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Guys, Tashan-e-ishq airing on zee tv is becoming popular. This show is watched by many people.

In the recent episodes, we saw Mrs. Amristar competition in which Mahi won the contest. But she don’t know that only because of Twinkle she won the contest. Mahi again became angry which again created misunderstandings between Mahi and Twinkle. We saw Twinj dating each other. They acted as if they are unmarried. It was really cute. But their family saw them eating the same noodle. :). It led to a cute fight b/w twinj. Kunj made her jealous… Twinkle fought with kunj.. Kunj challenged to make her smile. And he was successful. :). Now both of them decided to confess their love to each other but Yuvi :(.. Yuvi again destroyed their date….In the upcoming episodes, Yuvi will show the trump card I.e the pictures of Manohar and Purvi.. This will again create misunderstandings between Twinj. Keep watching Tashan-e-ishq for more…

I am just 12 years old.. I know I am not so good in writing. But I hope that you liked this. 🙂

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. Hi screens I am also 12 years so hi i am mukti I am from amritsar

    1. Hii! Wow… good

  2. Good…but dont forget to concentrate on ur studies too…????

    1. Yeah. My examss are over so I can’t study… But thnx for the advice 😀

  3. Oh dear u wrote well….I too resembel some what ur age.however u wrote good.

    1. Thnxx♥♥

  4. Not bad
    Your language was easy and convenceing

    1. Sakina.. xD thnxx

  5. U wrote vry well sareena dear….no mistakes don’t worry:D

    1. Yeeaahhhhh.. thankuu♥♥

  6. Hey sareena….I am not of ur age but a little bit elder than u…..but I must confess u write quite well with a touch of simplicity and convenience of readers….. U write really well nd true facts……I must also admit that tashan-e-ishq has gathered quite a fandom from children of 20 yrs to adults of 50 yrs…..no body I know of is not a fan of tei…..as far as ur writing skills is considered we r nobody to judge that but still u wrote with its fullest meaning in a short way do its not time consuming nd without any rocket science!!!! Love u dear nd ur work of course!!!

    1. U r so kind… :*. Thanks

  7. hey I m 13 years old but hw u write is like 20 yrs old people…. u have written it very good…..

    1. ♥♥Thanks♥♥

  8. hey sareena it’s very nice to know that at this age itself u have good writing skills
    u explained tei story in” short and sweet”
    I liked it

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  9. oh wow…we have some young talent amidst us….i really appreciate ur writing dear…nd m so glad that tei fans are increasing in numbers…

    1. Thanks :*

  10. tei has of course a very big fan following & we r very happy bcz of that. ..as far as u r concerned then u wrote sweetly wid a touch of simplicity…. so well done sareena….?

    1. Thanxx


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