Tashan-e-ishq quiz II

Hi! I posted many articles. My articles Are Tashan-e-ishq Quiz, Tashan-e-ishq what must Have happened and Tashan-e-ishq recent story.
What about Quiz number 2? Read my Tashan-e-ishq- What must have happened. I hope you will like it too.

Now it’s time for Quiz Number 2.
1. When did Kunj and Twinkle met first?
2. When did uv and twinkle broke up?
3. What did twinkle ate thinking it to be pani puri?
4. How many times did Twinkle wore Saree?
5. What made Kunj challenge Twinkle?
6. What do Kunj call Twinkle? (For fun)
7. What do Twinkle call kunj? (for fun)
8. Describe RT’s attitude towards Twinkle?
9. What made Mahi hate Twinkle
10. Who said this and to whom?
A) Punjabi log to bohat bolte hain, tum kyun Itne chup rehte ho?
B) Mujhe to har waqt syapa queen bolte ho Tum khud kaunse kam ho!
C) Tera talktime hamesha full rehta hai.
D) Tu us kunj ko to har waqt loser kehta hai Tu ussey bhi zyada bada loser hai.
E) Tu twinkle se shadi ni karna chahta
F) Agar aesa hi chalta raha to unke bacche bhi Ho jaane hain.
G) Tu vidhwa ho gayi ab ye sindhur or ye mangalsutra Ka kya faayda.
H) Bacche to Bhagwan ka hi roop hote hain na
In bacchon ne khana kha lia koi baat nahi na..
I) Mujhe sirf maggi banani aati thi wo bhi ban ho Gayi
J) Aap bhi bada bhanaon mein beh rahi hain..

Have fun.. Reply fast.

Credit to: Sareena


  1. Ff reader

    1.August 24
    2.August 21
    4.2 times
    6.Siyappa Queen
    7.Kharosse Sarna
    8.Rt loves twinkle but he likes mahi too so he cares more for my and trusts mahi more than twinkle.
    9.Mahi hates twinkle bcoz twinkle doesn’t like uvi .
    10.a) twinkle to kunj
    B)Twinkle to kunj
    C)kunj to twinkle
    D)Yuvi to himself
    F)Anita to yuvi
    G)Yuvi to twinkle

    • Sareena

      Your answers are right. 🙂
      But in the first two questions, I asked occasion not date. Ok.. never mind.
      For eg. 1st one.
      in a party.

  2. lovely reader LK

    E) usha to kunj
    F). Uvi to himself
    G) anita to leela
    H) kunj to guruji n usha
    J) bebe to leela

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