Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 35


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The episode starts with twinkle in taneja house she is sitting she recalls the moments spent with kunj on the other hand kunj also recalls the same twinj cries thinking about each other (dil jurey bina hi toot gaye)
Kunj self talk: why did u do this with me twinkle whyyy… i loved u soo much but u…. u did this to me he cries vigorously
Leela comes to twinkle she is crying leela comes nd sits beside her twinkle cries
Twinkle: maa what has happened look kunj left me like a toy he didnt know i cant live without him

She holds her stomach nd continues to speak:; he left me with this baby how will i do anything without kunj
Twinkle cries vigorously she recalls how kunj signed the divorce papers how he told there is nothing between him nd twinkle
Twinkle wipes her tears nd tells to leela if kunj can leave her without thinking anything not even about their baby…. now i will not think anything not even about him… maa i want to go far from here i dont want to live in past
Leela: twinkle beta where will u go?
Twinkle: i dont know maa i just want to go away from my past i will take care of my baby alone
Leela hugs her
Leela: i am with u twinkle beta i will do whatever u say
Next day
Kunj wakes up
Kunj: twinkle…..twinkle…. where is my tea plzz bring itt
He comes into his senses nd realizes twinkle is not with him anymore he gets teary eyed but controls himself telling that she dont deserve my tears he gets up angrily he dress himself goes to the hall nd sees maya sitting there he gets surprised she is having tears in her eyes maya comes to him with teary eyed
Maya: what have u done kunj… what have u done… u have punished urself only… twinkle can never do like that
Kunj: maya if u have come here to defend twinkle im sorry but i am not interested
He turns to leave maya holds his hand

Maya: u have no idea kunj what u have done in a very big misunderstanding
Kunj: (surprised) what do u mean??
Maya: u didnt trust twinkle it is ur fault now…. u r going to live without her forever she wont forgive u… u did a very big mistake by separating twinkle from urself
Kunj holds her by shoulder
Kunj: tell me clearly what do u mean
Maya: (the words starts to echo) this all was uvis plan….. to separate u both
Kunj is shocked he sits on the ground tears fall from his eyes he recalls twinkle insisting him to trust her, listen to her he breaks down in tears he cries vigorously (aye khuda tu mujh ko bata tu rehta kaha plays)
Kunj rushes to taneja house he knocks the door leela opens the door kunj doesnt talk to her nd runs to twinkle room he comes there nd finds everything gone from room leela comes from behind
Leela: u have come very late
Leela gets teary eyed as well as kunj
Kunj: what do u mean
Leela: twinkle left everything behind nd moved somewhere
Kunj comes to her
Kunj: maa plzz tell me where she went

Leela: i wont as i have seen my daughter in pain… i have seen her in pain because of u nd i wont let that happen again im sorry i cant help u
She leaves
Kunj breaks down in tears screen freezes

Precape: twinkle is shown in london

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Credit to: Sweetie

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  1. Meenat Abubakar

    Wow awesome episode, u ar such a great writter sweetie

  2. Wowww Sweetiee itss amaingg dear !!!!!!!

  3. wow how beautiful u have written it

  4. Awesome yrr heart touching episode

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