Tashan e ishq- Relations are made by god (episode 3)


thanks friends for comments…..but i am upset that my dear tara di has not commented yet…..
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Episode 2

lets start…
the episode starts with twinkle smiling at kunj….kunj also give a smile…
just then principal announced that after two days there will our annual function…..
all the students gets happy..
twinkle was just standing beside kunj…(as kunj came to stand beside him)
she jumped in joy and slips…kun olds her as well…she shares an eyelock..(maanchala plays)
yuvi: ahem..ahem..kunj controls….
they come in sense..
t: thanks kunj..
k: no twinkle in friendship there is no sorry and no thankyou..
principal: and this time there will be a couple dance…..

t: wow..but i will pair up with whom….
kunj hears this..
kunj smiles and said: i will be your partner…
t: o really..(haapy)
she hugs him..
there yuhi also becomes partner..

precap: annual function dance…family intro…maha episode..

i know that it is short but i have exams ..that’s why..
please comment…

Credit to: tina

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  1. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. Meenat Abubakar

    OMG! Tina d episode is just superb, pls do update next episode asap

  3. It was too short……bt very nice

  4. Waiting for other part.

  5. hey tina i commented bt i guess u didn’t see,,,it was very nice and this one too…
    btw u called me di right?? so may i knw how old are u??

    1. oh sorry…i am 14 years old

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  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice and sweet.

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