Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened Part 3


Here’s the part 3. Hope you will like it. Tashan-e-ishq-what-must-have-happened-part-III
Scene 1

Kunj kisses Pari’ s cheeks. Pari runs towards Twinkle. Mama who is papa, she says.
Twinkle tells her “As Mama loves you, she loves Papa too”. He is your parent, Pari.
Pari runs towards Kunj, hugs him and kiss him. She says “ooooohhhh, so you are
My papa. Kunj lifts her up and take her downstairs. Twinkle calls Leela and tells her
That she is back in Sarna house with Pari. Leela leaves for Sarna house.
She comes there. She sees Pari with Kunj. She sees Twinkle. Twinkle runs to hug her.
She says “Maa, I missed you a lot”. Leela says “I missed you too”. She goes to Pari. She
Says “Papa, who is she?”. Leela smiles and scolds Twinkle for being far with her granddaughter.
Twinkle smiles as she hears. Kunj says, “Don’t blame her, it’s not her fault”.
Usha comes to Twinkle and hugs her and says “I know I was a bit angry with you
After you misbehaved with me in Chinki’s engagement”. But Twinkle
Never do like that. And I am sorry. I always behaved badly. Twinkle says “No.
It’s not your fault. Usha says that I am proud to have you Twinkle.
Scene 2

Twinkle goes to the room. Kunj leaves pari with Family members so that they can
Know each other well. Kunj goes to the room. Twinkle is arranging the almirah. Kunj
Comes and hugs her from the back. Twinkle turns towards him. Sajna Ve plays. Kunj
Says ” Let’s sleep on the bed together”. Twinkle says “No, now Pari will sleep in between
Us”. Kunj says, When Pari will sleep I will shift her on the side and then we can sleep
Together. Twinkle blushes and refuses. Kunj says you cannot refuse. He stops her
Way. Twinkle says, Kunj leave me. Kunj refuses. Twinkle says “OH BEBE”. Kunj says bebe
I was just…. And twinkle runs. Bebe is not there. Kunj says “I will see you Twinkle. He smiles.

Scene 3
Its night. Pari is with them. Twinkle sleeps on one side. Kunj asks pari to sleep on other side.
She says, no I will sleep between mama and papa. Kunj mummers “Oh no. She is stubborn like
Her mom. Twinkle says “What did you said. Kunj says nothing, lets sleep. Pari faces Twinkle.
Twinkle faces Pari. Kunj faces Twinkle. He makes a helpless face. And whispers “Please, let me
Sleep. Twinkle smiles and nods and turns off the light.

PRECAP- Pari kicks Kunj while sleeping. Twinkle laughs. Yuvi says
To himself “I will destroy your happy family. He calls someone and
Says- Plan is ready- Kidnap Pari Sarna tonight. He cuts the call and

Credit to: Sareena

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  1. Wow awesome

  2. wow what a episode it is just fabulus sareena …i want to ask you that who is playing the role of pari her??can you tell me please????

    1. Imagine Harshaali malhotra ♥♥♥. She’s too cute..

  3. Nice one waiting for next part
    And one morethig who is playing pari

    1. Harshali malhotra….

  4. ek prbl hain . nothing happened between them . than how pari ?

  5. Awesome. ……loved it…..

  6. Yeah I was thinking to write it but it will change the whole story. U think dat something happened between them.. I hope u can imagine. Part 4 will be updated tomorrow. Don’t forget to check it. 🙂

  7. Really fabulous ff sareena..please1 more episode.

  8. Oh wow I love the bond between Kunj and Pari well done sareena

  9. yess harshaali malhotra

  10. I have uploaded the next epi. I don’t know when it will be published :). Thanku all of you.

  11. As Mahi will not enter in the ff, there will be the entry of shanaya, Yuvi’s Wife- Antagonist. To whom uv was talking 😀

  12. Hi saree a is Mahi married to yuvi??

  13. Hi sareena is Mahi married to yuvi??

  14. Forget that mahi is someone 😀

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