Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 45


The episode starts with usha doing twinkles ghrapravesh twinkle hits the bowl rice nd enters the house kunj stops twinkle
Twinkle: what happened kunj
Kunj: there is one ritual we have to follow
Twinkle: (confused) what kunj?
Kunj picks twinkle in his arms but controls his pain twinkle insists him to leave her he doesnt listen
Twinkle: bebe maa look he is not well he is not listening to me
Usha: kunj beta dont do it is not necesarry it will pain more
Bebe: yes kunj puttar usha rani is absolutely right leave twinkle
Kunj gets sad he leaves twinkle he ignores her nd goes to the room
Bebe: now look he is angry… he is so stubborn what did u eat nd gave him birth
Twinkle and usha laugha
Twinkle: dont worry bebe i will make his mood good

Twinjs room
Twinkle enters nd sees the room decorated with flower petals nd candles twinjs bed decorated twinkle smiles she searches for kunj… kunj comes from behind nd hug her from back twinj smiles
Twinkle: acha jii mr kunj sarna was just acting very bad kunj
Kunj: how can u even think that i will not talk to u after all that…. (his smile fades)
Twinkle notices that he is feeling low because of all these years she turns nd hugs him he too hugs her back
Kunj: im sorry twinkle… i am not able to forgive myself u had forgiven me but i cant im not able to meet my eyed
Twinkle breaks the hug nd makes him sit she cups his face
Twinkle: kunj… dont feel like that i have forgiven u… nd it is not good to live in past… there is a bright future ahead for us dont live in past now promise me u wont feel guilty about anything
Kunj: i cant promise but i can try
Twinkle: achaa soo umm y dont we restart our life
Kunj: what do u mean?
Twinkle: like u know arrange marriage then husband nd wife talk like that what do u say??
Kunj: not a bad idea my siyappa queen….. umm but not today (he stands up)
Twinkle also stands up: but why

Kunj: because today is…. (he pulls her close) today is our suhagraat
Twinkle blushes kunj pulls her close (mere rubaru plays) he kisses gently on her cheeks twinkle blushes he moves her behind her ears twinkle thinks something she speaks up while kunj continues to kiss her neck
Twinkle: kunj
Kunj: hmmm
Twinkle: i want to ask u something
Kunj: yes ask
Twinkle: i dont know how r u gonna react i just want to know about papajii
Kunj stops he moves back
Kunj: what do u want to know about papa
Twinkle: actually i never saw him nd i dont know how is he what happened that he is not living with u all
Kunj: twinkle maybe this wasnt the right time to ask
Twinkle: what do u mean

Kunj: umm im gonna go straight with that my father manohar sarna was in college at his time he loved one girl dearly nd my mother misunderstood that he loves my mother nd so one day my father
called the girl to some place he wanted to make physical relation with her but instead of her my mother reached over there nd so my mother nd father had to marry as my mom was pregnant
Twinkle: im sorry kunj ik really sorry i didnt mean to hurt u i just wanted to know
Kunj: no twinkle its ok u r family member afterall… but my father never loved my mother so this is the reason he is staying away… i just want to find who that lady was because of her my mom nd dad r not living together (he gets angry)
Twinkle: calm down kunj…. im with u in this… but just chill
Kunj is still in anger he doesnt calm down twinkle thinks to do something she stands up nd leaves while kunj keeps cursing the lady kunj hears a song he turns to find twinkle covered in a big shawl
She sings oo zara zara touch me touch me touch me oo zara zara hold me hold me holde oo zara zara ooo she removes her shawl nd is revealed that she is wearing a short dress till thighs kunj amazed to see her like that she dances sensually with kunj while kunj smiles watching her dance inbetween the dance twinkle keeps pulling her dress downwards as she is not comfortable in the small dress during the dance twinkle falls on kunj nd they both fall on the bed they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) twinkle is on kunj

Kunj: wah siyappa queen what a performance
Twinkle: thank u pati dev this was all for u
Kunj: thank u merii siyappa queen….. u r not comfortable wearing this dress??
Twinkle: actually i was comfortable before but now i dont know what happened im not able to wear these kinds of cloths
Kunj: u dont have to do this for me i love u the way u r
Twinkle blushes kunj pushes her he comes up of her (muskurane ki wajah tum hoo gunganey ki wajah tum ho plays) he kisses her on the cheeks eyes hands nd he turns her nd opens the zip of her dress twinkle clutches the bed sheet kunj kisses her back nd comes forward he kisses her on her neck twinkle kisses him on his cheeks they kiss each other on the lips they share a very passionate liplock they get intimate with each other

Next day
Twinkle comes from the washroom she is drying her hairs kunj is sleeping
Twinkle: kunjj get up kunjj…. its 8 in the morning u have to go for job interveiw
Kunj doesnt get up
Twinkle: oh babajii what will i do with this kunj sarna
She comes nd shakes her hair the water comes on kunjs face he wakes up
Kunj: twinkle yaar
Twinkle: haa woke up right get up noww
Twinkle goes to the mirror nd starts to comb her hair kunj smiles seeing her he gets up nd hugs her from behind

Kunj: i love u
Twinkle: i love u 2… now go
Kunj: r u scared of me telling me to go always
Twinkle: im not scared of u
Kunj: acha so u r daring??
Twinkle: of course im daring
Kunj: so u r not shy also
Twinkle: im not shy also
Kunj: after our love mark also
Twinkle: yes after our love mark also…. wait what is love mark

Kunj leaves telling her to find it herself twinkle starts looking here nd there for the love mark on her nd finally sees a red mark on her neck the love bite twinkle blushes
Twinkle: kunj i will kill u
She tries to hide it through her hair
Kunj screams from the washroom
Kunj: dont try to hide it… it looks good on u
Twinkle blushes
Twinkle: achaa kunj im going to gurudwaarey i will be back soon
She leaves

Twinkle prays to babajii that make everything fine between mummyji nd papajii (usha nd manohar) i want to see my kunj happy his happiness is my happiness plzz make everything fine between them she leaves after praying
She is going without looking up she collides with a man the mans things fall down who is none other than manohar
Twinkle: im soo sorry uncle im really sorry
Manohar: its ok beta its ok
Twinkle collects his things nd hands it over to him
Manohar: beta i have a question
Twinkle: yes uncle
Manohar: is this place really pure whatever we ask for comes true
Twinkle: yes uncle but it depends on what babajii wants to give us… u look very tensed uncle is everything ok
Manohar: yeah just having some problem with my family
Twinkle: oh i pray to babajii that everything becomes fine
Manohar blesses her nd leaves twinkle in thoughts what a nice uncle screen freezes

Precape: usha is shocked to see manohar on the door while twinkle comes from behind she too is shocked

Hope u all like it nd there is gonna be some twist in the story so keep reading sweeties ff… love u all ???

Wow it is unbelievable i am already on episode 45 thank u guyzz for supporting i love u all ???

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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