hoon
Inside the sarna mansion
Everyone were having breakfast
Kunj came n shouted
K: maa papa bebe kahan haii aap ??
Everyone came to the hall n were shocked to see kunj
Usha: kunjjjj
K: maaaaa(dramatically)papa bebe
He started to cry….
Everyone did not understand what was going on not even a single thing

M: is this u kunj
K: haan papa mei hi hoon aur kaun ho saktha hai (yes its me only who will be )
U: how come kunj u already …. She was cut off by kunj
K: voh kya haii naa kuch log mujhe dhoonke sea se bahar laake mujhe hospital me laye the n treatment me hi paanch saal lag gaye (some one found me in the sea so they brought me to the shore n admitted me in the hospital n in treatment only it became 5 yrs )
They were not able to believe the story

U: treatment me 5 saal??
K: haan voh voh mei voh haaan mei coma mei tha bas 15 days pehele bahaar aaya tha aur seedha aap se milne aagaya (yes that that umm that I was in coma n 15 days before only I recovered n I came to meet u all )
They were not able to believe what kunj was saying n kunj just couldn’t control his laughter seeing their expressions
B: matlab voh kunj nakli tha
Just then twinkle comes
B: twinkle where is kunj
K: bebe I’m here only
B: chup kar ullu ke phathe
Kunj pouts while twinkle laughs but somewhere he is enjoying a lot
B: u know he is duplicate he is original kunj we got married u to a wrong person o god what a big sin we have done
Bebe n usha started cursing kunj (duplicate)whom they were supposing
Twinkle was just controlling her laughter seeing kunj she was like nice happened see it was all ur plan no now see
Kunj makes all different kinds of faces listening to the curses

K: stoppppp
M: what happen
K: aacha okkk I’m only kunj ur kunj that kunj n this kunj is the same
U: what r u speaking t u able to understand
Twinkle makes them understand the whole story bebe scolds kunj n pulls his ear
K: aaaaooch bebe I’m sorry plssss leave me I won’t do it again
B: hamara thang keechega tu haan
K: sorry na mera davayi ka time hogaya
Twinj came to their room n kunj sat on the bed while twinkle was checking the prescription n seeing what medicines to give she came to him n gave him 2 tablets
T: kunj take these
Kunj takes the tablets n twinkle smiled and was going away when kunj caught her hand
T: what ???
K: only these medicines
T: what more then
K: u don’t know
Saying that he started coming close to her twinkle felt butterflies in her stomach she was blushing as well as moving back

T: kunjjjjj
K: Yessss
T: kya kar rahe hoo
K: tumhe nahi pata ??
Twinkle was struck by the wall n she couldn’t move but kunj can ??he started moving more more closer to twinkle (yrrrr kitne din hogaye inhe aise dekhe hoye missing them ??)
Just then tringgggg
Kunj phone rang
K: puri duniya mei log ko mei tabhi yaad aata hoon jab mei aapni kudh ki wife ke saath romance kar raha hota hoon ufffff (whole world remembers me only when I will be spending some time with my wife )
T: bakwaas bandh karo kunj go n lift up the phone
K: hmmmm???
He goes n lifts up the phone
K: haan kaun hai(yes who’s this )
Caller: ohhh u don’t remember me
K: ohhhh yrrrrr its u after a long time how come
Caller : I’m not here to talk all these things
K: what happen what is wrong with u ??
Caller : u know what ——————– (its muted guys ) (I’ll reveal it later)
K: what ??? No this can’t happen
Caller: yes it can Mr.kunj sarna it can if u don’t believe me just gooo n ask ur wife (shouts )
K: u don’t need to tell that n how can u do that that tooo
Caller cuts the call

PRECAP: we will see in the next episode……

Sooo how was it I mean I don’t think u all r liking it if that is the case u all can tell me I can end it its okkk n yaa
even tell me ur suggestions n then coming to my 1st ff I don’t wanna drag the past soooo I’ll post the whole past in 2-3 episodes at a time soooooo guys plsss comment as I told u all with out ur support I’m nothing soooooo chalooo I’m leaving u all
Love u all??❤

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  1. amazing. ..fab…supreb haan yrr kitne din hogye .. twinj ase dekne ke liye…..miss them a lot????????????

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    It was amazing! really loved it. Post the next episode soon x Also, don’t get disheartened with low comments, i am sure they will increase in no time. Love you ?

  3. Meeta

    Amazing it was.
    Keep writing more.
    Next one soon.

  4. Fabulous loved it
    pls post next asap

  5. Ayu

    ????yaar ur too good Thanmy!!! I am laughing my heads out! Kunj bhi naa!!!
    Beautiful epi!!!❤️❤️

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Amazing yaar…I really loved it?

  7. Kruti

    Amazing thanmy…..waiting to see who was d caller nd what did that person say

    Post nxt one soon

  8. Ramya

    Hey thanmy
    Awesome episode dear
    N kunj’s surprise is amazing
    By reading it I was smiling
    N loved it n love u alot

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    oh wow….hurray…hame hamesha ese hi irritate karthe rehna okay…awesome blast epi…yaar u said true really missing them…ab mai sirf unke pics se aur unke ffs se hi apna dil bharthi hun…


    love u..

  10. Very nice…

  11. Amazing epi.. kunj pulling the elder’s leg was ?? n how they were cursing the duplicate kunj?? and their romance.. hayee.. it’s true it’s been many months since we saw them romancing like this?? missing them sooo much.. do cont soon ?

  12. SIDMIN-Daamini

    So sorry navya ……… late na ….. in fact for the first time na ….. so sorry but seriously yaar it was so good no no no not good Awsome…….. it was amazing dude ………. post next one soon dear …loved it ????

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    ????????…… kunj!! hahahaha…both u nd ur kunj nailed it…
    hahaha.. can’t stop laughing…
    dekho aaj maine comment kiya…
    ab mat puchna ki tei ssn 2 ki writerkaun hain?? -_- ??
    okay.. bye.. love ya sisso..

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode…..enjoyed

  16. SidMin

    Loved it Thanmy Love you dear 🙂 The episode was fab could really imagine Kunj (Sid) Fooling bebe and Usha 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Post soon want to know who called and what did he/she said 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Can’t wait 🙂

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    Oh hello, how can we not like your ff when we LOVE your ff? Huh? And we’re talking about TASHAN E ISHQ SEASON 2 here!!! ???????????

    Yaar ?????
    First part was like superrrr funny ??
    Bebe cursing him and all .. Hahahaha?
    Twinj scenes were just too cute and yah mystery also .. Hmm ..

    Yaar pot next one soon nah .. You left me in suspense ??
    Love you ?

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