Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened Part 2

What must have happened Tashan-e-ishq part II

I hope you enjoyed the previous one. If you have not
Read it yet, please read it. www.tellyupdates.com/Tashan-e-ishq-what-must-have-happened
Or search it manually. Ok so here’s part two.

Scene 1
Kunj says ” Twinkle ” and hugs her. Twinkle cries. The girl
By her side pulls her dupatta and says “Where are we, Mama.
Who is he? Kunj looks at the girl. And puts his hand at her
Cheeks. The girl looks at him innocently. Kunj she is Pari, twinkle
Says. Kunj looks at her. Pari says to kunj, who are you?
He says I am papa. She says “Papa, what is papa”. Kunj gets surprised.
Twinkle cries. Bebe comes and hugs Twinkle. Usha comes at Pari and
Hugs her. She ignores Twinkle. Kunj notices it and feels bad. Kunj takes pari
To his room. Twinkle follows Kunj too.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to the room. She asks pari to leave for some minutes.
Bebe sees it from the door and takes Pari. Kunj takes twinkle to a corner.
He says “Twinkle, you know how I died each day for you”. Where were you.
Do you really think that I wanted to give you divorce and I loved Maya.
Do you know nothing changed in these 7 years. And, You even didn’t called me.
She says “Kunj, Chinki called me and told me the whole story. And I was pregnant
Those days so I didn’t returned. First 3 years, I spent alone. Then the 4th year, Pari changed
My life. She was small so I didn’t returned.

Scene 3
Kunj leaves her shoulder and opens her almirah. He takes out all
The clothes and say “See twinkle, nothing changed. Everything
Is same. Just one thing changed. He shows their marriage picture to twinkle. See this is also
Same. Just one thing changed. I realised, you can sacrifice anything
For me. I love you Twinkle. Pari hears it from the doorstep. She enters and says
Only I love my mama. Kunj kisses her on her cheeks. He says “No, I love her too”.

PRECAP- Pari runs towards twinkle and hugs her. Twinkle says he is Papa. Pari
Says I don’t know who is papa. Twinkle tells her who is papa. Pari runs towards kunj
To kiss him back.

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  6. Next part is updated. Check it

  7. its very sweet ff u can add some romance between them now as they were separated since long….

  8. Really very awesome yaar.The character pari sounds too cuteeee!!
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