Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 4

Thank u everyone for supporting me if i get time i will surely upload 3 to 4 episodes a day

The episode starts with twinkle being shocked
Kunj: sir, it was my mistake she was walking by nd i didnt see her i collided with her she fell on me sorry sir
Twinkle eyes can clearly tell how grateful she is to kunj
Principle: i dont know anything but if it was a mistake i wont suspend u people
Twinj get happy principle “BUT…
they both wait for his answer “i will give u detention, u both wont go home today” they both r shocked nd agrees thinking it is better than being suspended
Principle: nd i will assign both of u one work nd u have to work on it together
Not having any option they agrees

Twinj scene
They both r walking in the corridor
Kunj: im sorry twinkle i couldnt help u
Twinkle: (smiles brightly) atleast u tried im glad that i got such a nice friend like u thank u
Kunj stops her nd pulls her close
Which makes twinkle think what is he trying to do
Twinkle: what r u doing kunj??
Kunj comes soo close to her ear nd whispers
Kunj: tujh jaisi jhalli aur formal larkii meney aaj tak nahii dekhii (i have never seen a formal girl like u)
Twinkle pushes him
Twinkle: how mean of u..!!!
Nd starts hitting him nd runs behind him she is about to slip but kunj holds her (sajna ve plays)
After a while they both get consious
Kunj: come on twinkle i know i am handsome but plz control urself im not the type of a guy u think (acting to close his button) (funny tune plays)
Twinkle: kunj… tuuu
She is interrupted by kunj “ha mein”
Twinkle: tuuu naa
Kunj: ha ha pata haii mein bohut handsome hu
Twinkle: hahaha nice joke mr kunj sarna plz try next time to make ur joke more nice like this one (laughs)
Nd goes to her class with kunj following her

Manohar house
Usha nd leela r siting together
Usha gets a call from kunj telling her about the detention usha says ok but have food on the otherside leela also gets a call from twinkle informing her the same
Usha nd leela discuss about this nd smiles

It is night twinkle nd kunj siting together principle comes there nd ask both of them to clean the cafeteria and arrange the boards properly they both leave
They reach the cafeteria nd suddenly the lights go off twinkle gets scared nd holds kunjs hand
Twinkle: im really scared of darkness plzz do something
Kunj takes the lighter from his pocket nd light it twinkle feels relaxed nd sees kunj watching her they both have an eyelock (sajna ve plays) screen freezes

Precape: kunj nd twinkle r dancing in the cafe nd cleaning


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  1. Beautiful Sweetie this is goin well..

  2. Preety sid bieber

    Wondrful sweetie like it…

  3. ha ha ha very funny precap and reminds me another cyndrilla story

  4. Wooow!!! Wonderfull yar plz carry on nd next update today dud, am waiting……. Plz dear you don’t feel bad when u not get more comments…… Your ff is so nice u continue……. Be happy in your life don’t take tension your ff is so fantastic…… Where she is got these ideas. Nd from where r u???

    1. Thank u soo much aarush ?
      Im from pakistan but a very big fan of twinj ☺☺

  5. Awesome sweetie …….

  6. great :* work

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