Tashan E Ishq part 6

Tashan E Ishq part 6

Twinj and preeRan spend sometime with each other and now it time for them to come home which they don’t want to

In karan room twinj was laying in bed
T: it time to go now mom call me saying their is something to talk about so I have to go
K: even my parent want me to come home as they want to talk to me. But this is my best days so far as your with me
T: even it my best days and we enjoys a lots and spend some quality time also which we usually don’t get.
K: umm…. and do tell me what is the matter and why they want to talk to u okay
T: did I ever hide from u Sadu sarna and u said someone is coming in your house
K: the most important person of my life and I love her so much and she is my everything.
T: ???? you love her more then me then why your here with me go and be with her
K:?????? twinkle she is my Bebe (Grandmother)
T: ??? u should have told me about her but u didn’t tell me
K: when did u ask me but one thing I will tell about us to bebe soon I am at home
T: really will she understand us.
K: ummm as she will say yes coz she love me more then my parent love me he said with smile on his face.
Twinkle was admiring her man and think I am lucky to have such a caring and kunj love me more then anything else in this world and soon I wish we will married and be with each other.
K: Twinkle shaking her where u lost
T: nothing just thanking god for sending me u and hug him tight.
K: oh so now I have to go why can’t we go home together and separate from half ways what said
T: perfect idea let me call preeta and tell her that we are leaving
K: great I will call karan

Twinj call preeRan and told them to come there and bit bye to them
Kunj drive bike and twinkle was hugging him from back
T: I don’t want this trp to end so soon.
K: even I don’t want but have to go home.
T: I will miss u
K: I will miss u more
Kunj drop twinkle to taneja and left from their.
At tenejas
Rt: welcome home and we need to ask u something
L: First change your cloth and come back here
T: okay mom dad
Later she came back their
Rt: look twinkle we have fixed your married and we think u won’t disappoint us
L: yes twinkle we are your parent and we know what is right or wrong for u so plz said yes to married.
T: was shock to listen them and she ask who is the Groom
Rt: uv
T: why uv I means why uv he is only my friends
L: we know and I think uv will keep u happy like we do to u
T: I need time to think
Rtl: okay take your time

Other side at sarna
Kunj Enter the house and was shock to see Bebe already their he run to her and hug her and said I miss u Bebe
Bebe : I miss u too
M: so kunj we fixed your married with Alisha so be ready we are going to see her
K: why I am not ready for this marriage say he went from their.
U: kunj stay back here
Be: let him be alone for some time
In kunj room laying on his bed and thinking about ushar words and thought to call twinkle and he did
K: hello twinkle mom and dad has been fixed my married with their friends daughter Alisha
T: same here they fixed my married with uv
K: what uv how and when he know everything between us then still
T: leave this I will talk to my parent about us don’t worry
K: I will also talk with them bye I love u and will always love u
T: I love u too.

Pre-cape surprise for twinj

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