Tashan-e-ishq quiz


1. Who is the one whom Usha discussed about but has not entered Tashan-e-ishq yet?

2. What is the full form of Twinkle’s father name? (RT)

3. What is the age category of Mahi?
15-17 or 17-20?

4. How many times did Kunj kissed Twinkle?

5. On which song Twinj danced thrice?

6. Which chocolate is Twinkle’s favourite.?

7. When Kunj entered T.E.I, people misunderstood him to be _____ while he was helping an _______ .

8. Who was the person who came in the first episode to marry twinkle?

9. What was Twinkle’s chicknometre?

10. Where did Twinj were locked when Kunj kissed Twinkle first time?

11. Usha hated twinkle because _______

12. Kunj didn’t wanted to marry twinkle because __________

13. All is fair in ____ and ____ they say but what if there is ____ and ____ at the same time?

Question for your choice
Best couple
1. Twinj
2. Twiraj

Most beautiful girl-

Most handsome guy-

Most caring mom (only mom)

Worst Antagonist-

Best Protagonist-

NOTE: WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENT BOX WITH THEIR NUMBER. YOUR CHOOSEN ANSWERS FOR EG- (BEST PROTAGONIST) etc. Will be written as (a, b, c, d etc) Have fun and comment freely. 🙂

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. 1] Kunjs uncle[divorced]
    2] Raminder Taneja
    3] 17-20
    4] Twice
    5] matargashti
    6] dairy milk silk
    7] a thief, old lady
    8] sunny
    9] no clue
    10] cold storage
    11] she scolded usha in first meeting
    12] he was in love with alisha
    13] all is fair in love and war but what if there is love and war at the same time.

  2. I would love to ans d choice questions coz some of d questions I don know n some of dem will be too long to answer.
    1.best couple-twinj
    2.most beautiful girl – twinkle
    3.most handsome guy – kunj
    4.most caring mother – kunj n leela
    5.worst antagonist-alisha
    6.best protagonist- kunj

    1. OK I’ll try answering but ,
      1.kunjs sister
      2.(don know, actually don remember)
      3. 17-20
      6. Dairy milk
      7.theif,an old woman
      8. ( I have not watched d first episode)
      9. ( till dis also I have not watched as I started d watching d show from kunjs entry)
      10.in a cold storage
      11.she thinks DAT kunj always faces problems coz of twinkle. N she is modern.
      12.he loved Alisha before.
      13.love n war , tashn n ishq
      I really liked d quiz n pls do give me marks also ????????

      1. 7 hahha read my comment at the last for correct ans… or u can get 8 too.. :* you did well. Search for quiz II also

  3. Answers of my choice are
    Best couple- Twinj
    most beautiful girl- Twinkle
    most handsome guy- both
    most caring mom- Leela
    worst antagonist- Purvi [unnecessary antagonist]
    best protagonist – Twinkle

  4. 1. Kunj sister
    2.raminder taneja- dont no exactly
    4.3 times
    6.dairy milk silk
    7.thief and old man
    9.chicken scale
    10.cold storage
    11.because of dowry something
    12.love and war
    our choice
    best couple- twinj
    most beautiful-twinkle
    most handsome-kunj
    best mom-leela
    worst antonogist-Anita
    best protanogist-kunj,twinkle

    1. Your answers are all right. Search for quiz II. You will find it amazing… 🙂

  5. 1) kunj’s younger sister ..who is studing in america
    2) Rajesh taneja
    3. 17-20
    4. twiece
    5.matargshti khuli sadak pe..
    6. cadboury dairy milk
    7.robber .. but kunj was helping old lady who was suffering in asthma diese
    8. sunny Bhalla
    9. it was her unit of measurement of boys from that she did decide how boys are handsome.. hot and s*xy
    10. at dairy plant in big freezer.
    11 in 1st meeting twinkle got misunderstanding about usha and misbehved with her.. from that usha thoughts that twinkle is characterless girl
    12. because kunj was llove with alisha.. & wants to only marrie with her
    13. TASHAN-E-ISHQ.. <3 <3 <3

  6. Meenat Abubakar

    Best couples a, Most Beautiful Girl a, Most Handsome Guy c, Most caring mom c, worst antagonist c, Best protagonist b . RT – RAMINDER TANEJA

  7. Best couple
    2. Twiraj
    Most beautiful girl-Vandy

    Most handsome guy-
    Most caring mom (only mom)
    worst Antagonist-
    anita and

    1. It’s to you taanu idiotic person in the world yeh twiraj ki tarif karna bandh kar doh stop this nonsense by supporting twinj

      1. This is for u Mukti…
        First of all u dont have the right to call Taanu idiot just coz she doesnt have the same choice as u….its her choice and u have to respect it…grow the fu*k up and deal with it. I just cant stand ppl who think their choice is only choice that matters.
        And secondly i also like TWINRAJ as a couple.
        So just a little advice for u Mukti…start to respect others opinions and u will be respected too in return.

      2. I totally agree wid just a fan , although I’m a twinj fan . by d way d author of dis ff has given a choice between twinj n twiraj soooo it means she’s asking ppl to choose wat they like , so if tanu likes twiraj its her choice, she an individual person n has a right to choose wat she likes . u know wat u re idiotic n pls grow up kido . it looks like only ur some 11 or 12. Think before u write something.???????

      3. I am sorry if u mind but everyone have their own choices. I also like twiraj but best is twinj… Do read Tashan-e-ishq what must have happened. U’ll absolutely love it :3

      4. i am sorry .. but i like twiraj from their personAlity but but if considering twinjs understang and nature .. twinj is best couple ever.. im vry big fan of twinj. couple . but as

  8. twiraj
    kunj and yuvi both equal
    kunj -leela
    bebe and leela

  9. 1-kunj’s sister
    2-Ramesh Taneja
    4-3 times
    7-theif,old lady
    9-hot,super hot,super se bhi upar hot
    10-cold storage
    11-she had misbehaved wid usha during chinki’s engagement n also bcz uvi wanted to kill kunj bcz of twinkle
    12-he loved Alisha

  10. 1. Her daughter
    2. Raminder taneja
    4. 2
    6. Dairy milk silk
    7.thief but saver
    9.to measure how hot is guy
    10.a freezer storeroom
    11. She misbehaved wid her
    12.coz fist he love alisha nd secondly she accused him of rape
    13.love nd war love nd tashan at same time

    1. Twinj

  11. 8-bobby bhalla

  12. 1.her daughter
    2.ramesh taneja
    3. 17 to 20
    4. 2
    5. Matargasti
    6. Dairy milk
    7. Theif, old lady
    10. Cold storage
    11. She misbehaved when she was drunk
    12. She accused him for raping her
    13. Love nd war…. love, war

    1. A (obviously)
    2. Twinkle (serious)
    3. Kunj
    4. Twinkle-leela
    5. Yuvraj
    6. Kunj

  13. 9: chicken scale for measuring hotness in bous… she told it to the fist person who came for her marraige

  14. Our choice
    Best couple-twinj
    Most beautiful girl-chinki/Mahi
    Most handsome guy-yuvraj
    Most caring mom-leela for both kunj and twinkle
    Worst antagonist-Anita
    Best protagonist-twinkle

  15. Kunj has a sister when did usha mention i am such an idiot i wrote Kunjs uncle and i thought her fathers name was raminder taneja silly me

    1. Its ok. Hahhaha 😀 🙂

    1- Kunj’s sister
    2- Raminder Taneja
    3- 17- 20
    4- twice
    5- matarghasti
    6- dairy milk, smooth milk
    7- thief………. old lady
    8- sunny
    9- don’t know
    10- cold storage room
    11- she misbehaved with her when she was drunk
    12- he loved Alisha
    13- love… war……….. love… war

    Kunj – Leela
    Kunj and twinkle

  17. callmeprincess3

    1) kunj’s sister/usha’s daughter
    2) ramender taneja
    3) 2 times for mouth to mouth respiration
    4) 17-20
    5) matargashti from tamasha
    6) cadbury dairy milk
    7) thief-old lady
    8) sunny
    9) (donno)
    10) cold storage room
    11) she misbehaved with her in chinki’s wedding in the first 10 epi (or 15 i guess)
    12) he loved alisha
    13) all is fair in love and war they say but what if here is love and war at the same time?

    BEST COUPLE- twinj
    BEAUTIFUL GIRL-tie btw twinkle maya and alisha
    BEST PROTAGONIST-(cant decide cuz all of them are good in their way)

    1. callmeprincess3

      9) i guys she told this to d first guy who came for proposal i mean she said pointing a guy down and sid hot…super hot…..super sey bhi uppar hot

  18. Thankyou all of you for commenting and answering. I am writing all the correct answers. Check your answers. 🙂

    1. Kunj sister who is in America for her studies
    2. Raminder Taneja
    3.17-20 (19) 17-20 is correct. I am just telling the correct age.
    4. 3 times.
    5. Dairy milk silk.
    6.theif and old lady
    7. Matargashti
    8. Sunny Bhalla
    9. A scale to measure hotness of boys in comparison with chickens. 😀
    10. Cold storage
    11. Because Twinkle thought usha is chinki’s mother-in-law and misbehaved with her thinking that she demands for dowry.
    12. He loved Alisha.
    13. Love, war, love, war.
    14. It’s your choice. I have read your answers. Those who answered correct are winners. 🙂

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