Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened part VI

Tashan-E-Ishq WMHH-VI

Scene 1
Twinkle notices that there is some space behind the bed. She says it to Kunj. Kunj And Twinkle together say “PARI”. They both go there to check and see pari lying. Her hands and mouth tied. Maybe she fainted there. Kunj and Twinkle make her lie on bed.
She dont wake up. Twinkle says Pari, wake up. She sprinkles water on her face. She still don’t wake up. Twinkle worries and checks her Breath and heartbeat. Twinkle is shocked. She cries. She says Kunj. She’s no more. Kunj says ‘WHAT’. No, This cannot happen. Twinkle hugs him and cries loudly. All family members come there including UV and Shanaya. Kunj goes and holds UV’s collar. Yuvi you finally succeeded in your evil plan. Now this was only left – Kunj Says. Yuvi smirks. Twinkle says – Kunj. Pari had a hole in her heart. And she could not survive if she couldn’t breathe deeply. Kunj says what?. You didn’t told it to me. At least to me. She says I wanted to tell you today but Because of This, I forgot. Kunj says don’t think about it more. Whatever is the reason, Uv is the killer. And of course Shanaya. Twinkle cries- Pari-eeee….. Bebe Brings her a glass of water. She hugs her. Shanaya says oh no. This girl died. Now we will be in prison for a long time. Uv says- it’s ok. They cannot prove we killed her. They don’t have proof.

Scene 2

Kunj and Twinkle are sitting beside Pari. Kunj starts to cry but leaves. Twinkle kisses her forehead and says “You came into our family now and you left so soon. I am seeung and taking care of you from 4 years and you left me.” I will miss you a lot, Pari. She remembers her cute talks- Coming into the house and asking Mama who is he?, Saying ohhh so you are my papa, kissing kunj, kicking him… She becomes emotional.

Scene 3
Kunj comes in the room- he says twinkle- funeral. Twinkle cries and says – okay, a few more minutes Kunj. Twinkle says to Pari, I will miss you alot – I love you. Kunj hears it. Kunj becomes emotional. In these 4 years you cannot think what you gave me- Twinkle says. She cries..

PRECAP- Funeral is ready. Twinkle covers Pari’s face with Funeral Shroud but it do not stay on her face and everytime is moved towards her feet. Twinkle looks at Pari and covers her with it but she notices- She breathes deeply.

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  1. Ohh the precap makes me happy…

  2. Plz update Dr swara and mr sanskaar Maheshwari leads to swasan

    1. I don’t update what you requested. Sorry

  3. sareena please update soon
    precap was very nice it made me happy

  4. Don’t think that if I don’t reply so I don’t read ur comments. I become happy when I read ur comments. 🙂

  5. Can’t wait for the next episode

  6. Vry nic epi nd precap seems interesting!!! Plzz update soon

  7. emotional one
    made me cry, ,,,,.

    1. Aww! Really? 🙂

  8. Precap is good….. i mean it just like a climax in movie.

    1. U r right 🙂

  9. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Pari survives !
    Sad and emotional one for today.

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