Tashan e ishq os- sometimes you don’t have to express the love

Happy Birthday Sayeeda Api I hope all your dreams get fulfilled. inshallah Allah will bless you with lots of happiness (ameen)

Twinj bedroom
T- God plays such wonderful tricks that we can’t think about isn’t it babu
K- yeah he does…. How many times shall I tell you not to spoil my mood by calling me babu
T- Oh ho… My Saru husband I am sorry….. Come on now don’t be upset
K- ok I won’t be upset ….
T- good
They smile at each other,…
Before twinkle could respond kunj covers them in blanket and they make love….

4 years ago
A room is decorated in flowers and candles.
A bride is sitting near the mirror removing all her jewellery whilst her husband come into the room
T- don’t come near me
K- I am not interested to come near you …. Unfortunately we are married now and I have to share my room with you …

T- you are just complaint about sharing the room … I left my house , my parents, my family, my pillow and my favourite teddy bear because I was forced to marry you
K- just shut up siyaapa queen
T- whatever
Twinkle changes her clothes and sees that ku j is sleeping in the middle of the bed.
T- saru move I am tired
K- will you not let me sleep
T- where will I sleep
K- come sleep on the bed I will sleep on the couch
T- no it’s ok… I don’t mind sharing the bed with you…

K- ok you can sleep on the left side I will sleep on the right….. I hope you don’t take advantage of me
T- whateve
Months passed and they slowly began to be friends but there Nok jok still continued
T- Baba ji Kunj is really good…. But I don’t know if I can trust him or not… After what Uv juju did to di how can I trust his brother
This was all heard by Kunj who was upset
Night time twinj room
K- ummm I want to talk to you
T- yeah go ahead
K- twinkle I am not like my brother…I feel ashamed of Calling uv my brother…. I know that our marriage was forced but I will never cheat on you
T- thank you kunj …. It’s not easy for my to trust boys …. First papa had an affair when I was younger he would just come home when he felt like…. Mum raised us up alone…. Then when Mahi and uv got married we found out uv just got married to her for her property ….. And me and you. We’re forced to get married to each other after one incident

I know we shouldn’t have gone to that party that day
K- that party ruined our lives….. We drank a bit too much and we weren’t in our senses and someone took inappropiate pics of us and sent it to our parents and we were forced to marry each other …
T- I guess now that we are married we have no choice….
They both share a romantic eye lock for the first time and come closer.. The screen is then blurred
The next morning

They both wake up at the same time and smile at each other
K- are you ok ?
T- yeah you
K- I am fine…, go and relaxes yourself in ahot water tub you must be in pain
Twinkle gets another duvet and covers herself and has a shower
Late in the night
Twinkle and Kunj were lying down next to each other twinkles head on his shoulders and his arms around her waist

K- so do you trust me
T- of course I do… If I didn’t then yesterday … She stops as she realised what she’s as going to say….
Kunj looked at her and smiled
K- I am happy that that day someone took those pictures of us and showed it to our parents otherwise we would have never imagined to marry each other
T- I know
K- so are you ready for round 2

Twinkle looks at King and gets shy
They make love again

T- Kunj let go of me please…. Someone will come … I still need to get ready she said adjusting her duppata properly and sitting down to apply her make up
K- let someone come
They suddenly hear small footsteps and smile
A little boy who is3 enters the room

T- kunal my baby she said and kissed him
K- papa champ how are you
Ku- good… I want something
T-what does my baby want….
Before they could listen to him they hear a baby cry…. Twinkle goes near the baby cot and carried her 6 months daughter and makes her quiet
Ku- mum why does she always cry

T-she is a baby that’s why
Ku- no it’s because she is a girl
K- don’t say that about my tanaya she is your little sister
Ku- papa I want a little brother when will it come….
Twinj look at each other shocked
T- baby first let Tanya grow up then you can have a brother ok
Twinkle sends kunal to play with manohar whilst Tanya went with usha to Taneja mansion
K-so Mrs Sarna I think we will have 4 children…. 2 more do you agree
T- ok but not now

They look at each other and smile
3 years later
Twinkle gives birth to a boy and a girl making both kunal and Tanya happy. The name there son Tarun and there daughter krisham
They lived happily with there 4 children dedicating there loves to make there children better people…..

Sayeeda Api happy birthday once again????
I hope you guys enjoyed it…. I will update my ff soon
Please comment xx

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  1. SidMin23

    Think is so beautiful os. Twinj and their 4 kids happy family.

  2. dreamer...arundhati

    Happy bday sayu di.. ? i didn’t knew so sorry… Simi.. Lovely os

  3. Supriya18d

    Simmy fab yr….luv it and past was awsm

  4. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    4 children ?????really
    It was amazing
    Loved it
    Dear sayeeda di ks bday in on 17 October not today ?

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

    simmy firstly I want to apologize….bcz of me u r confused.. sayeedas birthday is on 17 October…I posted it fast bcz I ll be busy on her birthday.. n I also got confused with the date….maaf kardo plz plz plz….I m so sorry… im really guilty…

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    simmy firstly I want to apologize….bcz of me u r confused.. sayeedas birthday is on 17 October…I posted it fast bcz I ll be busy on her birthday.. n I also got confused with the date….maaf kardo plz plz plz….I m so sorry… im really guilty…

    this os was really really amazing… I loved it to the core…

  7. So cute muuuuuaaaahhhh

  8. Happy birthday sayeeda…..
    Amazing awesome simiyy…

  9. Lama

    Its awesome yr…loved it

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute os

  11. Awesome os.. loved it.. keep writing more ❤

  12. I know that Sayeeda di’s b’day is on the 17th. Just recheck it, it is on the 17th only.

  13. Nice.
    And, happy birthday sayeeda.. Hope all your dreams become fullfilled and you have a great year ahead. 😉

  14. Awesome os… Loved it…

  15. Ramya

    Hey simmiy

    Awesome os loved it n do write more

  16. R. S. H. H. P

    Nice os dear just loved it ??????☺?

  17. Sayeeda

    Hey …..Simmy … thank you soooooooooo much yrr for ur wishes…..u all made my day…. though my bday is on 17th but I’m so glad that I got too many good wishes in advance only….u guys made me feel more blessed than I deserve to be ….

    Amazing OS …. awesome one yrrrr….it was really a damm cute one …like ur last OS this One is Also superb…. loved it to the core…

    Love you???

  18. nice os

  19. SidMin

    Loved the OS 🙂 It was a cute one 🙂

  20. Adya

    Yessss really loved the os……it was too cuttttteeeee………very nice simiyy

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