Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 5

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twinj r lost in each others eyes nd suddenly the lights come back twinkle breaks the eyelock
kunj: umm….. come on lets start our work
twinkle: yeah sure but im soo tired
kunj: wah bhayii!! we have a work to do nd u became tired
twinkle: oh come on kunj dont bore me with ur talks (nd sits on the chair in the cafeteria)
kunj: oh madam siyappein karna band karo siyappa queen
twinkle: what did u just call me siyappa queen when did i do siyappas (in an annoyed tone) nd she hits kunj
kunj: right now just now
twinkle becomes annoyed nd ignores kunj
kunj feels bad that she is not in a good mood nd thinks to do something
he gets an idea nd plays disco dancer nd starts to dance
twinkle laughs badly by seeing his steps
she changes the song to oh la oh la
kunj is surprised by seeing her dance on that song nd enjoys it
they both starts to clean the cafeteria dancing nd enjoying
kunj then changes the song to janam janam janam he asks twinkle for her hand nd they both dance together romantically
they r staring at each others eyes nd dancing
the song finishes twinj becomes conscious

twinkle soul talk: why do i feel secure in his arms?
kunj soul talk: why i am not able to take eyes off her?
nd they both leaves to arrange the boards

Tanejas house
leela is sleeping nd sees a bad dream about twinkle being killed nd wakes up shocked
she calls twinkle nd feels relaxed to know that she is safe but still she is tensed

kunj nd twinkle r having cute fights during board work
kunj talks about his new house nd invites her telling her the address
twinkle is surprised
twinkle: in this address i live
twinj together: this means we r neighbors
they both get sooo excited in excitement they hug each other after a second they get to know what did they do
they both breaks the hug
twinkle:…..tu…tu kab shift hoa?
kunj: day before yesterday only
twinkle: ok i will come to ur house daily now we r neighbors 😀
kunj: yeah yeah no problem my house doors r always open for u
they both smile nd starts to do the board work

next day college
twinkle is sleeping on kunjs shoulder principle comes there nd smiles watching them like this he changes himself
principle: HELLOOO (in an angry tone)
twinj wakes up nd both of them screams “BHOOOOTTT”
nd hug each other (sajna ve plays)
principle: coughs
twinj breaks the hug
principle: u both can go home nd rest nd not to worry about the attendance i will inform ur maam
twinj leaves

twinj reaches the gate
kunj: come i will drop u
twinkle no need i will go by auto
kunj: come on twinkle… (he insists) twinkle agrees

kunj brings his bike
twinkle: we will go in this?
kunj: umm yeah any problem?
twinkle: noo
she sits nd kunj asks if she ok she replies yes
kunj: hold me u wont fall
twinkle: no im fine
kunj: trust me (sajna ve plays)
she agrees nd holds him

manohar mansion
usha nd leela r siting nd talking

twinj reaches there
kunj: come lets go to my house meet my mother
twinkle agrees

by the time one of the maid in manohar mansion falls down with a plate of rice nd the other maid cleans it nd keeps it on the doorstep
twinkle nd kunj enters
nd by mistake twinkle hits the plate nd it falls
(this ritual is done when new bahu comes in home)
twinkle slips because of the rice kunj holds her (sajna ve plays)

usha nd leela are shocked to see this

precape: twinj meets each others mother
leela thinks about kunj and twinkle

hope u all like it i am trying my best to get more scenes of twinj
plzz do comment nd tell me ur views

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