Tashan-E-Ishq Review: Predictive storyline with loud catfights and romance buildup


Tashan-e-Ishq is the new show on Zee TV. It’s the story of two lovers Twinkle Taneja and Yuvraj Luthra. They believe it’s not love without any Tashan, attitude and surrounding problems. Thankfully they get the problems by their mothers. Their mothers don’t leave any single chance to show down each other and fight on roads too. They fight like kids without noticing who is around and show their loud and tacky characters, even when they both are successful businesswomen. They are arch rivals who can’t stand each other. Twinkle and Yuvraj support their respective mothers and fight infront of them, just pretending to get some excitement in their romance. They hide from their mothers and secretly date each other.


The show is set in Punjab and shows the love story with a twist. The lovers does not pay attention to their mothers’ rivalry, so that their love has some challenge to accomplish. Twinkle’s mother Leela Taneja and Yuvraj’s mother Anita Luthra have personal issues and professional rivalry. While Leela is more successful than Anita, they both forget people misusing their rivalry and fooling them. Yuvraj’s love for Twinkle later turns to be Anita’s plan to take revenge from Leela. All is fair in love and war. It’s suspense to see whom Yuvraj favor in the end, Twinkle or Anita. Twinkle and Yuvraj will be sorting the differences in their families to save their true love.

Main Characters:

Twinkle Taneja:tashan11 Twinkle is a gorgeous, fun loving girl with ton of attitude, just matching up perfectly to Yuvraj. She does drama when she finds her mother giving tough competition to Yuvraj’s mother Anita. She is bold and speaks her mind, without thinking the consequences. She is fearless and kind. She does not hurt anyone and feels bad after scolding anyone mistakenly. She is bubbly and sometimes takes wrong way to do good. She loves Yuvraj and hides their relation from Leela.

Yuvraj Luthra:tashan30 Yuvraj is similar to Twinkle in his attitude, craziness and fearless nature. They both love each other, unknown to the mothers. He is good hearted and uses his rich status to help people. He lives freely and always takes a stand for Twinkle. He obeys his love and often fulfills the challenges given by Twinkle. He flaunts his style well and is a heartthrob of his city. He loves his mother a lot.

Leela Taneja:tashan16 Leela is an independent, helpful and strong businesswoman. She does all the work alone since her husband died. She manages home and also the business. She is Twinkle’s supermom. She loves Twinkle a lot. Twinkle is her only weakness. She wants to get Twinkle settle down soon and keeps looking for good proposals for her. Twinkle smartly gets the proposals turned down. Leela has stress factor Anita in her life who always lets her down. They are enemies since many years. Leela plays fair while Anita is more clever and uses many tactics to fail Leela. Leela is on hunt to find the best match for Twinkle.

Anita Luthra:tashan23 Anita is a sharp and practical businesswoman. She is Yuvraj’s mother. She is the sole earner in her family, just like Leela. Anita’s husband left her years ago and she manages everything alone. She has managed her husband’s business single handedly and gave the best life to her son Yuvraj. She hates Leela and can adapt either right or even bad path to win over Leela. She has bad equations with Twinkle and dislikes her. She has no idea about Yuvraj’s love for Twinkle.


Jasmine Bhasin as Twinkle Taneja
Zain Imam as Yuvraj Luthra
Vaishnavi Macdonald as Leela Taneja
Eva Grover as Anita Luthra
Sidhant Gupta as Kunj Sarna
Beena Banerjee as Preeto ji
Ashwin Kaushal as Raman Taneja
Sonika Chopra as Pinni Taneja

Story So Far:

tashan26Leela and Anita have deep rivalry between them. Twinkle and Yuvraaj meet up in their mother’s presence and have a big fight, insulting each other and showing their families down. It later gets revealed that they both love each other and are just pretending to hide their affair. Leela makes Twinkle meet a guy and want to get her married. They meet Sunny and his family at the Gurudwara. Sunny’s mother likes Twinkle and finalizes her for Sunny. Twinkle cleverly gets the proposal end. Sunny refuses to marry Twinkle falling in her lies. Leela worries for Twinkle’s ideal match. Leela’s brother Raman and his wife Pinni are part of Twinkle’s family. Raman loves Twinkle and Leela a lot and this irks Pinni often. Pinni is a fashionista and brand lover. Anita loves her son Yuvraj and gave him a lavish lifestyle. Anita and Leela’s fights are known by everyone and people often use their fights for their benefits. Twinkle and Yuvraj’s romance goes on secretly.

tashan24Anita and Leela meet at the car parking and they get against each other to fight for the parking space. They have a very loud catfights on the road and block the traffic. Their fight gets never ending and they throw cash to the beggars to show who is more wealthier. Twinkle supports Leela and taunts Anita. Yuvraj comes there in his costly car and makes a heroic entry. All the girls wait for his entry and click his photos in their phones. Twinkle and Yuvraj get fighting there. Their neighbor Preeto ji comes to solve the fight and tosses a coin. Leela wins the toss and parks the car. Twinkle decides to take part in Miss Amritsar contest. She gets afraid to know Anita is judging the contest. Yuvraj kidnaps Twinkle from the stage and takes her for the romantic date. She jokingly tells him that she will marry the guy Leela chooses for her. He gets angry and drives bike rashly. She says she was just kidding and hugs him. Raman goes to Anita’s house and asks about Twinkle. He blames Anita for kidnapping Twinkle.

tashan25Leela gets to know about a big industrialist Manohar finding a girl for his son. She feels Twinkle will be good for Manohar’s son. Twinkle goes in Chinky’s engagement. She talks to Yuvraj and challenges him to come over and express his love infront of everyone. Yuvraj comes dressed as police inspector and dances around her. He expresses his love and shows his attitude. They both continue their secret meetings. Manohar likes Leela’s efforts to manage her business and gets impressed by her. He decides to get his son married to Twinkle. Twinkle hears women talking and misunderstands Manohar’s wife to ask for dowry. She gives her a long lecture and scolds her. Manohar’s wife finds her very ill mannered. Chinky tells Twinkle about Manohar’s wife, who is very rich and will never ask for dowry. Twinkle realizes her mistake after knowing the women were discussing something else.

Our Take:

tashanThe show has few comic elements by the characters Raman and Pinni. While Preeto ji is also a comic one, finding love at an old age. The characters are loud Punjabis. Sometimes, it goes over the high to see how gaudy they talk and appear. The costumes are way too much and look to entice the viewers. Jasmine Bhasin is just okay in her role. She sometimes does her role looking cute and then her character gets roaring and boring. Zain Imam as Yuvraj Luthra is well cast and portrays his heroism superbly. Jasmine and Zain make a good looking pair and have rocking chemistry in their romance scenes. The catfights between Anita and Leela get overdone many times and the scene gets never ending. Those fights can be enjoyed if provided less. The character depth is not adequate. The scene graphs and jumps into another are not linked well. Connectivity in screenplay get missing at places. The show has lavish sets, cars, costumes and makeup which falls flat when it comes to bring freshness in concept. This looks a remake of old things put together. The only saving point in the show is entertaining factor brought by the fresh cast. Till now, the tashan in the lovers did not show any intensity. Vaishnavi Macdonald, and Eva Grover and supporting cast are justify their roles well.


tashan28Zee TV’s new show replaced the hit running show Jodha Akbar and did not live up to high expectations. This show has romance and comedy genre. It is moderate watchable show, but can be enjoyed with family. The viewers will like the Punjabi community shown and also the characters. The leads are USP of the show. The show has comic relief, which sometimes turns boring drags. It is a light hearted romantic show with bits of loud less enjoyable fights. It has a lively cool appeal, as per its name Tashan-e-Ishq, which may be loved by youngsters.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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  1. This show is amazing brilliant fabulous everything especially yuvi yaar he’s such a cutie pie….. the show must go on without over dragging of story

  2. I luv dis show…luv d lead pair dey 2geder luk very cute

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