Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 42


Hey guyzz thank u soo much..!!
The past few episodes i wrote i was getting negative comments from some people who dont like my ff but thank u soo much rashi verma, sunaina, SMC, gods follower, sanam, chehak, loveleen, manasa, chandra, ritzi, twinkle, sudha nd all the silent viewers who support me thank u soooo much….!!!
Nd i hope u guyzz r not getting bored by my episodes i really wish that…. nd yeah one more thing if u guyzz want me to stop writing my ff just let me know through ur comments….. ok now enough of my bakwass back to the episode…. ???
The episode starts with twinkle accepting kunj to marry him in the church kunj is really happy twinj breaks the hug
Kunj: twinkle im really sorry for what i have done i dont know how u forgived me im rea…….
Twinkle stops him
Twinkle: kunj… today we r going to start our new life y dont we forget the past nd live our present
Kunj gets teary eyed nd hugs her tightly
The priest comes
Priest: r u both ready for ur wedding?
Twinj breaks the hug nd nods in agreement
Two ladies come nd takes twinkle with them two men come nd takes kunj with them
Twinj turn again nd again as they r leaving (janam janam tune plays)

Next scene
Leela is sitting in her room RT comes to her
RT: what happened is everything o
Leela: im tensed about twinkle and kunj
RT: kunj went to bring twinkle, nd i know that he will be successful soon we will hear a good news from them
Leela: i know he will be successful but…..
RT: but what?
Leela tells him everything about anita nd her proposal for her son nd leela accepting it
RT: leela were u out of ur mind… how can u accept it… u know right we have to do twinjs marriage when they return then y??
Leela starts to cry RT consoles her RT tells her not to cry they will find a way to stop this wedding

Next scene
Kunj is standing on the stage he is looking soo damn hot he is wearing white shirt nd black coat nd pant with a tie he looks at jesus
Kunj: thank u soo much to give me this chance again to marry twinkle again nd twinkle forgiving me i wont be able to return ur favor thank u soo much
Twinkle enters kunj turns nd is amazed nd mesmerised by her beauty (raabta plays) he looks at her from down to up she is wearing while heels with a fluffy gown she is wearing diamond earrings nd necklace her hairs are rolled nd open nd having a net on her face (as christians wear on there wedding)
She comes near the stage kunj forwards her hand to twinkle… twinkle smiles at him nd climbs the stairs with the help of kunjs hand kunj is staring at her
Twinkle: what?
Kunj: u r looking veryy prettyy
Twinkle: afterall im ms amritsar i will be pretty right
Kunj: no because u r to be wife of kunj sarna
Twinkle blushes
The priest comes he starts his holy words kunj nd twinkle exchange their rings
Kunj is the first one to put the ring twinkle forwards her hand (mere rubaru plays) he puts ring on her finger twinkle does the same twinj holds the hand
Priest: will u Mr. Kunj sarna son of manohar sarna take Ms. Twinkle Taneja as ur lawfully wedded wife
Kunj: i…. do (it echoes)
twinkle smiles
Priest: do u Ms. Twinkle Taneja take Mr. Kunj sarna as ur lawfully wedded husband
Twinkle: i do… (it echoes)
Priest: congratulations i now pronounce u husband nd wife u may kiss the bride
Twinkle is shocked nd she blushes
Twinkle: kunj what is he telling? Will u kiss me infront of everyone?? If we r alone its ok but infront of everyone
Kunj: so u mean to say i can kiss u when we r alone?? (He gives a naughty look to twinkle)
Twinkle is out of words kunjs comes close to her (sajna va plays) twinkle is surprised kunj comes really close to her twinkle closes her eyes instead of lips he kisses her cheek twinkle opens her eyes being surprised kunj moves back
Kunj: i wont do anything which u dont like… (he smiles)
Twinkle also smiles

Next scene
Kunj has twinkle in his arms he comes to the room he makes her lay on the bed (jo tu mera hamdard hai plays) kunj is sitting on the bed as well as on twinkle… twinkle blushes she turns her face kunj turns her face to him nd he comes close to kiss her she closes her eyes nd clutches his shirt he is about to kiss her but stops nd moves twinkle opens her eyes she gets up she is surprised
twinkle: what happened kunj?
Kunj: we cant do this
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: kunj we r husband nd wife
Kunj: i know we can but our families dont know we are married again (Kunj holds her hand) and before taking any step i want out families to know this that we r married
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: wah kunj sarna u became mature
Kunj: what do u mean i was mature before also
Twinkle: no u were not u used to fight with me without any reason
Kunj: that is because i didnt love u before
Twinkle smiles
Kunj: twinkle….
Twinkle: hmmm
Kunj: we will go back to india our home, to our families, to our room will u join me (he forwards his hand)
Twinkle: till death i will always be with u
Kunj: shhh y do u start again nd again nd talk about death i wont let u die or leave u soo soon
Twinkle: me too
They share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) they hug each other
Twinkle: acha chalo let me go nd change
Twinkle goes to change nd comes back kunj is waiting for her
Twinkle: arey u didnt sleep i thought u slept
Kunj: i cant sleep without looking at u
Twinke smiles twinj lays on the bed twinkle keeps her head on kunjs chest nd kunj holds her by her shoulder
Kunj: i love u..!
Twinkle: i love u 2
Both of them hug each other sleeping

Next scene
Twinj reaches India twinkle is standing outside the taneja house she gets teary eyed she recalls taneja house moments kunj comes to her
Kunj: twinkle dont cryy u came after 3 years will u show this crying face to ur mother nd father ronduu
Twinkle: ayee dont call me that im not rondu
Kunj: yes u r now goo i will just take the lugages nd come
Twinkle nods she leaves
She comes nd see the house being decorated with mandap flowers lights she is surprised nd thinks did kunj told maa about their wedding twinkle searches for leela she finally goes to the kitchen leela is working twinkle gets emotional she comes to her leela is turned the otherside twinkle calls out to her
Twinkle: maa
Leela is shocked she turns nd finds twinkle standing she touches her to see if she is real twinkle nd leela gets emotional nd hugs each other
Leela: twinkle puttar u fine u ok?? U became so thin u didnt eat anything there what is this
twinkle stops her nd hugs her they share an emotional mother nd daughter talks anita enters she is surprised to see twinkle
anita: oh my twinkle… come here to ur to be mother in law
Twinkle is shocked as well as surprised
Anita: u dont remember me arey im ur mothers sister nd i have brought a proposal for u nd ur mother accepted it
Twinkle is shocked screen freezes

Precape: anita self talk: u have ruined my reputation leela taneja nd ur daughter im not going to let her live in peace

Hope u guyzz like me episode let me know through ur comments…!!
Nd yeah plzz tell me if u guyz want me to end the ff…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Hey I really liked ur ff ….I am a silent reader and I hardly comment ….I just wanted to ask if Leela and Anita r sisters don’t ravi and twinkle become brother sister too?????They r a punjabi family and not a Muslim family na ….sorry if I have hurt u but I had this question in mind

    1. I have the same doubt too…

  2. Omg !!!!! what an twist !!!
    seriously yaar sweetie I am speechless
    loved it loads

  3. Awesome episode Sweetieeeeeeeee…??????????nice twist too!…????

    1. she is writing so stupid epis and ur supporting her

  4. no . plz dont end . we like it . go on . and the epi was nice

  5. awesome episode
    But then wont ravi and twinkle be cousins if anita is leelas sister

    1. Anyways i will ignore that u r d best

      1. I mean i will ignore that ravi n twinkle are cousins.
        Keep writing u r d best
        the earlier comment the sentence could be taken in a wrong way sorry i wish there were something like an undo comment thing

  6. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:-);-)

  7. Oh really dear your episodes are really awesome. I hope you keep writing in same way. And plz upload next episode faster. And once again your episodes are really fantastic.

  8. Superb today’s episode was amazinggg.keep on writing we all love ur ff.

  9. Loved it sweetie di …..just awesome!!!!
    Plz update soon can’t wait!!!

  10. Awesome twists sweetie….loads of luv…..????

  11. Ohh yrrr yeh anita bhi naa na asli serial mein jeene deti hai naa ff mein.. btw i love ur ff

  12. Punjabi kudi

    Hey m a silent reader toooo . I dom usually comment on anyone’s ff but today i have to coz in punjabis brother n sister cannot marry in such a way . Soooo please don’t write such a thing. I totally agree with tania n by d way m a punjabi soooo it feels bad if something written wrong bt d rituals . M sry if I hurt you but pls change dat . ?????

    1. Well i agree with that but i didnt know about that… nd i have a question cant cousins marry each other??

      1. Yup dis girls perfectly ryt cousins cannot marry in Punjabis . m a Punjabi toooo . BTW pls do some research before u write somethin ………

  13. it was an awesome episode n precap….. wish she doesn’t separate twinj

  14. May b ravi is anita’s adopted son

  15. yes sweetie we want u to end ur ffs…….its a complete nonsense……..i feel that fake sweetie writes better…….pls end it and dont upload any more epi

    1. i agree with u kishan

  16. wat an twist! i really love. write d next waiting 4 it. & don’t end ur ff its so good pls

  17. Meenat Abubakar

    Awesome, and pls don’t stop writting we really luv ur ffs honestly

    1. Ya pls dont stop writing your ff you are the best.
      Your a brilliant writer I read your ff everyday
      No words for your ff
      Its d best
      loads of love to u

  18. I’m a silent reader but ur episodes are just awesome so i can’t stop myself from commenting keep it up

  19. Pls dont stop writing sweetie your ff is d best I love reading it.
    I just cant wait for nxt episode

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