Tashan-e-ishq – PYAAR-E-UMEED (OS)

Hii fellas,
Rushi is here, with a fresh story on twinj
This is a one shot ff
I hope u will like it
chaloo lets get started

A girl is shown in one piece black dress she hugs another girl n thanks her for awesome party
she says she had lots of fun
The host tells her to take care drive home safely
she says she is Miss Twinkle Taneja and nobody not even god has gutsss to harm her
she giggles

Twinkle is shown driving n listening to music
A man is walking in middle of road

twinkle is unable to apply brake she keeps pressing horn
man doesn’t move
twinkle shouts him to move he doesn’t listen
she panics
twinkle sees the man has collided with her car n has fallen down
she quickly gets down
she asks him is he fine he doesn’t reply
he sees him bleeding near ears
she says they should go to hospital
she helps man to get in her car

she drives

he is young n handsome man ( yes our Kunj our sid)

twinkle questions him did he got only her car in entire world to commit suicide
she says u appear to be so drunk she says
”u have lost ur senses
y did u drink so much
definitely u might have failed in examination
no or may have had break up
youth like u take life like a joke, u should think of ur parents atleast”

He asks her to stop car
she says y
he shouts stop
she gets scared
he tries to open door
she gives him card n says
she is twinkle Taneja n she is counsellor n can help him
if he wishes he can visit her
she helps him open door
he gets down
she says mr at times sorrow n pain can decrease by sharing
they look at each other
sanam re plays

Twinkle is shown talking to some body in her cabin the lady thanks her n leaves
Kunj enters
twinkle says I knew it u would come
sit sit
so tell me u had a break up right
Kunj says is having break up only cause of depression according to her
he says u r not a good counsellor
twinkle is shocked
Kunj gets up to leave
twinkle says Mr I feel u have some issues with ur parents
I asked u about break up just to make u comfortable
we cannot come straight to point it can hurt
n I know am perfect counsellor
Kunj stops
he sits
twinkle asks him to say

usha n manohar are shown arguing n fighting a young kunj is shown getting scared
manohar is drinking
he slaps usha
she cries
young Kunj hugs her
A grown up Kunj is shown
manohar is shown beating usha
she calls for help Kunj doesn’t nothing he cries n is shown drinking

He tells twinkle he feels hopeless n cannot stop is father from beating his mother n he cannot see all this he is tired n wants to run away he says he wants to die

Twinkle claps kunj is shocked
she says if he will die will his parents stop fighting will they be happy
by ending his life he will become hero
he should be a man n tackle situation not run away
she says losing hope isn’t solution
she says from today we will be friends n unite auntie n uncle
she forwards her hand
Kunj hesitates
she says if u could trust me to tell me everything u should trust me little more n give me one chance to try
Kunj forwards his hand
they shake hand twinkle smiles
sanam re plays

twinkle meets usha
usha says its her personal life she doesn’t wish to share
twinkle says she will help her
its all imp to help Kunj get out of depression she holds usha’s hand n tells her does she like to see kunj drinking n smoking
usha says no n cries
she is shown talking to usha
usha is shown weeping
twinkle pacifies her
Kunj looks on

Manohar comes home drunk he asks usha to massage his feet she quietly does
he asks her y she isn’t arguing
she says for her Kunj

Twinj r having walk in garden
twinkle shows Kunj how kids are enjoying n playing
Kunj stares
she asks Kunj to sit on roller coaster
she says its fun
she forcibly takes him
they enjoy
Kunj is shown lighting cigarette
twinkle ask him to throw it
twinkle takes Kunj to party
he orders alcohol
she says try this cocktail instead
they dance together
Kunj eyes her adoringly
some guys try to trouble twinkle
Kunj beats them
twinkle eyes him

Twinj are shown studing together
kio mujko yuh mila hain jaise banjaare ko ghar plays

Twinkle goes to meet Manohar
she keeps waiting
manohar is leaving she approaches him n says uncle please give me two mins he rudely says he is busy she says its about Kunj

she tells him about how Kunj collided with her car
she is shown explaining him something

manohar goes home he sees usha cooking he sees her ironing his clothes
he picks up broom usha is scared
he tells her usha beat me with this broom I have always hurt u removed all my office frustration on u
u have always been perfect wife I dnt deserve u
neither I could be good husband nor good father am bad am worst he breaks downs usha hugs him he says sorry usha
Kunj looks on
they call Kunj
he says sorry Kunj for spoiling ur childhood
they have family hug

Kunj goes meet twinkle
he thanks her
he sits on his knees n says twinkle will make my family complete will u tolerate me for ur whole life will u marry me twinkle blushes n says yes they hug each other sanam re plays
n they lived happily everafter

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