Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 37

The episode starts with kunj realizing that twinkle must have travelled in the same taxi….he rushes to find the taxi…sees it no where…then suddenly sees the same driver…he rushes to him and shows him twinkles photo and asks him if he dropped this girl he says he she travels till here everyday and teaches in that college ….he points towwards that college ….kunj is happy to know that he is so close to twinkle …….he rushes to the university….meanwhile twinkle and ravi are having lunch in the canteen …..ravi keeps staring at twinkle ………finally ravi gets up from his seat and say to twinkle that i wanted to say this from many days that i luv u…….twinkle is shocked…

she says that i hve a kid nd his future..meanwhile kunj is rushing in the whole college shouting twinkle ………twinkle hears this and is shocked as well as happy that kunj is here …….but she remebers what he did to her …kunj sees her …….he stares at her…he comes closer(janam janam janam sath chalna yuhin plays) with teary eyes he says that i found u twinkle finally …..he holds her hand and says lets go back home…..twinkle takes her hand back and says that mr.kunj sarna meet my husband Ravi…..ravi nd kunj both r hell shocked to hear this…….nd v hve a son named saksham ……..kunj becomes teary eyed ……..ravi nd twinkle leave the canteen …kunj sits on floor crying nd shouting that joh mujhe galat karne se rokti thi voh khud aab galat kaise kar sakti hai ………

PRECAP: saksham comes nd hugs ravi nd asks twinkle that who is this man pointing to kunj

Credit to: sweetie


  1. Rashi verma

    Sweetie. …..u r just a darling…..awesome ……but we all want longer episodes…..??

  2. Sweetie

    Dear all who ever is reading this…. i did not post this ff some one else used this ff writing my name… plzz tell me who u r nd thats not my story…. plzzz dont use someone else stories….!!!

  3. Plzz reunite twinj i just love them…….and who is playing the role of ravi ????……make him as a friend not husband plzz…but i like yr ffs…..

  4. progga

    what is this ?? if u r not sweety… then who r u ? why r u using her name ? what is the problem . delete it . and u r also separating twinj . leave it . what is the problem ? we like sweetie s ff very much . be honest . leave it . and sweetie .. upload ur ff . we r waiting . plz . soon

  5. Rashi verma

    Omg…..yaar ye kaun hai Jo ff chori kar raha hai….pls pls don’t do that …..we put in a lot of efforts in these ff….. Its request from all of us pls don’t copy others ff…..and my dear sweetie pls post ur ff fast …..

  6. chandra

    why r u stealing sweetis story ? we like her ff . dont do it . u r also separating twinj . why ? and sweetie plz upload ur story .

  7. I ll die seeing so much pain among them ..plz dont separate them ..
    I am a silent reader but want to say 1 thing to all the ff writers that u all r d best .i dont get to sleep without reading all of ur ffs ,although i m hving my 10th board exams ..
    I m just in love with twinj .

    Just love them.
    1 request to u that pls write longer episodes and plz upsate it as soon as possible ..i m justwaiting for ur ff eagerly. .plz update it asap…
    Love u all ff writers. .

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..