Tashan-e-ishq: Pyaar Ka Sama (Episode 2)


“Yes kunj,” i said to him “what happened …… u know what u were shouting as if some earthquake or explosion had come”. “OMG syappa queen means my syappa queen looks damn cute when she is upset…!” “Cute…haan….i see…”, i wanted to blabber more to him but just then my phone beeped again. “Who’s now at this point of time twinkle…..twinkle wait…[he said with a shocked expression] “now what kunj???” “twinkle don’t tell me u told everybody that u r an owl…..who wakes whole night and sleeps like sleeping queen, no no sleeping syappa queen during day”. He laughed. His smile makes my heart happy but he really needed those ethics as how to talk to ur wife and i pretended to be really angry. “kunj, very funny…..you know what i don’t know why am i so much concerned about u ……u are not worth it and….” Again my phone interrupted. “Oh my gosh…..one this phone and one u both get on my nerves if i don’t keep a check.” I went and checked my mobile in quite an ager but my anger converted to a smile seeing the message. It was from rishabh – my college friend and also my cousin from my paternal side. And not noticing that kunj was waiting for me, i started chatting with him. The convo of ours went somewhat like this:
Ri: hey twinkle!!!
Me: heyo rishabh….

Ri: oh so u remember me right???
Me: don’t expect me to forget u……
Ri: 
Me: btw nic dp haan….with chotti chachi……[his mom] Ri: urs one is also worth appreciation……with kunj jiju haan??
Me: [shyingly] ya …..but get ur eye check up done…not only me and kunj….mahi di and uv jiju too…..
Ri: ….btw i had a news for u…..
Me: what’s that dear…..
Ri: i’m coming to Amritsar within two days…… for mahi di and jiju’s marriage…
Me: OMG……so cool….so we will meet after 5 years of college right????
Ri: hmmmm….ya…..

And i jumped in excitement and putmy heads up to see kunj staring at me and then pointing towards clock….it has been 45minutes since i started chatting and looking at his helpless expression i decided to end my convo for the time being….
Me: hey rishabh, how about talking tomorrow…..as its already too late now……what say??
Ri: perfectly fyn wid me….
Me: perfect then…..i will catch up with u soon…byee///and good night
Ri: byee and ya, good night!![and he went offline]

“uhmm…..now if u r done can we go to sleep….plss” “ya…..why not??”, i said naughtily. As we headed to our respective sleeping places and lied down, we eyed each other and felt an awkwardness. Just then kunj asked me, “btw twinkle who is this rishabh….now i m just asking and don’t take it in another way got that???” “Did i say anything kunj. Anyways rishabh is…” Just then i screamed with my whole strength. “kunj, please call fire brigade fast ….fast” “[shocked] fire brigade….but for what??? Is there fire anywhere??” “no….no…kunj not yet….but it is soon gonna be” “and how do u know that…..have u done some syappa again or what!!” “no…kunj actually i m able to smell something burning u know……lyk someone is burning in jealousy”[looking at kunj and smiling mischievously]. Understanding what i was referring to, he looked me with one eyebrow up and said “really mrs. sarna r u god or babaji that u know everything……nothing i burning and not especially in jealousy….got it” I nodded in agreement and smiled. “now u know what kunj…..my husband…my sadu sarna super duper cute when he is jealous” “jealous and me-sadu sarna….ahemm….i mean kunj sarna never ever..btw who is this rishabh???” “hmm….rishabh is my best bf…..” “bf……i mean what do u mean by bf…..i mean that….” “ ya my best bf……he i damn hot, cute, handsome…..”.

Kunj now really fumed in anger but he controlled and rolled his fists. We both got up and went near window. I saw moon and remembered all my and kunj’s moments. It was really a fun to make kunj jealous but little did i know what was to come. As of present case, i continued with qualities of rishabh only to make him jealous. “ you know kunj what we were in same college and we loved each other and always remained together. He was always near me and walked with his hands in mine though sometimes it was very uneasy.” When i said this it seemed as if some kind of turmoil had come to his world as if his world has been finished. Now his anger knew no bounds, he held me by my arm and pinned me to the wall. We were really very close…..our lips being few centimetres away. But i knew it could not happen. I eyed him and could see all emotions in his eyes. I could see his anger for rishabh for touching me , happiness that i left rishabh and held his hand, pain that i didnot had any feelings for him but still love that he wanted to give me. A tear rolled from his eye and one from mine. “twinkle how could u do this to me….u know na…..how much i lo…!!!! i mean how much i care for u …. if u didnot want this marriage u could have told me……” [ he turns other side] i was extremely shocked . i went and hug him from back. He turned. I cupped his face and wiped his tears and said “kunj….kunj…

how could u say lyk that?? U thought that i and rishabh are having an …..kunj how could u???” i was just standing like a corpse there. “ its ohk twinkle if u don’t want it i will apply for divorce tomorrow only….u need not fulfil this marriage….”with this he start going “kunj…divorce…me…u…how could…” Just then i started to feel dizzy. Kunj felt silence and said “now wont u say something twinkle i said…” and he turned and was shocked to find me in that state and said “twinkle….tu theek hai na….twinkle” i was, trying to manage myself but was not able to. “kunj….kunj….i am fyn…u go..” “ i am not leaving u and going anywhere.” “kunj ….kunj…..” And there i lied unconscious. “twinkle…..get up twinkle see what happened i am here…..wake up”[he screamed] He immediately took her in arms and made her lie on bed and also he phoned their family doctor MR. RAJESH VERMA.

Kunj is sitting beside twinkle trying to wake her up when dr. enters. “ thank u doctor verma for coming in such a short notice plss see what happened to twinkle” “it ohk kunj i will see ur wife.” He examines her and then asks kunj “Has she been taking some pills kunj??” “yes doctor from last three months she has been taking some pills.” He get those pills and shows it to doctor.” mr kunj, are u sure u don’t know why mrs sarna takes these pills for??” “ no doctor….she just told me that this is for her common headache….but y r u saying so….is everything fine??? “ No, mr kunj ur wife mrs twinkle is suffering from……” “suffering from what doctor……???” “from brain tumour and that’s why she has been taking these pills” BRAIN TUMOUR echoed in his ears. The doctor leaves after giving him her medicines. He falls on his knees and cried bitterly. [Jag soona soona laage plays] He holds her hand and speaks to her “ tune mujhse mujhse aone sadu sarna itni badi baat chupaayi…..

.twinkle tune itni zaroori baat chupaayi aur akele isse ladti rahi…..mai itna paraya hogaya aaj….how could u….????” “kunj again u started crying because of me”, he saw twinkle standing in front of her in a saree . this saree was gifted to twinkle by him. “ohho kunj, don’t cry now……u know what have i done and u only wanted to get rid of syappas na….so i m leaving u” “no….twinkle u can’t” but he finds nobody there and he eyes twinkle on bed unconscious and cries . twinkle slowly opens her eyes. “kunj…kunj….u r crying what happened??” “twinkle…twinkle ur fyn…what happened to u?” “kunj..uhmm…i mean nthng…nthng …..What will happen ya i told u na i m having slight headache nthng else…” she smiled and he was amazed that how effectively she hided her pain. “and btw u r gng to give me divorce na but bfore that won’t u meet my bf i.e. my brother-cum-friend rishabh whom u misunderstood as my boyfriend right???” he was shocked…. “yes kunj he is my chachi’s son and nothing else….. they both smile in front bt cried in their hearts….they both needed each other but could not tell each other….. they felt heaviness but could not share because of fear of losing each other and slept bidding each other a good night and sweet dreams though they knew neither their night would be good nor their dreams would be sweet…..!!!

******************************************EPISODE ENDS**************************************************
Thank u guys for ur unconditional support and love plss do comment and this epi may not be nic as i m having my xam tomorrow so im lil nervous though im prepared so u guys kindly cooperate and comment!!! Anyways plss pray for me and our twinj too who are having hurdles in their life and love life!!!! AND HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY TO ALL WOMEN AND GIRLS!!! DEDICATED TO GOD’S BEST CREATIONS: MOTHER_SISTER_GRANDMOTHER_DAUGHTER_BESTIE______WOMEN!!!

Credit to: Rakshita [Anubha]

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