Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 9

The episode starts with
Uvi looking at twinkle and maya looking at kunj for the dance partner
Uvi to twinkle: twinkle will u be my dance partner plzzz
Kunj looks at her waiting for her answer
Kunj soul talk: NO plz NO answer must be NO twinkle
Twinkle looks at uvi who is eagerly waiting for her answer
Twinkle: I….
Uvi nd kunj looks at her
Twinkle: I will be ur dance partner (she looks at kunj nd notices that he is sad)
Maya asks kunj and kunj readily agrees
Principle comes nd inform them they have to practice in school only everyone agrees

Uvi twinkle maya and kunj reaches the rehearsal room uvi nd twinkle starts to practice while kunj looks at them heart broken
Kunj soul talk: y I am feeling jealous she is just a friend….(nd he tries to make him understand)
Uvi nd twinkle r practicing but twinkle is not able to catch up the steps uvi lifts twinkle nd by mistakenly she falls down kunj scolds uvi for doing this
Kunj to uvi: if u cant lift her why do u have to dance with her (angrily)
Uvi: oh so u r gonna teach me how to dance…!!!
Kunj: yes I will nd I will show u how it is done
Kunj asks twinkle for her hand nd twinkle tells him that she don’t know couple dance nd kunj replies not to leave his hand at any circumstances nd u will dance twinkle agrees
Kunj and twinkle starts to dance (bakhuda tumhi ho from kismet connection plays) twinkle doesn’t leave kunjs hand nd they both dance smoothly while all the college mates gather there kunj lifts her nd puts her down smoothly he makes her fall nd holds her from her waist they come really close the song ends they both have eyelock (sajna ve plays)

Uvi claps for them while all the students also do
Uvi: I have to agree boss u r a great dancer
The students protest to make kunj and twinkle as a couple
Both of them r shocked but feels happy uvi nd maya starts to protest but ends up being defeated the students feel happy watching twinkle – kunj being the dance partner while both of them also feel happy
Bell rings
Tanejas house
Some one rings the bell leela opens the door nd sees kunj he ask permission to come in by the time twinkle comes down nd asks kunj to come to her room nd they will practice dancing leela agrees nd she tells she will bring something to eat she leaves
Twinkles room
Twinkle: come we will do this wala step kunj agrees nd starts to practice but kunj is not able to do so
Twinkle: uffoo kunj this is soo simple keep ur hand my back (nervously)
Kunj does so nd they r able to dance they get lost in each others eyes
They r dancing on (daru desi from cocktail)

Dance competition day comes
Twinj comes to the rehearsal room nd kunj asks twinkle to change fast by the time he will also change twinkle leaves
Twinkle comes nd wear a maxi which is of royal blue color with white earrings nd necklacekung is wearing blue coat with white shirt nd white pant kunj is mesmerized to see twinkle nd lovingly looks at her (bas itni si tamanah haii title song plays) while twinkle comes to him nd asks where is he lost kunj compliments her
Twinkle: r u ok mr kharoose sarna….kharoose sarna complimenting twinkle taneja u ok na??
Kunj: I just told what is the truth (still looking at her)
Twinkle: (smiles) thank u…. u too r looking handsome (nd she winks) nd asks him about the song that did he have it to the music control room kunj tells he forgot nd goes to inform with twinkle they reach over there someone informs them that they have already selected the song they both ask which song we didn’t even come here he tells that a man came to him nd told me this song that it is for twinkle and kunj we cant do anything sorry u guyz can back off if u want
Twinkle: atleast tell us which song is that
Kunj: yes plzz tell us
The man denies nd goes while both of them r tensed screen freezes on their tensed face

Precape: twinj wins the dance competition nd hugs each other tightly

plzzz guyzz do comment nd tell me ur views about the current track

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  1. After the dance competitation plz make kunj propose to twinkle……. Today’s your three update was so amazing.

  2. Really good plz carry on like this plz regularly update and do these type of romantic and intense episodes and make sure kunj and twinkle be together to

  3. nice episode , I just twinj sences…

  4. Awsum buddy.. Yaar kitna interesting episodes hai.. Srsly.. Amazing.. Jaldi update karo yaar.. Plz.. Update asap like sum 5 episodes per day.. Cuz I can’t wait longer to read Dem..?

  5. Awesome yrr

  6. Nice episode

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