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Tashan e ishq- Relations are made by god (episode 6) Maha Episode part 3


thanks guys for the support….hope you like the story…
lets start….
@annual day…
Kunj is ready and enters the hall with usha and manohar…..(the hall was decorated very nice..) kunj is looking handsome..
Usha and manohar: (to kunj)ok beta ..tum theek se perfomence dena…hum chalkar baith te
Hai…agar problem ho to batana…
K: theek hai ..bye..
Kunj takes bleesings and both leaves to find seats for them and for tanejas…
Yuvi (looking hot) sees kunj..
Y: hi kunj…
K: hi yuvi…what’s up???
Y: nothing yaar..wating for mahi…
K: me too…
Y: why you are waiting for mahi??(in a angry voice)

K: no no not for your one (mahi)..for my one (twinkle)
Y: oh great…your one…(in a teasing manner)

Just then twinkle and mahi enters…. (with their parents)
Twinkle is wearing a light pink colour gown with diamond jewellery.. (looking extremely beautiful)
Mahi is wearing a white gown with diamond jewellery …(looking great)
Their parents leaves…tanejas went to sarnas and singhs to luthras ..
Twihi comes to yunj…yunj were stunned to see their beauty…
Twihi: hi are looking nice..
Y: you are looking beautiful mahi..
Mahi bluses..twinkle looks at kunj..
T: oh wow yuvi …only mahi….why…(in a teasing manner)
Y: arey twinkle agar main teri tariff karunga to kunj mujhe mar hi dalega…kyu hai na

Kunj was looking at twinkle only…
M: this right???
Kunj not knowing the question gave answer in yes…
Twinkle blushes…..surprises….
He comes in sense…..
K: i mean no…ya twinkle u are also looking beautiful..
Twinkle becomes sad…as she had not accepted that u also looking beautiful..
Kunj notice this..
K: accha baba..tu is duniya ki sabse kubsurat ladki hai..ab khush meri siyappa queen…
Twinkle becomes happy..but acts like angry…
T: kya kaha tumne mujhe “siyappa queen”…then tum “kadoos sarna”..
All four laugh..kunj smiles to see twinkle happy…
K: (in his mind) main tujhe udas nahi dekh sakta…

Then the announcement ..
All the participants are requested to report their presence in green room…
Twinj and yuhi goes there…

Performance started….
After 2 or three dance it is the turn of yuhi…
Yuhi dances in the song “janam janam from dilwale” ,,ery beautifully…..
Now it is the turn of twinj…

Both comes to the stage….
K: ( to the audience) hello everyone..i am kunj and this is my partner twinkle..
Now we are going to dance as well as play a drama in it..
T: (to the audience) ya ….this is the drama based on two lovers who loves each other but for
some reasons they are separated and they died…..hope you enjoy it..
dance started…
both danced in the song “o khuda from the movie hero” and played the drama very beautifully…the drama in which a girl and a boy fells in love…then separated…then..die..died…
all the audience had tears in their eyes and even twinj also…

The result is announced… and winner is of course twinj……
Twinj get happy and hug each other….
Yuhi also gets happy to get the second prize…

Principle gives a announcement….
P: good evening all of you…so congratulation….twinkle kunj sarna….
All are socked to hear this..twinj also but happy in heart….
P: i mean twinkle taneja and kunj sarna…1 more good news for you and all…after 1 day ,,guests coming n those who want to perform dance in front of them…give names to music mam…but this will not be a coulple dance but a group dance having 5 to 6 students….and …ok next will be a suspense….

All are happy …twinj and yuhi decided to participate together…

Precap: a new entry of a villain….dance suspance…..
So guys what do you think what will be the suspence….
Who will be the villian..???

Please comment..

Credit to: tina

  1. soooooo fabulous! !!!!
    well my guess is that cherry , maya , chinki

  2. its awesome tinu
    even I think villian wd b cherry, chinki, maya

    1. sry 4 posting twice

  3. suuuper yr tinu !!! 😉

  4. I think villain is cherry but its an awesome storyline

  5. Mast episode!!???

  6. ummmmm don’t know who’s going to b d villain or about the suspense but d only thing I know is wat ever it is u r going to put it in an amazing way………luv u loads…….

  7. Your ff was just awesome and according to me the new villan can be maya..anyways your ff is awesome.

  8. Nice epi keep writting

  9. Meenat Abubakar

    Superb Tina, i think it gonna b maya

  10. tina ur ff is getting viral…superb yaar..

  11. I hope d villian is gonna be hot n smart as well

  12. Superb yrr Tina

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