Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 41


Thank u everyone hope u like my episode thank u… ???

The episode starts with leela welcoming anita who is leelas elder sister leela makes her sit
Leela: didi after so many years im glad to see u
Anita: me too its almost 10 or 8 years right??
Leela: yes i missed u soo much
Anita: (smiles) leela u know naa im very selfish nd this time also i came for a very selfish reason
Leela: for a selfish reason ok atleast u came to meet me
Anita: acha i came here for a very important thing would u mind if i ask u
Leela: no didi ask what u want to ask?
Anita: i want to make twinkle as my bahu
Leela is shocked whereas surprised
Leela: didi…. u…. ummm
Anita: do u have some objection
Leela thinks to herself: if i will reject her she will go away again nd i want to spent some time with her what to do??
Anita: what happened leela where r u lost
Leela: nothing didi… i was thinking if u could ask twinkle about this she is in london actually
Anita: i know she wont reject ur answer… but from u it is yes right?
Leela nods in agreement

Kunj is discharged from the hospital he is taken to hotel by twinkle
Twinkle opens the door nd is surprised to see her pictures all over his room she gets teary eyed kunj is standing on the door (ishq sufiyan plays) twinkle turns nd runs to hug kunj she hugs him tightly
Twinkle: u love me this much now also
Kunj; i love u more than anyone, more than the stars on the sky, more than the water on earth…..
Before he can continue
Twinkle: haa now start again dont be so romantic otherwise u will get my black eye
Kunj smiles twinj breaks the hug
Twinkle: now come nd rest
Kunj: ok
Twinkle: acha listen kunj i have to go to school to give resign letter i will come little late ok??
Kunj: okay siyappa queen
Twinkle turns to leave but stops nd kisses kunj on the cheek they both smile at each other twinkle leaves
Kunj: i have to do something for u
He smiles

Next scene
Twinkle gets a call from kunj she gets tensed she answers the call
Twinkle: kunj r u ok is everything fine? Did someone came again? Did u have ur medicines? U ok right……
Kunj cuts her off
Kunj: arey my siyappa queen im fine i just want to tell u that meet me at the church which is near to ur school
Twinkle: why… is everything ok?
Kunj: siyappa queen just meet me at 6 okay??
Twinkle: ok i will be there
Kunj: ok… acha listen
Twinkle: haa
Kunj: i love u (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle smiles: i love u 2
They end their call nd smiles

Next scene
Twinkle is rushing from the college she collides with ravi nd is about to fall ravi holds her
Ravi: easy madam easyy… where r u rushing is everything ok??
Twinkle: thanks ravi actually kunj called me to meet him in the church i dont know what is he up to nd its already 6:15 he is going to be so angry on me
Ravi is heartbroken but manages to smile
Ravi: oh!! Good luck with that
Twinkle smiles nd leaves

Ravi gets a call from someone he answers it happily
Ravi: hey mom u reached India so fast?
It is revealed anita is his mother
Anita: yes beta nd i have a shocking news for u
Ravi: what is it?
Anita: i have choosed a girl for u
Ravi: whattt (surprised) when, where mom i told u i dont want to get married
Anita: i will tell u everything after wards u have to come to India
Ravi: ok mom as u say

Next scene
Twinkle enters the church it is decorated with balloons nd many people sitting there she enters nd rose petals falls from up she sees kunj sitting on his knees lighting the candles she smiles looking at him she comes to him kunj stands up kunj speaks up
Kunj: i have searched for u for 3 years my life was a book without pages (sajna ve plays) it looked life someone took away my life from me i was soo wrong i couldnt see what is wrong what is right my life have seen what is bad nd what is good but from now im gonna make my life beautiful (referring to twinkle)
He bends down on his knees twinkle is in tears he takes out ring from his pocket
Kunj: ms. Twinkle taneja will u marry me???
Twinkle cries in happiness
Twinkle: yes mr kunj sarna yess… (it echoes) (sajna ve plays)
Kunj makes her wear the ring he stands up
Kunj: so will u marry me today nd be my wife
Twinkle hugs him tightly: yess (it echoes) screen freezes

Precape: twinkle reaches the taneja house nd us surprised to see everythinf decorated with mandap

Hope u guyzz like it…!!!
As i told earlier i changed my name to star anna to avoid confusion..!
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Love u all… ????

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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