Tashan e ishq- Relations are made by god (episode 5) Maha Episode part 2


hi guys ..this the 2nd part of maha episode..
this episode will contain the family introduction….only main families…..
let’s start…

teneja family..
ramindar taneja(RT): a Lecturer in university…a good, caring, handsome husband of leela taneja and dad of twinkle taneja..sometimes cooks for the family..
leela taneja : a sweet, caring house wife…mother of twinkle and wife of rt
twinkle has no brother and sister…

sarna family…
manohar sarna: a professor in the same university..a good ,strict person..husband os usha sarna..fathar of kunj sarna..always want that his son will always study..
usha sarna: a sweet lovely housewife..wife of manohar sarna and mother of kunj..
kunj also has no brother and sister..

luthra family…
aryan luthra: a buisness man..husband of anita luthra…father of yuvraj(yuvi) luthra…
anita luthra: a very gorgeous lady..housewife..wife of aryan luthra and mother of yuvi..evil minded..
yuvi also has no bro and sis..

singh family…
sekhar singh: a doctor by profession..a good,handsome, man..husband of juli singh..father of mahi singh and ankush singh
juli singh: a caring,good looking housewife..wife of sekhar singh..mother of mahi..and ankush
ankush singh: a sweet cute small boy of age 5 years…son of sekhar and juli…brother of mahi…

relation between the families….
rt and manohar are good friends…both knows aryan and sekhar…
leela,usha and anita, juli…are good friends….
anita has pride of her beauty…leela does’nt like that… (doesn’t mean that she shows that she is most beautiful)
tanejas hates luthras…(why??that will be revaled later)
singh family are closer to luthras and sarnas are closer to tanejas…

the family relations are not taken by the children ..as they think that they all the friends

precap: annual function…part 3 of maha episode..

please comment guys how the family intro is ….if you need any change the please tell….

Credit to: tina

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  1. Gra one but why need of intro agaon dear??

    1. its a family intro

  2. nice…

  3. Meenat Abubakar

    awesome Tina

  4. hmm its getting interesting…waiting for the next one..

  5. Very nice..hey I commented twice earlier on this episode but my comments r not shown:(

  6. very nice tina

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