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Hello everyone. I am new here. I commented on some ffs. So I am going to present you a os. In this os Twinkle never had miscarriage. She married Yuvraj but just for her baby’s sake. Twinj will have a daughter. Her name is Kiara Kunj Sarna. She calls Yuvi as dad. Now after the marriage of twinj and simraj(Yuvraj and Simple). Before marriage of twinj Kiara used to say uncle to Kunj.

So after their marriage Twinkle called chinki and told her to bring Kiara to Sarna mansion. After some time chinki came and dropped kiara to sarna mansion. Kiara ran to her mamma’s room as she missed her because whole day she was at chinki’s home.

She just came to her Mumma and hugged her legs. Twinkle just bend down to her daughter’s height and said
Twi: Did you missed your mumma?
Kia: I missed you and dad very much where is dad? She asked.
Twi: He is in his room
Kia: I will go and meet him
Twi: Wait baccha I and Kunj wants to tell you something
(In meanwhile Kunj who has gone to fresh came out and was admiring mother daughter’s bond.)

Kia: What happened Mumma?
Twinkle just took her in her lap and asked Kunj to come. She started
Twi: Wo we want to tell you something
Kia: Tell na Mumma what happened
Kunj: Yuvi is not your real father.
Kiara was shocked at the statement of Kunj. Twinkle continued
Twi: Kunj is your real father

Kia: If Kunj uncle my real father then why you told me that dad is my father?
Twi: 5 yrs. ago on the convocation day of Kunj we were in Goa after the convocation ceremony Kunj gone to give treat to his friends. Their he received a call that someone has kinaped me. And told him to come on the beach. As soon as he listened this he came on beach and some people took him to a boat. And told him to sit on the boat ⛵, the boat started and stopped after a while and there he was shot with a bullet. After that he fell down in the water. For three months search mission was going on. But in this three months police could not found him declared him as dead that time only I came to know that I was three months pregnant.

So for the sake of you family forced me and Yuvraj to marry but after five years again Kunj came back but not as Kunj but as rocky. As he fell in the water his face was damaged and dr.pallavi gave him a new face new identity as rocky Singh the boxer. And today after many issues problems we again got married. Not only us but Yuvraj also married simple.
All of them were having tears in there eyes. Kiara asked kunj
Kia: Papa now you will not go anywhere leaving us na?
Kunj was the most happiest person cause his daughter called him Papa
Kunj: No princess I will never go anywhere. I promise you
Kia: pinky promise
Kunj: pinky promise

Twinkle was just smiling seeing father and daughters bond. Kiara asked
Kia: But mamma can I call dad as dad only I will call him(pointing towards Kunj) as Papa and dad as dad
Twi: baccha I don’t have any problem only ask Yuvi once ok
Kia: ok mamma. I love you mamma
Twi: I love you too baccha
And hugged her remember she is still in twinkles lap. Twinkle hugged her back
Kunj: You both are very bad you forgot me
Twinkle/Kiara: come Papa/Kunj
Twinkle/Kiara: I love you papa/kunj

Kunj: I love you too Kiara and Twinkle
Kunj break the hug and spoke
Kunj: princess you wanted to go to meet Yuvraj na go and meet him
Kiara went to simraj’s room she came in simraj were talking to each other Kiara spoke
Kia: dad… She ran and hugged him
Simple was shocked as Kiara called Yuvi as dad
Yuvi: doll how r u

Kia: I am fine can I ask you if
Yuvi: why are you asking permission doll tell me what do you want
Kia: can I call you dad. Mumma told me about papa and all!!
Yuvi: why not doll you can call me dad and I want you to meet some. Meet her she is ur chachi, simple chachi. And simple she is twinj’s daughter Kiara
Simple just smiled and ask her if you want you can call me simple chachi or ma.
Kia: I will call you ma

Simple just simply hugged her Yuvi too joined them. After some time Kiara came to her mamma Papa’s room and slept happily cuddling Kunj. And after some days with help of India’s best plastic surgeon Kunj again got his real face.

And they happily lived ever after
Its my first try. So please give me you valuable comments and suggestions.

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      Thankyou di. Now my exams are going on. After my exams I will surely try to write

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    Hey Radha,,
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    Load’s of love,,?❤?..
    “M Priya”..☺☺..

    1. Radhakale30

      Hello Priya thank you for welcoming me to twinj world. And I will surely try to write more stories.

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