Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 36


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The episode starts with a leap of 3 years
Manohar house
Kunj is shown having beard he wakes up still feeling guilty he have teary eyed he picks up twinkles picture
Kunj self talk: where r u twinkle… everyday im living like a dead body u were my soul… I hate myself… every single day im thinking that u will return to me im dying day by day plzzz come back to me
He cries vigorously and sings
chaha haii tujhko chahunga har dum marr k bhii dil sey yeh pyaar na hoga kam teri yaad jo aati haii merey aansu behtey haii apna to Milan hoga pal pal yeh kehtein hai
he recalls the moments spent with twinkle he cries
he gets a call from someone he happily answers it the person tells kunj that in india twinkle taneja is not there she might have went somewhere kunj cuts the call in disappointment kunj self talk: where r u twinkle?

A lady is shown wearing blue color anarkali with pink borders in her hand kunj picture is there who is none other than twinkle she also cries and sings the female part chaha haii tujhko chahungii har dun marr k bhii dil sey yeh pyaar na hoga kam she recalls the moments spent with him
Taneja house
Kunj comes to leela… leela cries seeing him kunj begs to leela to tell her where twinkle is leela cries
Leela: u r very late kunj
Kunj: maa plzzz tell me where she is… I will do anything to make up to her plzzzz
Leela: no kunj I wont (she starts to leave)
Kunj: maa aapko meri qasam (it echoes)
Leela cries kunj comes nd hugs her leela hugs him back

Leela: she is in London…… go kunj go bring my daughter back
Kunj couldn’t believe his ears he hugs leela in happiness and promises leela to bring twinkle back
Leela prays to wahiguru to make them reunite
Twinkle is walking in the corridor of one of the college where she teaches it is an Indian school in London she recalls her nd kunj moments in college she gets teary eyed she is in a deep thought she hits someone she is about to fall but someone holds her who is Ravi (new character)
Ravi: ms twinkle taneja u ok??
Twinkle: yes im fine thank u… umm ur duty over?
Ravi: yes twinkle jii any work
Twinkle: nothing just like that I wanted to go to airport to pick up one of the teacher I have to go bye

Ravi: bye
Ravi looks at her while she leaves ravi soul talk: I want to see u happy twinkle jii because I cant see u sad as I love u… ravi smiles he leaves looking back again nd again
Kunj reaches London before stepping outside the airport he prays

Kunj: plzz babajii make me find my twinkle… nd plzz let her forgive me I hope she didn’t forget me
He steps outside the airport twinkle comes in a taxi while twinkle is leaving she leaves her earring in the taxi they both r beside each other kunj is finding taxi

(teri yaadon mein jo likhey jo lafz detey hai sunayii beetey lamhe pouchtey haii kue hue aisa judaa khudaa mera jo yeh fasla haii khuda yeh tera hi faisla haii hai khuda jo hona tha hogaya jo tuney thaa likhaa plays)

they don’t see each other twinkle passes by him kunj is busy finding taxi twinkle goes to one of the security nd speaks to him about the passenger kunj hears her voice he gets teary eyed he turns but before he can see her some people come nd stand between them (nana lagadiya barisha te sukh sukh sapney bevichgaye plays) kunj doesn’t see her he calls the same taxi in which twinkle was travelling he sits inside keeping his bags in the trunk nd sits the people moves twinkle is standing beside the taxi kunj doesn’t see her he passes by her nd sits in the taxi the taxi leaves
Kunj reaches the hotel which is beside the school
He gets down not knowing twinkles earring is also coming along with him attached to his shirt he leaves for the hotel
He goes to the room he opens his suitcase nd starts arranging twinkle pictures everywhere he prays to babajii: plzzz twinkle come back to me… babajii show me some way
Kunj notices something on his back nd removes it he is shocked to see the earring
Kunj enters the room hiding his hands behind his back
Twinkle: what r u hiding mr kunj sarna?

Kunj: its nothing
Twinkle: I know u r hiding something tell me
She comes to him nd starts to snatch what is in his hands kunj runs in the room followed by twinkle… twinkle runs behind him kunj goes to the balcony twinkle is running nd coming her leg slips she falls on twinkle… both of them falls on the ground with twinkle up of kunj they both share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) kunj comes forward to kiss twinkle… twinkle moves him back
Twinkle: itnii bhi bekararii achii nahii hai mr kunj sarna… give me what r u hiding
Kunj shows twinkle the earrings she gets happy they both stands up twinkle smiles seeing the earrings she hugs him
Kunj: don’t think these earrings r very common I have made this in order I designed it nobody in this world can copy because I wrote K & T in ur earrings very small
Twinkle: wahh kunj u r the best husband one can have
Twinkle hugs him
Flashback ends

Kunj is shocked kunj self talk: this means twinkle travelled in the taxi screen freezes

Precape: ravi proposes twinkle… twinkle rejects him

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Credit to: Sweetie

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