Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened part VII


Tashan-E-Ishq WMHH VII

Scene 1

Funeral is ready. Twinkle covers Pari’s face with funeral shroud. But everytime she covers, the funeral moves towards the feet. Twinkle touches her hand. They are warm. Twinkle gets confused but anyways covers her again. She notices that Pari breathes deeply. Twinkle gets surprised. She says Pari… Pari. Kunj says – What are you doing Twinkle. Twinkle tells him that she was breathing. Kunj says its impossible but Pari again breathes deeply. Kunj check her nerves, her heartbeat, her temperature. Everything is normal. Kunj says we should rush to the hospital- fast. They take Pari to the hospital. Doctor says- Mr. Sarna. You brought her here on time. If you would have been late, she could even die. Twinkle says – Don’t say this dr. Please check her. Doctor says OK.


All are waiting for dr. Twinkle cries. Kunj motivates her. He says- Everything will be fine. You pray to your Babaji. Everything will be fine. We cannot become weak. Twinkle hugs him as she cries. Dr Comes. Twinkle says hurriedly- Dr. Is she fine. Dr. Says- we are sorry.

Twinkle says – What are you saying dr. Dr. Says you brought her here on time but. Twinkle repeats – But.. Dr. Says – She is out of danger. Twinkle says- So why sorry. Dr says- according to us, her head hitted a hard thing. Something like End of wood. So she had a memory loss. Twinkle is shocked.

PRECAP- They bring Pari home. Pari wakes up. She sees Twinkle sitting beside her. She asks- Who are you?. Where am I? Twinkle is speechless. Twinkle hugs her and cries. Pari looks at her innocently.

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. Dear ur episode is good plz plz plz make it longer..

    1. Ya I will try to make it longer next time. Ok di :D. U r 13 yrs old, I am just 12… 😉

  2. Plz don’t tell me Pari had a memory loss

    1. But its my story.. u will get 2 know that she had so deep memory loss that its hard to recover it..

  3. wow nice and emotional episode..your idea is nice

  4. Hmm, memory loss.
    Kinda really sad.

  5. When is the next epi being published

  6. Gud turn… Lovely

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