Tashan e Ishq – saare sehme nazaare hai

Hey friends,,, prapti here….got two days break from xm & m here wid u writing this analysis…

I guess the name of this article resembles the present condition of tashan e ishq…
Every time we r made to fly on clouds seeing twinj getting close & romance in the air??
Then suddenly our dear villain appears to ruin it…and at present after d luv confession we were waiting to see them close,,,it even started happening but poor us..we were made fool again..

Now twinkle is put behind bars for a crime which she never did and that criminal & his witch mom r making her face blackened… Thankfully our hero saved his siyappa queen this time but for how long???
That’s d question.. we know that there is a news that mahi will be back & save her Di from this problem but m sure that uv will either escape again or will be back after sm days to create rifts between d luv birds…

It’s such a tension filled & scary situation in tei now that only God knows when we will be able to see some real cute & nice twinj romance..I know that even a single twinj scene can cast a magic on us & shove away d gloominess ,,in fact in this situation also we gave our hearts when kunj went to jail to meet twinkle & fed her,when he saved her from rats & from d crowd…

All we want is their romance & an end to these worse situations…writers of tei plzzzz put an end to this & make us go lucky for at least some days..it’s a request…

So that’s it guys..I will stop my bakbak now, I know this analysis was not up to the mark but I just can’t stay away from u all for long…so plzzzzz comment & share ur views…have a nice day..tata

Credit to: prapti


  1. Aakanksha

    I agree wit u not 100% but 1000%….that’s exactly what I feel an d I want….btw u know wen I saw yesterdays precap….I got a gut feeling that yuvi was telling all that to the girl purposely…so that twinkle hears it and follows that girl and falls in his trap…maybe im wrong…lets see

    • prapti

      Ya Akku..i also feel d same cz as much as we know uv he’s not any raw player.. I just hope that twinkle doesn’t get kidnapped again..

  2. loveleen

    i totally agree to u prapti..we want twinj romance ..i m jus waiting fr mahi’s comeback m really excited to knw whether she will b the same coward mahi or her personality will change….n akku i also felt that uv was doing that intentionally to mislead twinj n distract them frm their plan….watever i want this track to end soon…

    • prapti

      Ya loveyy…if mahi still remains coward then it’d be ridiculous.. Just hope she becomes like her sis…

  3. crazy

    Agree with u..
    But did u notice that tei is the only show at present that does not drag the scenes much..which make us the lovers f show…
    Take it any show..
    It just drags the topic like anything..
    I know the villan is same but he’s most loved villan too..
    N d best part of him is he always comes up with new ideas???
    N coming up to Twinj..
    That’s not needed to explain more..
    As v say..
    Isn’t it,ā¤āœŒ

    • crazy

      N the most of all..in any situation how much ever worst it may be ..
      They show such scenes which v love the most..
      Example z twinkles slap to yuvi then followed by the cute hug of Twinj..

      • prapti

        Ya crazy… It’s good that tei don’t drag things & uv is probably d most cute villain.. Hats off to zain..but i want this track to end soon

  4. panchi

    i totally agree wd u prapti ……… jst hope tht this track ends soon ……. and wtng fr d return of mahi …..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.