Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 47

Hope u guyzz like my episodes… nd tell what do u guyss want next i will be glad… thank u all… ???

The episode starts with kunj coming to manohar he stands up twinkle comes from behind she stands there with a smile kunj comes close to manohar
Manohar: kunj plzz listen to me i…
Before he continues kunj hugs him tightly manohar is surprised nd gets teary eyed
Kunj: im sorry papa… i didnt understand u im really sorry… plzz forgive me (he cries) i missed u soo much
Manohar is touched by his words nd hugs kunj more tightly
Manohar: im sorry too beta im really sorry…
They break the hug manohar forwards his hand to twinkle she also comes nd hugs him manohar gives twinkles hand to kunj nd tells them to be always like this twinj smiles bebe comes there
Bebe: now what i can tell son has forgived his father… i also forgive u manohar
Bebe nd manohar hugs each other
Kunj: only one thing is left to make maa understand
Manohar: leave that work to me
Twinj nd bebe smile manohar asks about anand kunj tells he went out of the country for some work but when he returns he will be happy to know that u came back nd kunj smiles

Next scene
Leela is sitting nd thinking something RT comes to her nd ask what is she thinking she replies that she want to disclose her past with twinkle RT tells her not to think that i accepted u whatever happened with u but i dont think that twinkle will accept u after this much big secret leela tells him that she cant hide it from twinkle i have to tell her RT tells that he is always with her whatever she does he will always be with her leela thanks him for always being in her side

Next scene
Leela comes to manohar house she feels that something bad is going to happen she rings the bell twinkle manohar bebe kunj r sitting together nd talking twinkle gets up nd opens the door she is happy to see leela twinkle welcomes leela kunj gets up nd tells manohar that he will meet kunjs MIL just then leela comes in manohar gets up nd turns both leela nd manohar r hell shocked
Manohar: leela……
Kunj: u guyz know each other… tht is fantastic
Twinkle: but howw
Leela gets teary eyed she comes in the hall facing manohar she tells twinkle that i know u will not forgive me for what i have done but that was not my fault nd kunj beta i know u will hate me after this twinkle gets tensed and asks leela to tell what she mean leela starts to speak me nd manohar was in the same college he used to love me like something but my best friend usha loved him nd i didnt he called me somewhere to meet him but i got scared nd instead of me i sended usha to check it out manohar made a physical relation with usha nd was shocked to see her after that he rejected her but married as usha got pregnant manohar didnt love usha nd this is all because of me
Twinj nd bebe r shocked
Twinkle: no maa this cant be true… (she comes to leela) tell me maa this is not true u cant do like this
Leela: i wish i could say yes but this is the truth… kunjs parents were away because of me
Kunj: maa u cant do this… how could u… i have doubted my father for everything but this was the reason u were the reason… i cant believe this
Twinkle: no kunj maa is telling lie she cant do this… how can she u know naa she cant
Leela nd twinkle cries
Manohar: this is the truth twinkle because of her i didnt come to my family for years
Twinkle gets shocked nd she faints kunj leela bebe manohar gets tensed for her kunj picks twinkle in his arms nd rushes to hospital they all r waiting in the corridor
Leela comes to kunj
Leela: kunj beta plzz forgive me… i hid this truth so that twinkle wont hate me plzz forgive me
Kunj: maa instead of u someone else was there i would have killed that person… im afraid to say i cant forgive u ever
Leela is heart broken she tries her best but kunj doesnt talk to her nd ignores her
The doctor comes out
Kunj: doctor what happened to twinkle is she fine??
Doctor: there is nothing to worry about mr sarna… nd the news ummm ur wife will tell u
Kunj: is she conscious now??
Doctor: yes mr sarna u can meet her
Kunj enters the room nd sees twinkle sitting nd smiling he comes to her
Kunj: twinkle what happened?? R u ok??? Is everything fine?? The docto…
Twinkle: slow down pati dev slow down… everything is fine
Kunj: so what the doctor told there is some news is everthing ok
Twinkle smiles nd blushes
Kunj: why r u blushing?? Is something very serious??
Twinkle nods no he takes his hand nd puts on her stomach
Kunj: what happened in the stomach?? U ok??
Twinkle: ohoo kunj sarna u will always be buddhu only
Kunj: what do u mean… i just want to know is everything fine or not im really tensed
Twinkle: kunj u r going to become a dad…. (she smiles)
Kunj: twinkle i know im going to become a dad but is everything fi….
He realizes what she told
Kunj: what did u say??
Twinkle: kunj u r going to becomes a dad
Kunj is overjoyed to hear this he hugs twinkle nd kisses her forehead
Kunj: tw..twi…twinkle im gonna be a pa… pa.. papa omg twinklee…. I love u soo much i love u thank u soo much… omg i cant believe this
Twinkle gets happiness tears watching kunj so happy she smiles but her smile fades away kunj keeps talking but stops looking at twinkle… twinkle speaks up i wont forgive maa for what she did nd i wont share this happiness with her i will never she cries kunj consoles her
Kunj: twinkle at this big happiness moment plzz forgive her
Twinkle: no kunj i wont u can forgive her but i cant
Kunj: twinkle for our babys sake plzz
Twinkle thinks nd nods kunj brings twinkle to house nd informs everyone that he is going to be a dad everyone is happy leela comes to twinkle she folds her hand twinkle gets sad nd ask her never to do that again nd she has forgiven her leela asks forgiveness from manohar usha nd kunj they all forgive her

After 9 months
Twinkle comes in the house with a baby boy kunj is beside her bebe does their aarti they enter with the baby everyone is happy they ask twinj to the the baby in the room
Twinj comes to the room
Kunj: so did u thought of any name
Twinkle: umm yes i have in my mind
Kunj: so tell me what is it
Twinkle: twinju
Kunj: ummm… r u sure abou this
Twinkle: did u focus on the name
Kunj: nope
Twinkle: twinju… twi is for twinkle nd nj is for kunj nd u is for our baby
Kunj: oh wow siyappa queen never heard of that but what a nice idea
Twinkle: i know i know im like this only… after all im the wife of mr kharoose sarna
Kunj closes the ears of the baby
Kunj: sshhhh dont disrespect ur husband infront of our baby… look how cute is he
Twinkle: achaa… i know afterall he is our… (sajna ve plays)
Kunj: i love u
Twinkle: i love u 2
They both hug with the baby in twinkles hand screen freezes

This ff ends here…. sorry guyzz i know the story was kinda boring i needed to complete this story as fast as i can… as i had a story running in my head after i started this ff… i hope u all liked it this is the worst ff maybe u guyz read but sorry for that… nd yeah im gonna start a new ff well this one will be really different… thank u everyone for supporting i love u all.. ???

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  1. hey sweetie u were so close to epi 50 and u ended here?? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    anyways the ending was very sweet and romantic…loved the last few lines….wating for ur next ff..lots of love…

  2. I loved this fanfic so much. I will it so much. Can’t wait for your next fanfic. Good luck on you exams.

  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice cute ending.
    Good luck for ur next ff.

  4. Awwww so cuteeeeeee

  5. I loved ur ff very much
    and M eagerly waiting for the next ff
    u r just fab sweetie

  6. Nice ending……but u could for half century…. 50episofes…..awesome…..

  7. This ff was really good.anyway good luck for your new one…it would be better if you start from after the marriage..thanks!!

  8. sweetie it was an unexpected ending……..m sad u ended bt excited too to read ur new ff….best of luck dr….

  9. It’s awesome……keep it up

  10. Y did u end it so early yaar..not done

  11. hey sweetie ending was very nice
    i loved the story

  12. Gonna miss your ff a lot loved it so much btw all d best for your next ff I cant wait to read it.

  13. awesome… I had never read such a good ff. it was not at all boring… I am going to miss ur ff but I m happy that ur starting new ff… cant wait for it ….

  14. Meenat Abubakar

    Oh sweety u almost made me cry bt nevertheless, I LOVED D ENDING WETIN 4 UR NEXT FF. LUV U!

  15. how can u say that it is the worst ff
    u know i always waited for ur ff
    and when i got ur 2-3 updates together i felt so happy and plz dont say it bad it is my one of the favourite ff’s
    loved it and will ne waiting for ur nxt ff also

    Plz update the nxt FF of urs

  17. Innocent Heart

    It’s sooo awesome love u sweetie aka star Anna …. Best of luck for ur exam mano ??

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