Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened Part 4


Tashan-e-Ishq WMHH-IV
Scene 1
Twinkle, Ķunj and Pari are sleeping. Twinkle wakes up and whispers “Kunj•••Kunj. He wakes up.
He says what happened. She says Pari kicks the one who is sleeping at the back. Kunj says
SHE WILL NOT KICK ME. She kicks him. Kunj says ” Ohhhh” Send her to WWE. Twinkle laughs.
Yuvi is in his room. He says- Twinkle and Kunj, Your happy family will be destroyed. I will
Destroy it. He laughs loudly. He picks his phone up and calls someone- he says “Plan is ready
Kidnap Pari Sarna tonight. He cuts the calls and smirks. Its morñing. Uv calls that person and
Says “I told you to kidnap her last night. Voice comes- Sorry. But tonight she will not sleep with
Her parents and it’s a promise.” He laughs. Twinkle wakes up. Kunj is sleeping by her side. She
Wakes up. She’s is surprised and Says Kunj. Kunj wakes up and says why are you sleeping
By my side. I was supposed to ask the same question. And where is Pari? Twinkle says. Kunj
Says ohh! Pari woke up early and therefore we are sleeping side by side. Kunj says “She is not
Like you. If you sleep once, you Will sleep without waking up till 1pm. Twinkle says shut up.
They both laugh.

Scene 2
Twinkle see the time. She says it’s 3pm. OMG. How can we sleep for so long? Kunj says
Where is Pari. Twinkle worries for Pari. They both go downstairs and are surprised to find no
One there. Twinkle cries “Pari! She is so small”. Kunj hugs her and says. She will be fine. But
We have to find out who is behind all this.

Scene 3
Yuvi comes there. He says I have kidnapped your daughter- Pari and also your family members.
Twinkle says “Yuvi, in these 7 years, you didn’t changed. Kunj says “HOW DARE YOU KIDNAP
MY FAMILY MEMBERS. AND WHERE IS SHANAYA. Twinkle says “Shanaya?”. Shanaya comes.
She says – Shanaya Luthra- Yuvi’s wife and of course the mastermind of the plan. Twinkle
Says “you”. Kunj stops her. He says “She is emotionless like her husband”. Yuvi hugs Shanaya.
Twinkle becomes angry. Kunj holds her hand.

PRECAP- Kunj and twinkle leaves to report the police. They are on their way back home but
Twinkle hears a knock from inside a door. She asks Kunj to stop the car. They both go there.
And opens the door. They are surprised.

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. Really ir was a awesome episode.waiting for next part.

  2. As Mahi is not there in the ff there will be Shanaya. 😉

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