Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 38 and 39 in detail


Guyzz there is a problem as someone elsenis using my name to continue the story so i just decided to end this ff as soon as possible nd maybe u guyzz will have some doubt that it the real sweetie or the fake sweetie just continue to read the story nd if u guyzz see some changes in the story then thats not me i hope u understood
Guyzz im gonna post episode 38 nd 39 to avoid confusion… i hope u guyzz have forgiven me for the mistake… im really sorryy for that… ?

Episode 38
The episode starts with kunj nd twvi having dinner none of them had seen eachother host comes back
Host: so god evening people the game is about to start now so hang on ur seats nd hold ur hearts
The light comes on one of the person in the restaurant she comes there nd expresses that she nd her husbanf fought but she still loves him her husband comes on the stage nd hugs her
Twinj recalls their fight nd gets teary eyed
The light comes on the other person he comes on the stage nd tells he loves one of her friend but she dont the girl comes nd hugs him telling that she also loves him
Kunj smiles thinking about twinkle the light comes on kunj

Kunj is shocked twinkle turns her head nd she finds kunj she is shocked nd cries seeing him (baaton ko teri hum bhulaa na sake plays) twinkle is still staring at kunj while he walks nd goes to the stage ravi too looks on shocked twinkle cries she recalls every moments spent with him
Kunj starts his speech

Kunj: umm my name is kunj nd i have come to london for a mission nd my mission is find my wife
Twinkle is surprised ravi looks at her
Kunj continues: me nd my wife loved each other soo much we used to fight on small things i used to romance with her i miss her (he gets teary eyed) i still remember the way she begged infront of me to stop me giving her divorce i still remember she was protesting to trust her but i didnt…….. (he cries)

Twinkle also cries
Kunj: after that day after i got to know the truth of my wife i went to her house but she was gone she left me all alone im dying since that time im trying to find her everywhere i have become like a body without a soul she was my soul i just want to find her nd ask forgiveness i know what i did was wrong i never should have doubted her she make me walk on the right path but i still didnt trust her i just hope she forgives when i
find her
Twinkle cries vigorously

Kunj comes down the stage twinkle turns the other way nd cries kunj looks the other way nd walks he collides with twinkle kunj falls on her
Kunj is shocked to see her he gets teary eyed (ek mulaakaat zaroori hai sanam plays) while twinkle also looks at him nd cries kunj touches her to see if this is real if this moment is real he touches her twinkle feels his touch she closes her eyes
Kunj: t..tw…twi….twinkle

Kunj stands up followed by twinkle he pinches himself he is shocked whereas happy to see twinkle standing infront of him
Ravi gets teary eyed to see them like this he goes to the security guard and asks him to open the door nd makes him understand the situation

Kunj hugs twinkle tightly he hugged as if he wouldnt leave twinkle ever again (tum mile to lamhe tham gaye tum mile to saarey ghum gaye plays) twinkle to hugs him back tightly
Kunj: three years twinkle three years since three years i am finding u nd now i am successful plzz forgive me twinkle plzzz forgive me
Twinkle recalls what he did she break the hug nd pushes kunj
Twinkle: never kunj i wont forgive u for what u did
She leaves crying kunj is shocked her words echoes in kunjs ears he runs behind her
It is raining outside she cries vigorously kunj comes to her he holds her shoulder she jerks him off

Kunj: twinkle plzzz listen to me i know what i did was wrong maybe a huge sin plzzzz im sorry forgive
Twinkle turns nd pushes him
Twinkle: what do u think kunj sarna ur mistake was a sin a very big sin but only one sorry nd i will forgive u no mr kunj sarna noo u r wrong i will never forgive u nd i wont forget what u did
Kunj: twinkle plzzz…plzzz twinkle there was a misunderstanding
Twinkle: not it is a misunderstanding kunj when i was begging when i was telling u it was a misunderstanding u didnt listen to me why will i listen to u now…. because of u just because of u i have lost my baby also
I have lost my baby also echoes in kunjs ears

Twinkle is in the hospital in london she faints thinking about kunj the doctor informs twinkle that she have lost her child twinkle breaks down in tears
Flashback ends

Twinkle: what will u say now hah what will u tell
She pushes kunj… kunj is still in a shock
Twinkle turns nd keep talking about how she lost her baby by the time a car comes nd hits kunj
Twinkle turns nd finds kunj bleeding she is shocked screen freezes

Precape: kunj is on the stretcher nd asks twinkle to forgive him as his time has come twinkle cries

Episode 39
The episode starts with twinkle being shocked by seeing kunj laying on the road nd bleeding she rushes to him nd keeps his head on her lap
Twinkle: kunj get up…. kunj get up u cant leave me like this… kunj get up
She cries vigorously (agr tum saath ho plays) she screams for help ravi calls the ambulance
The ambulance comes twinkle sits beside kunjs streacher she is still holding kunjs hand kunj gets conscious he speaks
Kunj: twinklee

She cries kunj continues
Kunj: im sorry plzz forgive me i didnt want u to go away from me plzz forgive me
Twinkle ssshhh him nd tells him not to speak kunj faints again
They reach the hospital
Kunj gets little conscious nd speaks to twinkle to forgive him
The doctor comes nd tells them to shift him to operation theatre
Kunj: twinkle plzz forgive me my time has come plzz forgive me i dont want to go without being forgived plzz forgive me

Twinkle keeps crying
Twinkle: who told that something will happen to u nothing will happen im with u ok
The doctor tells them again but kunj doesnt leave twinkles hand
Kunj: u have to forgive me i wont go like that plzz forgive me
Twinkle: kunj plzzz goo
Kunj: u have to forgive me plzz
She criess she kisses kunjs forehead he smiles nd cries because of happiness nd leaves twinkles hand he is taken to operation theatre

Next scene
Manohar mansion
Usha nd bebe r praying for kunjs safety the diya starts to blow off but usha saves it nd thinks something is going to happen with my kunj

Next scene
The doctor comes out twinkle rushes to him
Doctor: we need O- blood it is very rare if we didnt get it his life might be in danger
Twinkle is shocked to hear this she is cries twinkle self talk: nothing will happen to my kunj i wont let him die we have to start our new life my kunj wont die
She calls ravi nd tells him about O- blood
Ravi: kunj did that to u nd u still r worried for him
Twinkle: i have forgived him plzz bring O- blood

Ravi is shocked but manages to tell ok he cries in the car thinking about twinkle he leaves for hospital
Ravi comes to hospital twinkle is surprised to see him alone
Twinkle: u came alone u didnt bring anyone
Ravi: my blood is O-
Twinkle hugs him ravi hugs her back
The doctor comes nd takes ravi with him
Twinkle comes to kunjs operation theatre nd looks at him through the window twinkle self talk: i was away from u for 3 years but a day didnt went without thinking about u kunj i love u… nd i will love u always u didnt trust me but i trust u with all my heart i know u wont betray me this time… this was in our fate to be separated but my love has increased i love u (sajna ve plays)
She cries ravi donates the blood nd comes back watches her in this state ravi self talk: u love kunj that much twinkle… i cant see u in pain
He comes to twinkle nd tries to console her
(After sometime)
Twinkle is sleeping on the seat near the operation theatre and ravi is standing the doctor comes out twinkle wakes up nd rushes to doctor
Twinkle: how is kunj?? Is he ok??
Doctor: there is nothing to worry about… infact he is very brave he is conscious so fast… maybe someone who loved him didnt want him to die
Twinkle cries in happiness
Twinkle: so… can i meet him
Doctor: of course

The doctor leaves
Twinkle opens the door she sees kunj sitting on bed with bandage on his head nd fracture on his hand (janam janam plays) she comes to him kunj looks at her twinkle sits beside him she hugs him tightly (janam janam tune plays) kunj hugs her back they both cry
Twinkle: i thought i lost u once again
Kunj: but i didnt go anywhere naa
They both hug each other again but this time more tighter ravi witnesses this through the window nd cries seeing them close he leaves
Twinj breaks the hug

Kunj keeps his hand on twinkles face
Kunj: im sorry twinkle for what i have done…. im really sorry… i feel like killing……
Before he can complete twinkle keeps her hand on his lips nd nods in no kunj kisses her hand (sajna ve plays) twinkle feels shy
Twinkle: again u start romancing when u r not well before also u have done this
Kunj: u still remember that? (Shocked)
Twinkle: i remember each nd every day spent with u because i love u (it echoes)
Kunj: me too… i love u 2 (it echoes)
They both share a hug screen freezes

Precape: someone tries to kill kunj while he is hospital

Credit to: Sweetie

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