Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 39


Thank u thank u thank u soo much for supporting its a great honor having so many fans thank u soo much i love u all..!!! ?????

The episode starts with nurse coming to kunjs room twinj breaks the hug they feel embarassed the nurse comes nd gives food to twinkle to give it to kunj the nurse leave
Kunj: give me i will eat myself
Twinkle: i will make u eat with my own hands dont try to act smart remember last time
Twinj recalls kunj trying to wear the shirt when he was shot in jungle he is not able to wear the shirt twinkle comes to him nd helps kunj
Kunj: that time u came i was about to wear it
Twinkle: plzz kharoose sarna u clearly know u were not able to wear the shirt
Kunj smiles he doesnt tell anything

Twinkle: y r u smiling mr kharoose sarna
Kunj: call me again
Twinkle: what?
Kunj: kharoose sarna
Twinkle smiles twink recalls how twinkle used to call kunj as kharoose sarna
Twinkle: kharoose sarna (sajna ve plays)
Kunj: one more time (he comes close to her)
Twinkle: kharoose sarna
Kunj: one more time (he again comes close to twinkle)

Twinkle: kharoose sarna move back
Kunj moves back
Kunj: why do u again nd again ruin a romantic moment u should write a book about destroying romance
Twinkle: how mean kunj… (she makes a childish face)
Kunj: acha sorry meri siyappa queen
Twinkle smiles listening siyappa queen
Twinkle: u know for how many days i was dying to listen this for about 3 years
Kunj: three years four month eleven days and seven hours (gerua plays) (he gets teary eyed) twinkle looks at him nd smiles she comes close to him nd kisses him on his cheek kunj too kisses her cheek

Twinkle: now leave everything eat mr kunj sarna
Kunj nods twinkle makes him drink the soup kunj holds twinkles hand nd makes her drink the soup (tum mile to lamhe tham gaye tum mile to saarey ghum gaye plays)

Next scene
At night
Kunj is sleeping on the bed nd twinkle is sleeping on the sofa kunj wakes up tensed as he saw a bad dream he finds twinkle sleeping kinj self talk: history is repeating again twinkle i confessed when i was near death before also nd today u confessed when i was again near death… u have no idea how much im relieved when u forgived me
He gets down the bed nd comes to her he puts her hair behind her ear twinkle gets up feeling scared she pushes kunj… kunj is holding twinkles hand both of them falls down twinkle is up of kunj they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays)
Kunj feels twinkle heavy

Kunj: twinkle movee…. oh my god u became so fatt
Twinkle: if u will let me to move then only i will move
Kunj: my ribs r protesting plzzz movee
Twinkle moves from him nd stands he makes kunj stand
Twinkle: y did u come here doctor told u to rest naa dont u listen to anyone of course how will u listen to anyone because u always want to do something against everybody y do….
Kunj cuts her off
Kunj: wait siyappa queen put some break nd breath here like this breath in breath out
Kunj makes twinkle breath she does as instructed by kunj
Twinkle: acha now tell me y did u come there?
Kunj: because i saw u sleeping nd i wanted just to stare at u
Twinkle is touched by his words nd hugs him she breaks the hug
Twinkle: now go nd sleep
Kunj nods twinkle makes him lay on the bed kunj sleeps twinkle goes back to the sofa nd sleep

Next scene

A man is shown entering kunjs room having knife in his hand his face is covered with a cloth he watches twinkle sleeping… twinkle moves a bit the man stops twinkle sleeps the man gets relieved nd goes towards kunj he is about to stab the knife in kunj twinkle comes there nd pushes him she screams kunj wakes up the man pushes twinkle nd he is about to stab the knife in kunj twinkle stops him by keeping her hand in between her hand starts to bleed kunj notices this nd kicks the man… the man runs away kunj holds twinkles hand nd cries he goes nd calls the nurse after a while ravi enters

Ravi: twinkle i saw a man running from kunjs room is everything ok
(He then sees twinkles hand cut) twinkle r u ok what happened?
He holds twinkles hand kunj feels jealous but is crying also the nurse comes nd starts to bandage twinkle hand twinkle notices kunj crying
Twinkle: kunj y r u crying like a 90s heroine (she laughs)
Kunj smiles
Twinkle: acha meet him ravi he is my friend he was the only one he helped when i first came to london
Kunj nd ravi shake hands
Kunj: hii im kunj

Ravi: hii im ravi nice to meet u?
Kunj: yeah me too
Ravi: i hope u get well soon
Kunj: thanks
Ravi leaves
Kunj: what a weird man
Twinkle: what happened
Kunj: nothing by the way ur choice is very bad
Twinkle: oh really u r also one of my choice
(Funny tune plays)

Next scene
Leela opens the door nd is shocked she cries in happiness
Leela: didi u
She hugs the lady and it is revealed it is Anita leelas elder sister screen freezes

Precape: kunj calls twinkle at mandir

Who is the man?
Why did kunj called twinkle??
Hope u guyzz like my episode…!!
Thank u soo much for ur support i love u all…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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  1. I am guessing ravi is the man.
    Awesome episode
    cant wait for nxt episode
    pls update fast

  2. Nice plz update 40 soon

  3. Its Awesome, fantastic, amazing ,mind blowing.. I don’t have words!! I love your ff soo much!! Sweetie you are an amazing writter.. Pls keep updating.. Really interesting…

  4. Nice epi..love it ..when will they return to their home..superb

  5. Twinkle was pregnant wen she came to london..but now wheres the kid sweetie…I am big fan of ur ff..so I am just asking

  6. sweetie plz reply is it ur ff ???

    1. Yes it is my ff loveleen….!!! ?
      Hope u like it…!!!

    2. this is fake sweetie’s write up

      1. excuse me…everyone knows this is sweetie aka star anna’s ff ..i huv been reading it from the start…use ur own brain to write ur own stories if u dun huv one try doing it instead of stealing others storyline

    3. whoever u r plzz dont do this to sweetie…she is grt writer n let her write her own story….ur storyline is also nice so plzz publish in another name dont steal her ff plzz …

  7. What happened to their baby ?

  8. this is not d real sweetie….i m d real sweetie….i hve not published it

    1. i don’t understand a thing…..what is going on????plz fake sweetie if u wanna write a FF thn plz make 1 don’t jst come in n make up ur on story plz!!!!

  9. d fake write up of epi 36 was more interesting ……(in which she has son saksham

  10. pls fake sweety you can change the name of your story and continue then we wo’nt have any confusion na.

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