Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 43


Msg from TU Team: Previously published episode 43 was written by someone else which has been deleted now. This episode is by the writer who wrote all previous episodes.

Thank u guyzs for commenting..!!
I love u all for that… nd yeah i have make one thing clear that anita is leelas cousin so i hope twinkle nd ravi r allowed to marry… nd yeah one more thing episode 43 was not written by me… i know u guyzz will be like that girl was sweetie aka star anna but thats not me…. nd i will like that fake sweetie to let me know if she wants to continue this ff i will happily agree because she is also a great writer she can come up with a great story line…. plzz do comment about that…!!! Sorry for the confusion….!!!

The episode starts with twinkle being shocked she looks at leela… leela makes a sad face twinkle realizes what she did for she speaks up
Twinkle: im sorry i cant marry ur son
Anita is shocked
Anita: why… why not?
Kunj enters
Kunj: because she is already married to me
Leela is shocked but happy anita looks at leela with an angry face
Anita: what is this leela… why havent u told me… do u know i called all my friends to attend the marriage which is today how i am going to call nd stop them all this is ridiculous u should have atleast told me i never saw a lady like u… u r so selfish
Leela gets teary eyed kunj notices this he speaks up
Kunj: stop it… u cant blame maa for that it is ur mistake as u should have asked twinkle about the proposal not her mother… nd if u r worried for ur respect then dont worry about it they all r coming for a wedding right? They will see a wedding
Anita is shocked nd surprised
Anita: how??
Kunj: wait nd watch
Kunj holds twinkles nd leelas hand nd takes them to the hall all three sit nd talk
Anita self talk: what is this my plan is failed…. how will i get leelas property now… (she thinks)
Leela, twinj nd RT are sitting together nd talking
Leela: twinkle im glad u forgived nd married kunj once again
Kunj: come on maa she had to forgive me… how can she leave a handsome husband like me
Twinkle: very bad joke mr husband nd how many times should i tell u stop dreaming in the morning
Leela: stop it u both started again for this many years everything was silent now u both came nd started again (she smiles) i missed all this (she gets teary eyed nd starts to cry)
Twinkle doesnt feel nice about this kunj notices this he starts to scream nd cry (funny tune plays)
Leela: why r u crying kunj?
Kunj: maaa (he comes nd sit beside leela) this should not happen (he screams more nd cries in an acting way)
Leela: what should not happen kunj?
Kunj: seeing u cry this should not happen
Leela nd twinkle r touched by his words leela wipes her tears
Leela: im lucky to have a SIL like u
Kunj: no no no u have to decide i am ur son or SIL??
leela: (smiles) son
Leela nd kunj hugs just then ravi comes in twinkle nd kunj r shocked to see him leela asks him to come in
Twinkle: ravi u here?
RT: u know each other??
Ravi tells RT nd leela everything about how they were teaching in the same college
Leela: well im glad because u too r cousins
Twinkle nd ravi r shocked but they smiles afterwards the both feel embarassed to know that they both were about to marry each other but then they share some cousins talk nd all kunj is jealous seeing them together twinkle notices him she comes to kunj nd holds his hand
Twinkle: tell me more my jealous husband
Kunj: what i was not jealous
Twinkle: really i can see that… nd i can smell also very bad burning smell
Kunj: its nothing like that
Twinkle: acha ok come we will go to maa house
Kunj: not to worry about that i have called them here nd i met them they will see our wedding one more time
Twinkle: (confused) what do u mean?
Kunj: mr kunj sarna nd mrs twinkle kunj sarna will marry again in this mandap it will save anita aunty’s respect also
Twinkle hugs him
Twinkle: u r so caring for everyone nd i love that thing about u
Kunj: u made me that way
Leela sees twinj hugging she gets teary eyed but coughs twinj breaks the hug nd they both blushes
Usha, bebe, anand, nikki comes there they r shocked to see twinkle… they hug twinkle with much love they tell her that they have missed her soo much they share a family moment with twinkle
Kunj: enough enough i have brought her here nd ur son has come after 5 days nd u r not glad to see me
Twinkle: because u r not important kunj sarna im important im a diamond
Kunj: i know i am very important
Twinkle: stop giving urself so much attention mr kunj sarna
Kunj: thats the truth nd kunj sarna always takes the side of truth siyappa queen
Twinkle: ha ha ha very funny i have forgot to laugh such a nice joke plzz do continue
Bebe: stop it u both… again started fighting like small small kids only… now can anyone tell me what is all this functioning
Kunj tells them everything about anitas respect nd twinj marrying again everyone becomes happy on hearing that
Usha: so what u both r waiting for go on get ready i will call the pandit
Leela: yeah yeah u both go nd the guests must be coming also
Twinj smiles at each other nd holds hands nd r leaving to get ready
Leela: where u both r going
Twinkle: to get ready
Leela: together??
Usha bebe nikki nd leela laugh
Leela separates their hands nd makes twinkle go to her room nd kunj to leela nd RTs room they both get sad nd leaves for their room

Next scene
The guests starts to come kunj gets ready he is looking soo cute wearing black nd white sherwani he comes nd stands down the stairs nd is looking up again nd again nikki comes to him
Nikki: for whom u r waiting
Kunj: yaar this twinkle…. ummm no one nikki bhabhii
Nikki: dont worry my dear devar ur wife nd to be wife will come soon
Kunj: hayee my cute sii bhabhiii (nd pulls nikkis cheeks)
Nikki: dont do that (she leaves)
Kunj self talk: haayyee twinkle when will u come i cant wait to see u
Just then twinkle comes he is looking so beautiful nd kunj is mesmerised to see her she is wearing red nd white lehenga kunj keeps staring at her (mere rubaru plays) twinkle is coming with bebe kunj is standing between the stairs nd staring at her bebe watches him
Bebe: haat muee twinkle is coming cant u see
Kunj: thats what i am seeing
Twinkle blushes kunj gets in his senses
Kunj: oh ha twinkle u r looking fine
He move she keep staring at twinkle
Leela nd RT comes to him
RT: ha bhaii where r u??
Kunj becomes conscious
Kunj: nothing papa im just…
RT: twinklee haa i know i know afterall she is my daughter
Leela: she is not ur daughter she is my daughter
RT: no she is my daughter
Leela: no she is my daughter
Kunj notice they r fighting he feels embarassed he leaves slowly nd laughs usha comes to him
Usha: arey kunj where is ur pagri?
Kunj: oh maa i forgot
Usha: ha if ur eyes will be away from twinkle
Kunj leaves to get the sehra
Twinkle is sitting in the mandap nd waiting for kunj anita is standing some lady gossip about anita that this was her sons wedding now look whos wedding it is happening anita fumes in anger
Kunj comes there having sehra on his face he sits in mandap twinkle holds his hand so does he the rituals starts nd they r taking pheras the last phera is left someone screams THIS MARRIAGE IS NOT POSSIBLE everyone turns nd r shocked to find kunj standing
twinkle is hell shocked he removes the mans sehra who is beside her nd is shocked to see ravi
Twinkle: RAVII
Ravi acts like madly in love with the person
Ravi: comes twinkle comes last phera is left we will get married after that
Ravi is dragging twinkle kunj comes nd punches him he falls down from the mandap
Anita: kunjj… what r u doing stop it…!!
Kunj: how did he touch my wife
He kicks nd beat ravi black nd blue
Ravi: twinkle i love u very much twinkle i love u very much i can do anything for u
Kunj beats him again
Twinkle: stop it kunjj
Kunj stops twinkle comes to ravi nd slaps him
twinkle: i never thought like that u r an insect i cant marry u
Ravi: i can do anything for u i was about to kill this kunj in the hospital but didnt because u came there nd saved him if i havent come then u had been mine
Twinj r shocked
Twinkle: this means u tried to kill kunj that was not expected i hate u ravii
Twinkle holds kunjs hand nd is about to leave with kunj to mandap ravi pulls twinkle from back nd keeps knife on her neck
Kunj nd the family members r shocked screen freezes

Precape: ravi tries to forcefully marry twinkle

Hope u all like it… nd one question do u like mine or fake sweeties ff??
Because i wont write the ff nd i will ask fake sweetie to write it because she is also having a great story line

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  5. Yoir episode is better that that fake sweetie so you must keep on writing please..

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    Honestly speaking we like urs nt hers so pls continue, 9ce epi pls update next soon! luv u!

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    Ur episode is good than the fake one.. Support original not fake !

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