Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 33


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The episode starts with the man leaving the room (it will be revealed later what he did) kunj comes to the room nd watches twinkle sleeping on the sofa he smiles he comes to her sits down nd talks to twinkle
Kunj: siyappa queen… u look so cute while sleeping…no siyappa no drams nothing…. I am going to give u more happiness u can ask for but plzz don’t leave me I know it will be hard but u have to be strong
Kunj kisses on her forehead he picks her up in the arms (pani da rang wehak de plays) he makes her lay on the bed he smiles seeing her he sleeps beside her

Next scene
Twinkle wakes up her head feels dizzy she remembers someone trying to make her faint she turns nd sees kunj sleeping beside her she is about to wake him up but stops thinking they r having fight nd she wont speak to him she leaves
Kitchen twinkle is cutting vegetables she recalls all the incidents happening with her usha calls her she leaves the man comes and open the stove nd leaves usha comes to the kitchen kunj also enters talking to usha not knowing the gas stove is on usha picks up the matchstick nd is about to light it up kunj sees the stove open he gets tensed usha lights the matchstick kunj pushes usha the matchstick goes out of the window
Usha: hayee wahiguru something bad could have happen now
Kunj: maa who was in the kitchen before u
Usha tells him about twinkle kunj gets angry on twinkle kunj takes usha out nd screams twinkles name bebe anand nikki cherry comes there followed by twinkle
Twinkle: what happened kunj y r u screaming??
Kunj: do u know what happened now?? He narrates everything to twinkle bebe nikki anand he blames twinkle for that
Twinkle: but kunj I did not even….
Before she can continue kunj holds her shoulder angrily nd scolds her for the mistake nd pushes her while twinkle cries
Kunj: because of ur mistake something could have happen maa could have died… this house could have blast twinkle this much silly mistake nd we all r dead… I did not expect this from u
Twinkle keeps crying kunj ignores her nd leaves angrily twinkle goes to the room nd cries she thinks about the man nd cries she leaves for taneja house
Taneja house
Twinkle reaches the house nd sees leela nd RT sitting together sindoor in leelas head she gets shocked
Twinkle: maa??
Leela turns nd finds twinkle standing… twinkle understands everything that RT is her father after explained by leela twinkle cries telling this is not true
RT: beta im ur father
Twinkle: don’t u even dare to call me ur daughter or else I will forget that u r elder than me
Leela slaps twinkle leela cries after slapping twinkle kunj comes there
Twinkle: look kunj this person is calling me her daughter this is not true right?
Kunj: twinkle he is telling the truth
Twinkle is shocked to find out kunj is also on RTs side she leaves crying
Leela: kunj puttar go
Kunj: she wont go anywhere maa she will go home

Manohar house
Usha gets a msg from unknown number she opens it nd is shocked she goes to the dining room nd screams for everyone bebe anand nikki cherry comes there
Bebe: what happened usha y r u screaming?
Usha shows the video to bebe… bebe is shocked she sits on the sofa nd cries kunj comes from out
Usha: do u know what ur wife is doing when u r not at home?? Nd where is ur wife??
Kunj is confused? What happened maa is everything fine nd where is twinkle she didn’t come till now ??
Usha: im not even able to call her my bahu after what she did
Kunj: what she did maa?
Usha shows him the video which is shown twinkle in the arms of other man his face is not shown it looked like they both r having intimate relationship with each other kunj is hell shocked it looked like the ground have moved from his feet he breaks down in tears he cries vigorously
Twinkle comes in from outside walking like a dead body thinking about RT she comes nd sees kunj crying she gets tensed she comes to him kunj eyes her angrily he pushes twinkle
Twinkle: what happened kunj?
Kunj shows her the video twinkle starts crying
Twinkle: kunj u know right I cant do anything like this pplzz trust me… other than u I cant even think of anyone
Kunj screams at her
Kunj: don’t u even dare to call me by my name…… im cursing myself now…. Y did love u so much this is the result im getting
Twinkle comes to him nd tries to make him understand but he doesn’t
Twinkle: kunj plzz listen to me I didn’t do anything kuu….
Before she can complete kunj slaps her tightly screen freezes

Precape: kunj gives some paper to twinkle nd asks her to sign it twinkle looked shocked

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Credit to: Sweetie

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