Tashan E Ishq….(One Shot)

This One Shot is based on the current track….Just enjoy the One Shot
Twinkle To Rocky: Why don’t u say to everyone that ur r Kunj??
Rocky says To twinkle: U think I m Kunj Rgt because of the touch ….Just enjoy my touch..
Twinkle jerks him
Twinkle: No ..U can’t be my Kunj!!!Never
Kunj: I m ur Kunj Sayappa Queen
Twinkle : Mr. Rocky Singh u can never be my Kunj ….
Kunj: Oh Come on Twinkle just enjoy my touch
Twinkle slaps him saying Itz good that God Took away our unborn Child!!
Twinkle leaves from there Crying…
Kunj is coming to his room like a dead body..
He sees Pallavi there…Pallavi is talking to a pic…
Pallavi: Hubby I had to give ur face to Kunj..Sorry Kunj!!! But Now I m in love with u Kunj Sarna ..
Kunj shocked… Sorry Kunj but I had to hide everything from u about Twnkle..If u came to know that TwiRaj married only for the sake of Family and For that Unborn Child!!! U will leave me .
Kunj is in tears …Not knowing Wht to do??
He is walking towards Usha’s Room ..Usha is talking to Bebe
Usha: Why Bebe Twinkle is doing this???
Bebe: I don’t know …But Maybe She is just doing this because of Rocky..
Usha: She in real is mentally unstable..
Kunj sees Twinkle
Kunj Thinks: Twinkle I have to see …Wht she is dong ?? And about that Child Also I have to ask her?? I will go from the balcony
Twinkle is talking to Yuvraj on phone: I am sorry Uv I think u were right he can’t be my Kunj..I m sorry Uv But plz move ahead in ur life..Bye
Twinkle : No one is in my life….Baba Ji at least u would have given me my child …why u took. Y child away from me??

Kunj calls someone : Itz urgent
Kunj goes somewhere!!

On the other hand, Twinkle packs her bag I have to go ..She heads towards Usha ,s Room
Twinkle: MamiJi I m sorry ..I thought rocky is Kunj but no u were right .. I m sorry whatever I did to u .. I m really sorry
Twinkle To Bebe: But now there will be no problem in ur lifes…I Promise that..I m leaving!! Bye
Bebe: Twinkle..
Twinkle leaves..
Twinkle sends Divorce papers To Yuvraj.
Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) is shown heading towards Sarna Mansion
Kunj: Maa
Usha is shocked to see Kunj
Kunj: Maa I’m ur Kunj only..I m rocky Singh…
Usha: Kunj
FB Kunj calls Doctor and says I have to do a plastic surgery.. FB Ends!!
Yuvraj Signs the papers..
Uv : Leela Maa I Will move one
Leela: Sorry Uv
Uv: No sorry ..i was wrong Twinkle is only of Kunj
Kunj says to Usha And Bebe: Whr is twinkle??
They say him everything.. Kunj rushes to airport!!
A girl is shown ..She is standing near Taneja Mansion
Girl: My home..Maa
Leela: Mahi
Mahi: Maa I missed u soo much….Where is twinkle Di??
Leela: Tells Her everything
Leela: Mahi plz fulfill my Wish!!
Mahi: Marry Uv
Leela: Plz for me
Mahi: Ok…
Kunj is finding twinkle…at last Finds her….
Kunj: Twinkle
Twinkle is shocked to see Kunj(Sid)
Twinkle: Kunj
Kunj: I m sorry Twinkle …Yes I m Kunj I m rocky Singh Plz Forgive me plz…..I thought of Revenge
Plz Forgive meπŸ˜”
Twinkle: Itz OK Kunj…But one punishment
Kunj: Wht 😨
Twinkle: U have to bear my siyappa πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Kunj Hugs twinkle
Kunj apologises to Yuvraj and Leela
MaVi get married..,TwiNj are happy to see them…
MaVi are happy to see TwiNj together
Leap Of Few Months
MaVi Love each other And R happy with each other…
TwiNj Are seen happy together …
The End!!!!
I know it was not that Good…But just want this current track to end…And Sid Back … Type of Impossible Thing But just hoping
Do Comment Plz


  1. Aliza

    This was amazing… wish the writers take up this track… n yea wld love to see sweet nokjhok of twinj n my dear siyappa queen n sadu sarna…. hehe…

  2. Sidhantfan

    I agree!!! The current track is bullshit….wish sidhant comes back and makers take up this track

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Wooowww Zaku Allah kre ke aisa hi ho ….
    Loved the way u wrote the current track in ur own ideas ….amazing …

  4. Baby


    |Registered Member

    omgggggg zakiyah amazing yr tears of happineesss kash kash yeh sch ho jaye yr amazing yr kaise aate hain tume yeh ideas amazing luvd it dear

  5. shayna aka twinkle

    Superb nd i wish this to happen in serial nd I want sid back to rock the show

  6. Aaru

    I badly want dis to happen in tei..d perfect end of tei. Unite all perfect couples n then end d show instead of again making it a khichdi..

  7. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    The best part of this os was Sids return
    I hope it happens as u have written❀❀❀😍😘

  8. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Zakiyah 😭😭😭 why can’t this happen for real 😭 mahi shud come back for real 😭 loved it all yaar too good!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.