Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 7

The episode starts with twinkle being surprised by kunjs behaviour nd tells kunj she is fine but kunj becomes more possesive nd scolds her for not taking care of herself kunj takes twinkle to his room nd takes the first aid box nd starts the dressing of her wound
Kunj: it is gonna hurt a little bit ok??
Twinkle: yeah… yeah im ok with it (nervously)
Kunj cleans her blood nd puts the oinment twinkle wrenches in pain but doesnt let kunj know kunj notices this
Kunj: u know what? I think u r falling for me
Twinkle: oh hello mr kunj sarna plzz dont dream not atleast in the morning
Kunj: im not dreaming i know it is true i can tell u why u can fall for me
Twinkle: oh really!! Tell me mr kunj sarna

Kunj: umm i m very handsome very cute good looking
Twinkle: oh pleasssee mr kunj sarna dont fly come down
Kunj: no im not flying nd ur dressing us done 😀
Twinkle is shocked (sajna ve plays) she thinks how nicely he handled me nd
Twinkle: im impressed mr kunj sarna u r not that bad
Kunj: soo u agree that u have fallen for me
(Sajna ve plays)
They have an eyelock

Leela nd usha comes there they both r surprised to see twinj like that twinkle breaks the eyelock with the reply no leela asks what no twinj gets up
Twinkle: umm…woh maa… mein…bass
Kunj: actually aunty i was asking twinkle the notes
Twinkle looks at him nd agrees for what he told
Leela gets tensed to see her wound nd asks how did it happened?? Y r u soo careless?? Y cant u see nd do anything?? Twinkle stops her
Twinkle: maa im fine relaxe
Kunj: yeah aunty dont worry she is fine i have done her dressing
Usha nd leela looks at him shocked while twinkle too looks at him
Kunj: i… i…i mean wounds dressing (in a low tone)

Usha nd leela laughs leela asks permission to leave
Leela: twinkle lets go but first give the notes to kunj nd come…namaste usha jii now i will leave
Nd she leaves with usha

Twinkle kicks kunjs leg nd he shouts
Twinkle: what was the use of lying?
Kunj: ouchh!! Ok fine go nd tell ur mom about u falling for me
Twinkle: yeah thats the better idea u should….
Kunj stares at her nd interrupts
Kunj: oh so u mean that u have fallen for me?
Twinkle: noo i didnt mean that i meant…
Kunj cuts her off oh really what did u mean then
Twinkle: i meant…kunj cuts her off again what did u mean twinkle
Twinkle: i was about to say
Kunj interrupts yeah u were about to say that u r in love with me
Twinkle: aahh kunj u r disgusting
Nd leaves while kunj laughs nd follows her

Twinkle is trying to wear her slipper but is unable to do so kunj stands there nd laughs nd asks if he can help twinkle denies
Kunj agrees nd stands there watching twinkle struggling nd smiles thinking how stubborn is she
Kunj bends down nd helps while twinkle asks him not to kunj shuts her up nd helps her
Twinkle stares at him lovingly (sajna ve plays)
Kunj makes her wear the slippers nd ask twinkle that if he can come along with her she agrees

Tanejas house
Leela is siting with gurujii and asks him about twinkles marriage gurujii is shocked nd tells leela that if twinkle doesnt get married within 2 months she wont be able to marry for her life
Leela is shocked nd tensed gurujii leaves
Leela is tensed nd thinks about twinkle nd kunj nd she smiles

Twinj reaches taneja house
Kunj is about to leave twinkle holds his hand nd asks him to come inside the house atleast nd kunj looks at his hand nd looks at twinkle (sajna ve plays) twinkle realizes nd leaves his hand
Kunj: ab to maan jao u have fallen for me (winks)
Twinkle: babajii iss larke ko thori si akal dedo (give this boy little brain)
Kunj laughs screen freezes

Precape: uvi nd maya enters the classroom

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The episode starts with twinkle being shocked
Kunj: sir, it was my mistake she was walking by nd i didnt see her i collided with her she fell on me sorry sir
Twinkle eyes can clearly tell how grateful she is to kunj
Principle: i dont know anything but if it was a mistake i wont suspend u people
Twinj get happy principle “BUT…
they both wait for his answer “i will give u detention, u both wont go home today” they both r shocked nd agrees thinking it is better than being suspended
Principle: nd i will assign both of u one work nd u have to work on it together
Not having any option they agrees

Twinj scene
They both r walking in the corridor
Kunj: im sorry twinkle i couldnt help u
Twinkle: (smiles brightly) atleast u tried im glad that i got such a nice friend like u thank u
Kunj stops her nd pulls her close
Which makes twinkle think what is he trying to do
Twinkle: what r u doing kunj??
Kunj comes soo close to her ear nd whispers
Kunj: tujh jaisi jhalli aur formal larkii meney aaj tak nahii dekhii (i have never seen a formal girl like u)
Twinkle pushes him
Twinkle: how mean of u..!!!
Nd starts hitting him nd runs behind him she is about to slip but kunj holds her (sajna ve plays)
After a while they both get consious
Kunj: come on twinkle i know i am handsome but plz control urself im not the type of a guy u think (acting to close his button) (funny tune plays)
Twinkle: kunj… tuuu
She is interrupted by kunj “ha mein”
Twinkle: tuuu naa
Kunj: ha ha pata haii mein bohut handsome hu
Twinkle: hahaha nice joke mr kunj sarna plz try next time to make ur joke more nice like this one (laughs)
Nd goes to her class with kunj following her

Manohar house
Usha nd leela r siting together
Usha gets a call from kunj telling her about the detention usha says ok but have food on the otherside leela also gets a call from twinkle informing her the same
Usha nd leela discuss about this nd smiles

It is night twinkle nd kunj siting together principle comes there nd ask both of them to clean the cafeteria and arrange the boards properly they both leave
They reach the cafeteria nd suddenly the lights go off twinkle gets scared nd holds kunjs hand
Twinkle: im really scared of darkness plzz do something
Kunj takes the lighter from his pocket nd light it twinkle feels relaxed nd sees kunj watching her they both have an eyelock (sajna ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: kunj nd twinkle r dancing in the cafe nd cleaning

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