Tashan E Ishq part 7

Tashan E Ishq part 7

In morning time in teneja twinkle was hurriedly come out to talk with her parent but she found sarnas was their but they hide kunj.
T: good morning mom dad and uncle auntie am I dreaming a dream that both family’s in.m one frame with out fighting
Usha: it like a dream that u and kunj love each other but u both didn’t said to us that not fear to us right leela and rt
L: yes and now I understand my daughter is grownup.
Rt: yes leela now she is grownup and hide this from us
M: twinkle and kunj I am very dispoint with both u hide this from us
T; don’t know what to said we’ll wait a second how u both come to know about us
M: well uv told us about u both love each other and I think I like about u and kunj is u both never go far as u both respect us in your relationship and we understand nothing is more important than ur both love for each other then our enemies right rt
Rt: yes and thanks to preeta and Karan also they siding hide from us
Flash back
Preeta hello rt uncle and leela auntie I want to share something hope u won’t be angry with us
Ramleea: okay tell us what u want to said
Preeta : actually kunj and twinkle love each other and want to meet each other in our place hope u both won’t mind
L: are u sure both love each other even we have enemies then also
P: auntie in love we won’t see who is enemies it just l or happen between two person but trust me auntie and uncle both didn’t cross their limit
Rt: we will think about this and talk with sarnas
P: thanks u both for understanding

Flash back continued
Karan also tell sarna about kunj love twinkle and Sarnas thought to meet taneja
M: I think karan is right remember uv also said that both love each other and in that party uv is the one who save twinj from us
U: I knows that and I don’t have problems with twinkle I am ready to accept her.
M: I don’t have problem too but we should give them surprise
U: great ideas let say something like we both family’s fixed their married and I am eager to see ther expression and let’s call Bebe also
Other side at teneja
Rt: leela remember once we used to be close friend with monohar and Usha also but some circumstance make us enemies hope they will my twinkle for kunj
L: don’t worries I will call them and will talk to them about twinj and fixed their married but we have to hide kunj somewhere
Rt: perfect ideas and we will see twinkle irritate face ??
Latter teneja call sarnas and they are here in tenejas house
And both family’s forgot their enemies and accepted each other for only their daughter and son happiness
End of flash back
Let see twinj expression
T: why all this happen and u have accept us where is my kunj then
Voce came from door
Here is your kunj he is hiding outside
Ushar: Alisha your here and hug her thanks u for helping us in this plan
Uv: thanks me also auntie
U: how can I forgot u
A: now I know why I love u uv now
M: I thought u know from beginning but u just know now ??? all laugh at them

All said how was the surprise to twinj
Both were shy and don’t know what to said in exited and hug each other and was happy that their family’s accept their love and forgot their enemies

Now I can’t write more

Pre-cape : weeding of twinj and preeRan and Alisha uv may be last chapter

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  1. Yashiska

    Awesome update……loved it…….little shocking……their parents accept their love easily…….hmmm….amazing bcoz love is very power full…..update soon next part…..love you???????????????

  2. Amazing episode

  3. Presha

    Loved it

  4. Amazing episode dear…
    Surprise was awsm…
    And both family accepted twinj soo easily…I am also little bit shock..
    plzz post soon
    love u

  5. Twinj2000

    That was really a surprising episode ???
    They accepted twinj so easily ❤️❤️
    So exited for twinj wedding
    N plz show some romance also plz
    Post soon??
    Waiting ??

  6. yay!
    thank u
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  7. Nishuu

    Superb episode

  8. epi was shocking!parents ne twinj ko accept kr liya bina drame ke ,
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    because of less comments u decided to end It soon on happy note !
    if I m saying correct plz do reply of my Comment
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    keep writing

    1. SidMin23

      Your right as I got less comment and I decided to end on happy note and I am writing only for my regular commenter

      1. I can understand ,what u r feeling but u can see at this time every body is getting less comments plzz don’t end it soon!
        it’s a request from me
        or if u r going to end this then plz promise me u will write some os for us when u will get time !

  9. Shalini15

    Awesome mind blowing superb episode. Loved the surprise. Dono ki family accept kar liya ?? loved it. Post soon.
    Lots of love ? ?

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  11. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing arati
    Both families ended their enemyship for the child wow lovely

  12. Ananya_DSK

    Despite all the enmity, both families accepted it so easily without much drama? Arrey yaar… I know you must be unhappy with the response… But many of us out here are eager to read your writings…. Don’t end this do soon…. Please….
    Absolutely loved the episode!

  13. Great twist
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