Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 Episode 1

I know u all r surprised to see the title kya karu yrrrrrr I was crying sooooo badly after I got the news that TEI was ending n I cried while reading the last episode also this feeling sucks that there is no TEI so this is my small attempt to make me feel that TEI is still there maybe I can give u all also this feeling I can’t tell u all exactly n jo story mind mee aa rahi hai voh likh rahi hoon soooo don’t be mad at me n yeah saaval ki mei kaun hoon yeh aapko guess karna hoga kyun itni bak bak ke baad pata chaal jaana chaheye coming to this as I told u all this is my small try to feel that TEI is still with us soooooo shall we start???????????


Twinj get married happily they come to their room when kunj gets one call
T:yeh dekho abhi abhi shaadi hova aur yeh (now only we got married and he)
Kunj comes in
K: kya hua siyappa queen
T: itne saal huye aur tum sadu aur unromantic hi rahoge(it has been so many years n u r the still same old kunj)
K:oh really
Saying that he comes forward n was moving towards twinkle n she was moving back n she was stopped by a wall
T: kya kar rahe ho????
(What r u doing)
K: u don’t know shaddi ke baad kya hota hai(u don’t know what happens after marriage)
He moves closer twinkle was blushing while he came more closer she closed her eyes kunj came n wisphered in her ears
K: kuch batana haii(I have to tell u smthng)
Twinkle opened her eyes n asked him what he wanted to tell
K: abhi doctor ka phone tha (Just now doctor called me)
T: kunj what happen r u fine is there any problem
K: I was thinking to do a plastic surgery
T: why kunj is everything fine naa

K: relax I mean I want my old face back
T: kunj chehara se kya farak padta Hai??tumara dil vohi mera kunj ka hai puran wala its okkk u be like this only vaise bhi I need a change mei bore hogayi hoon voh chehara plsss kunj don’t take risk plssss
K: shhhh relax there is no risk factor n its safe vaise mei bhi bore hogaya iss naya chehara mei I look good n handsome uss chehere mei sooooooo bohot saari ladikiyaa mere peeche baagaenge wow!!!!!!!
(I did not take any risk its okkkkk n I’m also bored because of this face I was good in my last face only I was handsome n good n now when I change my face they will run behind me again)
T: shut up do u think its a joke??
K: trust me nothing will happen to me
T: r u sure
K: Yessss baba

T: okkkk when is it???
K: tomorrow
T: what????
K: yes tmrw any problem
T: so soon
K: twinkle relax yrrr mujhe nahi pata siyappa Queen tension bhi leti haii(I don’t know that u take tension)
T: I told u its not a joke
K: okkkk I’m completely fit for this surgery n don’t worry don’t tell this to anyone I want to give them a surprise
T: ur impossible how many days procedure is it????
K: just one week
T:’just’ ur impossible n what r we gonna tell mummyji n papa Ji n bebe
K: ohooooo kitna tension le rahe hoo yarrr only one week we will tell them that v r going on a vacation
T: what who will manage the house

K: chahe hum kitna bhi dhoor kyun na chale jaye hamare jagde aur tashan aise hi rahega (no matter if v get separated our fights n attitude never decreases)
T: issliye toh hum isse TASHAN-E- ISHQ bulate hai(that’s why we call this tashan-e- ishq)
K: okkkkk ghar mei sab hai manage kar lenge we r going to Mumbai there my surgery n after 1 week v will be back!!!! Hogaye tumhare savaal
T: okkkkk sadu sarna!!!

K: that’s like my siyappa queen

Both of them hug each other n smile
Sooooo how was it plssss do tell me whether I should continue or not though I may not be regular I’ll try my best n this is thousand times better I mean its like tei is still there for me
Chaloooooo byeeeee see u all soon

Love u all take care byeeee n guessed me who I am????? N should I continue???

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  1. Sameera

    Omg thank u shoo much thanmy for keeping tei alive u must continue this story
    Waiting for next epi ???

  2. hey thanmy Plzzz do continue baby.it also makes me feel that tei is still going on.no problem of ur not regular.but Plzzz Plzzz Plzzz do continue .I love ur concept.and waiting to see sid back and twinj aka sidmin romance.love u.waiting for next one

  3. SidMin

    Oh god the title actually made me shock and I knew only you can do this Thanmy and yes Sid’s face is back wow Loved it Continue soon 🙂 Post the next episode soon 🙂

  4. Mahi

    Its amazing with great idea
    & seriously i m missing tei
    & all writers didnt post much ff after tei and so plssss continue it
    Its a request from me plssss

  5. niceee.

  6. Chiku

    Thammy its goood. Lovely❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????
    Waiting for next episode.
    Plz apna dusra ff bhi toh uplaod kar. I am waiting for it. Kitna

    1. Chiku

      Kitna tadpaayi gi.

  7. Ayu

    Thank u sooo much Thanmy!!! Thos gives me the feeling of it being still here?

  8. Amazing….

  9. Wow navya.. such an amazing start.. I don’t know if ever there will be a tei season 2 but you fulfilled our wishes of tei season 2 with sidhant in it.. so thanx a lot??.. and like kunj(new one) even we find him goodlooking, handsome, dashing, s*xy, hot, cute, perfect in his look before his plastic surgery(our sid) ????.. heheh.. do cont soon ???

  10. Jiya_Ani

    Thanmyyyyyy…dear go for it..isse padh kar aisa laga yaar that I’ve got my Lovely show back and will soon get my favorite pair back toooooo..

    Keep going..
    Kudos to ur efforts

  11. Superb episode… Plz continue…

  12. Please plsssssssss
    Plssssss there is a REQUEST plssss listen to it there are many ff on love romance friendship n little torture but plsss can anyone write ff on full torture itna itna torture ho ki aanko (eyes) se aasu aajaye real me we cry plsss itna torture ho aur ha kunj twinkle pe torture kare plss aur agr mujhe aisa nhi likhna chaiye tha toh I m realllllyyyyyyyy sorryyyyyyyy plss forgive me if I m wrong n if I m not then plss write it its a request plsss ANYONE write it

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    plz plz do cont soon yaar…thankyou so so much…I m also missing tei..

    love u..

  14. awatif rahman

    hi loved it thanmy and continue this

  15. Angita

    Plshh do continue
    Its great

  16. Shatakshi

    Please na navyu
    Jaldi jaldi post kar
    I m braced up to read more
    Love u loads
    N aapna first ff bhi jaldi post karna

  17. Ria

    Navya, seems interesting. Do post soon.

    Loads of love.?

  18. Kritika14

    Loved this. I was all excited when I read the title itself. And when I saw the author .. I was like, she is the only one who can do all innovative things which people can actually never think of. As usual, you are so damn creative and I love this thing about you. Jaldi post karna cuz I am eagerly waiting to read it. Loves xx

  19. Romaisha

    Hey thanmy! I completely agree with u!
    Its so sad tei has ended but u bringing season 2 was very much appealing! ?❤
    Loved it! Good start! And yah plastic surgery, too good! ?
    Post next soon… Bye
    Love you ❤❤

  20. Awesome…? plz continue n post the next ff update fast

  21. Rashiverma2199

    Thanny awesome concept pls continue…..

  22. Kruti

    Amazing thanmy…..plot seems interesting
    Post d nxt one asap

  23. Sara28

    YESSS!!! Thank you Thanmy so much. I always felt that the story for TEI never ended. I’m so excited for this u don’t understand. Please do continue! ?

  24. Yes yes pls continue?

  25. Sujina

    navyu…thnks a lot 4 reviving tei…
    really missed it….n its lovely…
    do continue dear…n ur ff toooo
    love u

  26. Baby

    thanmy thanmy thanmy thnks fr giving d season 2 luving it vry cute osm yr
    jst very mch needed it very cute yes sid ll cm bck hehee………..mein pagal hun
    post soon yr luv u……………..

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