Tashan e ishq- Relations are made by god (intro and episode 1)

hi…friends..this id tina..i am going to start my new ff…and i promise that i will write it very carefully….
about this ff:::;
this ff is quite different from others….this ff is somehow related to my life,,,,somehow realistic and somehow imaginary…
lets start with the intro………..(main characters)
twinkle taneja: a cute sweet 13 years old girl…..who studies in kv amritsar school…class 6
kunj sarna: a handsome and good looking,naughty boy…reads in same school with twinkle in same class…have crush on her….
mahi singh: a sweet tall girl …..best friend of twinkle…..crush on yuraj
yuvraj luthra: a handsome,sweet by…….best friend of kunj….crush on mahi
chinki gupta: best friend of twinkle and mahi….

rahul singh: (played by raj of aur pyaar ho gaya)best friend of kunj and yuvi……..crush on chinki
all of them are studing in same class as well….
this are the main characters and many more characters will be introduce later….

lets start the first episode…
three girls are shown ….
they are writing something,sitting on same bench…
yes they are twinkle,mahi,chinki
three boys are shown looking at them…
they are the sweet naughty kunj,yuvi,rahul…..
the class got over….it is lunch time….

kunj,yuvi,rahul(to mahi): mahi just do i thing…
mahi: ya tell..

kunj,yuvi,rahul: tum,twinkle aur chinki sirf yes or no mein jawaab do….
mahi: par kyun..
kunj: jao na.. bas aise hi..hamara nam mat lena….

mahi (to the girls): twinkle aur chinki tum dono bolo to yes or no???
chinkle(twinkle and chinki): par kyun???
mahi: tum bolo na
chinki: no no no
mahi: ab tu bata twinkle??
twinkle: tu ne kya bataya??mahi…
mahi: maine ..maine..yes..
twinkle: ok to main bhi yes…
chinkle leaves for hand washing…

mahi (to the boys):friend twinkle aur mera jawab yes hai par chinki ka no
yunj(kunj and yuvi):wow really….(they starts smiling)
rahul said nothing but feel sad,,,
mahi: ab to batao ki bat kya hai
kunj: kuch nahi ab tum jao…
mahi leaves in front of them but hide in back of a pillar..

kunj: wow yuvi …hamari to nikal pari..
yuvi: ha kunj..par rahul..chinki ne to na kar diya uske proposal ko…
rahul: ya guys..but i am happy that twinkle and mahi na tum dono ko accept kar liya matlab tumhare proposal ko..
mahi was listening and she was socked buthappy as too like yuvi….

mahi comes to chinkle..
mahi: friends pata hai woh jo yes, no ka mamla tha wo to mujhe pata chal gaya…
twinkle: kya..jaldi bol..
mahi: yes and no are asked by rahul to chinki, yuvi to me, kunj to twinkle…
chikle: what????(socked)
mahi: woh yes or no that unke proposal ko accept or rejact karne ka…
chinki: kya..ab maine yeh kya kar diya..mai jise pasand karti thi…usko …(starts crying)
twihi(twinkle and mahi) consoles her….
twinkle: i dont belive this….
mahi: belive it ..i heard it..
twinkle was not beliving her but said ok…
yuhi(yuvi and mahi)are happy and kunj also….
twinkle is in confusion..
rinki(rahul and chink) are sad…

precap: twinkle will feel for kunj……

guys hope you like it….and one important thing now it is not decided that who is pairing with whom…exept twinj….
please comment..if you dont like it then i will stop it….

Credit to: tina


  1. tara

    oh teenage love..thanks tina..i always wanted tei in this form…hope it comes out well..i liked the concept..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.