Tashan E Ishq part 3

Tashan E Ishq part 3

After returning home both sarna and taneja were angry and let see what will happen now
M- what they think of their selfs huh. How dare they show Tashan to me and my family’s
U- come down it just they are jealous of us and our kunj
K- come on mom and dad why your always behind taneja
Ushar: kunj your small in this case so plz don’t speak any words and also u don’t know how they are okay
K- okay papa I will just trying to say it okay leave it I am going for sleep.
U- have something kunj
K- I am already full now by seeing all this
M- now what happen to him. Why he is not eating can’t understand now a Day generation.
Other side in taneja mention
Lela – how can reporter said that u and kunj no I can’t imagine
T- mom why ur taking that reporter words that serious plz leave it.
L- I think I am over thinking but that sarna I can’t tolerate for half hours no sorry 1 sec
T- why mom sarna are not that bad
L- why your taking their side
T – I was just saying she change the topic

Later in twinj room I means kunj and twinkle separate room ????
K- I am missing her day by day but can’t meet her that very bad
Other side t – I am missing him can’t meet him and sometime I think are we made for each other or no
K- I know even I am same question but when ever I saw u make my days Twinkle I don’t know how to express how much I love u.
T- even I love u so much that why I want to fixed everything between our family’s and act like perfect family’s and perfect us only u and me.
K- now only one person can help us to meet each other daily’s
T- I should tell everything about us to preeta yes is s good idea
K- I should call karan so he will help us as he love preeta and both their family’s are okay with it.
T- now my sis will help me to be with kunj.
Other side both preeRan were taking with each other in phone but bad luck twinj distrube them.
(Karan preeta from kundali bhagya)- preeRan preeta cousins sis of twinkle
Karan best friend.
PreeRan – what why kunj have to distrube me at this time I am talking with my girls but he is my enemies not BFF
P- ???and blushing at same time karan even twinkle sis is calling me
PreeRan bye I will call I later I love u and take care of your selfe

K- what take u to pick my call this late
Ka- your not my girl friend to pick up your call early ???
K- but still I am your friend so I have more right then preeta okay
Ka- oh hello preeta will be my First then you will come
K- Baby do me a fever
Ka- what I am not your baby and by the ways why your talking nice with me today need any help Mr sarna???
K- smart I love twinkle and can’t meet her and u love preeta but u guys meet each other and do romance so why can’t I have that moment
Ka- you got the point we do romance but this preeta cant continue with romance as she is shy
K- ???? I thought u both never leave each other as your family’s were best friend and they are happy with u guys but not case if opposite ???
Ka- but your bad luck u can’t romance your girls coz your both family’s are enemies ?
K- it not funny karan help me out in this case.
Ka- okay bro be ready to meet me oops I means your love ???
K- u still didn’t change bro. Thanks a lots
Ka- hey chill out bro we are bros and no thanks and all okay
K- I love u and thanks u again
Ka- save ur I love u for twinkle not me ??
Like this both end call and other side with preeta and twinkle convo
P- hello di how are u
T- iam good but need a favor from
P- favor and that too from me
T- ???? yes u only can help me out
Actually I love Kunj Sarna but count meet him and i know u can help me to meet him
P- how can I help u ??
T-listen karan and kunj is bff and u and I know this I will make excuse to come their meet u and kunj will make excuse to meet karan saying about u and Karan want us to meet
P- good but what if family’s found out
T – leave it on us
P- okay I will call untie and u come over I will tell karan to help kunj come over his place
T- perfect I love u and thanks
P- oh hello keep your I love u to your self kunj might need it. ?????
T- blushing ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Pre-cape – can’t decided yet

That it for today can’t write more as my finger is planing. It took 1 hrs to finished and review

If I get 15or 20+ then I will be posting soon
And now preeRan will be part of this ff and as I love them and thought to put them also and uv chapter is over now

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