tashan e ishq New FF- Episode 1

Hello everybody..i know I am a little late its just becoz i just got discharged from the hospital. I should have wrote this in the morning but I am a still sick. hope u all are very excited for this .. well I would like to introduce my two best friends to you all ritika and rhea .. they r my equal patners in this and they selected the title of our ff and they are only typing this at the moment as I am sick . let me end the suspense of our ff title now . so the name of our ff is “mohabbat ka naya andhaz” by cantmentionit . congratulations cantmentionit. Pls mail me ur address or some where I can deliver ur gift and u can receive it .

Very happy to know ur excitement . I really want ur suggestions after reading this . and if it is not good then I wont burden u all to read it
Today as my friends are typing and they are a bit buzzy I wont be be mentioning the commenters name and will make the episode short but will make it up for it in th next episode . thanks to all my commeters . pls keep commenting becoz as you love reading our ff I love reading ur comments so lets start .
The golden temple is shown . then two houses are shown . vadhera mansion and taneja’s.

Scene shifts to the inside of taneja’s temple and a girl with wet hair and dark blue salwar is seen doing pooja . then a voice is heard “jeevika puttaaar”she turns to to see leela walking towards her .”ji maa boleya ”(yes mom what is it) and when leela reaches her she is seen bending down to touch leela’s feet and take blessings ”jeeti raho puttar”(live long my child ).And her face is revealed and it is our gorgeous krystle aka jeevika .” arey who gudiya utti nahi ab tak . beta tu jaakar bolao na . akhir ek tu hi jo ussay utta sakthay hai . yeh to meri baaski hai hi nahi beta ” (dear she didn’t wake up yet . pls go wake her up. Only u can wake her up . it is not at all under my capability ) says leela . “yes maa , I will go wake her up but before dat pls have some Prasad ” says jeevika and the scene shifts to twinkle’s room which is pink but filled with rockstar abhi’s posters . and then someone is seen inside her blanket fully .

then jeevika comes run alling twinkle . she finally reaches the bed.”utt jaa twinkle jaldi utt jaa . koi college ka pehla din late hota hai kya ” (wake up twinkle wake up . who becomes late to college on the very first day). “di pls na yaar .let me sleep .” voice said. Jeevika thinks “kya karo jis say who utt jaye ”(wat to do that she wakes up).then she smirks and says “ arrey aag toh freshers ki welcoming kai liya Abhi annay walla hai . na? “ (ohh yes today abhi is coming to welcome the freshers right?). then bounces from the bed and says “kyaaa??!!” and her face is revealed and it is our jasmine aka twinkle .jeevika starts laughing and twinkle says “ohh hoo di !! who jokes on such sensitive issues ” … jeevika says “sensitive!!! kya sensitive ? ”(sensitive.. wat sensitive!!)

Precap – a dashing and adorable guy enters the college and everyone looks on. Twinkle and this guy bump on each other . its revealed that the guy is kunj

hope u all loved it
load of love
pooja makawani

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  1. SidMin

    Wow Loved the start I mean Twinkle is so sweet 🙂 Post soon can’t wait for Kunj’s entry 🙂

    1. Poojama

      thank u . iam so sorry i couldnt write more

  2. Mast

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

    1. Poojama

      u r such a sweet heart . thanks

  4. Ramya

    Amazing fabulous

    1. Poojama

      thank you ramya

  5. Romaisha

    Awww … Superb epi!great start 🙂

    1. Poojama

      thank u . continue read

  6. Superb…..Loved it……Pls post next asap

    1. Poojama

      sure darling

  7. Amazing start.. loved ur ff title.. and that sensitive matter??.. do cont soon ?

    1. Poojama

      yeah sure . i am sooo glad u loved it

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