Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 44

Heyy thank u soo much guyzzz for ur comments nd the team of TELLY UPDATES nd yeah thank u all nd silent readers too thank u soo much… love u all ???
Nd yeah i havent mentioned that ravi is being played by (neil motwani) bilal of beintehaa

The episode starts with ravi keeping knife on twinkles throat kunj nd others r shocked
Ravi: dont come near or else i will kill her
Kunj: dont u even dare to hurt her i will kill u…. leave twinklee
Ravi: dont take me lightly kunj sarna i will kill her moveee backk
Kunj moves back but insists ravi not to harm her as kunj moves back ravi stabs the knife in kunjs stomach everyone gets tensed nd ravi runs out with twinkle while twinkle tries to free herself ravi hits her on her head twinkle faints ravi picks her in his arms nd goes to the car he makes her sit nd drives the car kunj removes the knife from his stomach everyone stops him but he doesnt listen
Kunj runs behind the car but is unable to stop ravi he take his motor bike nd drives towards the car
Ravi reaches some place which is covered with cartons nd ropes nd in there mandap is decorated twinkle is still unconscious ravi talks to her in a mad way
Ravi: twinkle… twinkle baby wake up look this is our mandap i know u love me also but dont express it i wont let anyone come between us… wake up naa today we will get married here… we will take pheras i will put sindoor in ur maan we will be husband nd wife then u will not be worried about that kunj right?? Wake upp
Twinkle becomes little conscious she is shocked to see ravi sitting beside her she pushes ravi nd gets up but before she can run away ravi gets up holds her
Ravi: where will u ms twinkle taneja i will marry u right now
Twinkle: RAVII stop it plzz leave me im married to kunj only plzz leave me u cant do this
Ravi: where is ur attitude now u slapped me infront of everyone nd called me an insect now look what this insect can do
Ravi drags twinkle to the mandap she tries to free herself from ravis grip but is unable to do she screams for kunj ravi tells her not to scream as noone will come here to save her twinkle keeps screaming kunjs name ravi gets fed up of her nd threathens her that he will kill her twinkle gets scared nd stop ravi takes out his phone nd puts the mantar which is said by pandit on pheras he drags twinkle for the pheras
Twinkle: raviii plzzz stop it plzzzz
She cries ravi doesnt listen to her nd keeps dragging her
Just then kunj makes an entry ravi is shocked whereas twinkle is happy kunj watches ravi holding twinkles hand
Kunj: leave twinkles hand
Ravi: i will not
Kunj comes to him nd beats him ravi leaves twinkles hand ravi beats him back ravi presses kunjs stomachs wound nd hits kunj on his head kunj wrenches in pain kunj faints due to the pain twinkle is shocked she goes to twinkle nd asks him to wakeup
twinkle: kunj… kunj wake upp… kunj what happened to u wake up
Ravi comes to her nd is about to make her stand twinkle pushes him telling him not to come near her or her husband she will kill him
Ravi doesnt bother about anything nd holds twinkles hand nd starts to take phera twinkle keep hitting with her one hand as other one is holded by ravi she screams for kunj
The winds starts to bloom kunj opens his eyes twinkle gets delighted (sajnaa ve plays) kunj stands up nd starts to hit ravi badly nd doesnt let ravi beat him he keeps on beating ravi untill ravi faints he leaves ravi twinkle comes to him nd hugs him nd sees him bleeding she cries
Kunj: twinkle plzz dont cry i cant see u crying plzz dont cry
Twinkle: nd u also know that i cant see u in pain
Kunj: it is not paining trust me
Twinkle: u r very bad in acting so stop it
The tears continue to fall from twinkles eyes
Kunj: achaa na siyappa queen… listen let me call police
Twinkle nods but before kunj can call he faints due to injury on his head twinkle cries twinkle takes kunj by her shoulder nd walks towards the car he makes her sit twinkle rushes to hospital
Kunj is taken to operation theatre twinklw informs everyone about kunj they all reach there the doctor comes out
Doctor: nothing serious he just fainted due to pain take care of him
Every one is glad to know kunj is fine then the nurse comes out
Nurse: umm excuse me who is twinkle the patient is telling her name in his unconscious state
Everyone coughs to tease twinkle… twinkle blushes nd goes to the room where kunj is… twinkle comes nd sits beside kunj nd caresses his hair nd notices kunj telling her name
Twinkle: kunj im right here dont worry… im here
Kunj becomes quite twinkle smiles (bas itnii si tamanah hai terey rang mein hi rang jao plays) she recalls romantic moments nd smiles brightly kunj gets conscious twinkle is delighted they both hug (sajna ve plays)

Next scene
they both return home leela does their aarti
Twinkle is about to take kunj in the room kunj stops her everyone is surprised by his behavior
Kunj: we have one more thing to do
Everyone is confused
Kunj: shaadii
Twinkle: comeone kunj we dont want dramebaazi u r already in pain
Kunj: this is not dramebaazi i have to marry u again
Usha: kunj twinkle is right no need for marriage now nd by the way u nd twinkle r already married
Kunj: what right maa… i want to do marriage otherwise…
Leela: what otherwise dont be stubborn go nd rest
Kunj: otherwise i wont take rest
Everyone is surprised
Twinkle: kunj this is not done u cant do this
Kunj: yes i can nd i will my siyappa queen
He turns to leave but twinkle stops him by agreeing on marrying him he smiles
The pandit comes nd starts the marriage ritual twinj r in their normal cloths kunj in blue shirt with jeans nd twinkle in pink anarkali but having a red chunri on he head they stand up for their pheras after pheras kunj fills twinkles maang nd makes her wear mangalsutar leela gets teary eyed usha comes to her nd consoles her
Leela: it is like making my twinkle married for the first time
Usha hugs her
Usha: not to worry usha jii i will keep her as my daughter only as before

Twinj r happy nd takes everyones blessing
Bebe: stay blessed show us our grandchilds face inbetween the year
Twinj r shocked nd blushes
Bebe: why r u people blushing u both r grownup now i need to see my grandchilds face
Kunj: ok bebe im ready but i dont know about twinkle
Twinkle stares at kunj nd blushes badly
Kunj pulls twinkle close from side nd keeps his hand on her waist twinkle blushes screen freezes

Precape: manohars entry twinkle nd manohar collides twinkle asks forgiveness nd manohar blesses her

Hope u guyzz like it…!!!
Thank u soo much guyzz rashi verma, chandra, loveleen, tamanna, sanam, meenat abubakr, chehak, ff reader, gopu, tara, harshi love u all thank u soo much for ur support ???

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Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna


  1. prapti

    u know I never cmmnted but I read every episode & u r amazing & worthy to b appreciated… luv ittt

  2. y Shanmathi

    u r a very good writer I am from south loved ur ff very much continue writing love tei

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